Pucca and garu relationship quotes

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pucca and garu relationship quotes

Pucca and Garu gets married by redred Tagalog Quotes, Funny Love, Pukka, Purple. Tagalog .. RE: FUNNY RELATIONSHIP LOVE PHOTO JOKE www. OiGoi. Cartoon Illustrations, Pucca Y Garu, Funny Love, Divas, Chibi, Otaku, Deviantart, Style .. Pucca and Garu gets married by redred Tagalog Quotes, Funny Love, Pukka, Purple RE: FUNNY RELATIONSHIP LOVE PHOTO JOKE www. Garu saving Pucca from the robot cat in 'House of doom'. It's adorable to see them finally in a relationship like that then it turns into a crowning moment of.

Despite being influenced by one of Cupid's arrows, Tobe and Chief going on dates and committing evil together in "Evil love" is strangely cute. After spending a whole episode trying to get his attention, Ching impresses Abyo just by being herself and rescuing him form Muji.

pucca and garu relationship quotes

In "And the band played rong" Tobe decides to humiliate Garu by singing a song about how he is stupid and Garu watches him from the sides angrily. But as soon as Tobe calls Pucca stupid, Garu leaps in and starts fighting Tobe. Pucca challenges Garu's idol in order to get an autograph for him because Tobe stole his ticket and he couldn't get in. After Garu's clone rudely dumps Pucca, she and Garu team up to beat him.

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When they win you can see Garu with a soft smile on his face, showing he was happy to have Pucca back. Also he was totally jealous when she hugged his clone. Garu is one of the judges in "Little miss Sooga" and is only giving people ones throughout the whole pageant. But after Pucca's fan dance he gives her a ten.

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As Pucca and Ringring battle, he keeps increasing Pucca's score until the end where he gives her a 1. Pucca knits a sweater for Garu for when he climbs a mountain. He hates it at first but comes to like it and finds it useful. Pucca giving Dada a hug after Ringring dumps him in "Soap opera". Ho and Hottie's romance in "Hot and bothered" she even comes back to him after Pucca is cured and she and Ho share a kiss once more.

Garu and Tobe form a temporary truce when they get stuck together. They end up getting along really well and Tobe comments that they would make a great team Pucca and Garu singing a duet in "Hooray for Bollywood", Garu shows affection for her while singing as well.

Pucca is crying in "He loves me not", and Garu blushes and hands her a bouquet to show that he cares about her.

pucca and garu relationship quotes

Pucca is overjoyed and kisses him as a rainbow heart surrounds them. Tobe fires his ninja's in "Striking out", but realizes that he misses them and the ninja's miss him too. Apparently the ninja's got him a sweater with a cross over Garu's head on it for christmas. In "Full moon Pucca" Pucca brings the moon down to Sooga village and gets Garu moonstruck with love for her.

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It's adorable to see them finally in a relationship like that And this TV show was made very well! The show takes place in Sooga Village, a very small town in Korea? She also is in love with a 13 year old ninja named Garu, who is very skilled and really flexible and silent. There are other characters like Abyo and Ching, who are friends with Pucca, Ring Ring, a fashion girl who wants to dominate Pucca, Destiny, a friendly dragon with a musical talent, Tobe, the supposed main villain of the show, and a lot of others.

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The characters in this show and the setting is really cool, including Pucca. Pucca and Garu's relationship is also cute and very funny as well. The characters are also very creative, including the main villains and other protagonists.

pucca and garu relationship quotes

The show's slapstick and violence is funny and done right. Anytime a character gets hurt, it's always put in the most silliest ways ever. The episodes are also pretty cool. One of those episodes is one about fortune cookies, one about a relationship change with Ring Ring and Garu, one where they go to Tokyo, one about Abyo and Ching becoming news reporters, and one involving an actual plot about a never accruing minor character. It has very creative and inspirational plots that anyone would enjoy.

The voice acting is great!

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