Matsumoto hamada relationship quotes

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matsumoto hamada relationship quotes

Popular comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto has married a woman from Matsumoto, 45, formed ''manzai'' comic backchat duo Downtown in with Masatoshi Hamada, 46, . And what's with all the 'shotgun marriage' quotes?. Although they appear to be best friends on their shows, Hamada and Matsumoto admit they are not as close as one may think. On their many hosted shows and. Hitoshi Matsumoto or Matchan (松ちゃん) as he is commonly known, is one of Japan's most popular comedians and TV hosts. He is one half of the comedy duo Downtown alongside Masatoshi Hamada. Like Hamada, Matsumoto was born and raised in Amagasaki, Hyōgo Matsumoto remained single with no history of marriage for years after his.

Absurdismsarcasmand a blunt, ill-tempered persona make up his comedic style. Deadpan is his forte, but he can slip into exaggerated reactions as well. He is the "M" or masochistic of the duo, and was referred to as Mattsun by Hamada while they were younger. It is then Matsumoto joked about becoming a comedy duo together and planted the idea into their heads.

Hamada won, and prompted Matsumoto to leave with him. This incident marked the beginning of Downtown.

matsumoto hamada relationship quotes

The boarding school Hamada entered was very strict, and Hamada attempted to escape several times. Whenever he escaped successfully, he called Matsumoto for help, hiding at his home for several days before being caught by his teachers.

Hamada repeated the cycle of escaping, calling Matsumoto to borrow money to buy food, and being caught again, throughout his high school years. Matsumoto, on the other hand, entered a local tech school, and became the leader of the school band, but quickly started skipping school to hang out with his girlfriend from middle school. Hamada invited Matsumoto to join him to become a comedian. At the time, Matsumoto had a job offer from local publishing company, but he decided to join Hamada.

Other names they had were "Hitoshi Masashi", "Teruo-Haruo", and The "Wright Brothers", before settling as "Downtown", a name they picked from a magazine. They made their major debut in Matsumoto and Hamada received positive comments from older comedians in NSC, but went without a single chuckle from the audience, sometimes receiving insults from hecklers. Matsumoto describes these early years as hell, showing his immense frustration and stress during this period.

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They even considered quitting at one point. Ironically, Matsumoto had to search for a part-time job in a magazine printed by the printing company that he had originally been supposed to enter after graduating high school. Rise to popularity[ edit ] Despite the hardships, they gradually increased their fan-base and status. After a tearful farewell concert, they ended the show and moved to Tokyo inmaking various appearances on low rating TV programs before making their big break with their long-running variety show Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

From that point, they went on to create several other successful variety shows, such as Downtown no Gottsu Ee KanjiDowntown DX and the music-centric Hey! Hamada about to hit Matsumoto on the head on Downtown DX Boke and tsukkomi[ edit ] As with many Japanese comedy duos, there exists a boke and a tsukkomi.

matsumoto hamada relationship quotes

Matsumoto is the boke of the two and often puts up with light physical abuse it is common for the tsukkomi to slap the boke on top of his head whenever he says something rude or ridiculous from Hamada, the tsukkomi. Hamada is also known to attack other tarento and celebrities when they give boke-like responses to Downtown's questions.

In a very recent skit where Downtown and the other Gaki members were presented with the autonomous robot Pepper Hamada even slapped the robot on its head. With Hamada telling stories about how he survived several accidents which would have put any other in the hospital and with Matsumoto addressing the audience in a very dry tone "Aho ya. While other duos performed manzai facing the audience, Downtown would face each other as if they were simply conversing, ignoring the presence of the audience.

Their contribution to manzai is immeasurable; it has been remarked that manzai will never be the same after Downtown, and many aspiring comedians have copied parts of Downtown's style. It is notable that Downtown never had a mentor it was common for younger comedians to be "trained" by older, more experienced comedians which was essential to the development of their own, unorthodox style. In the group's early years, many recognized Downtown's talent, but doubted Downtown would ever succeed due to their sluggish style, which was so drastically different from that of mainstream manzai.

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Shinsuke Shimadaa leading manzai comedian, had been one of the doubters until he saw one of Downtown's performances. Shimada was startled by how funny and complex Downtown was, and immediately announced his retirement from manzai.

In his press conference, Shimada cited Downtown as the major reason for his retirement, but the press ignored the comment, since the duo had very little popularity at the time, writing instead that Shimada had felt outclassed by a different manzai duo; Saburo-Shiro.

matsumoto hamada relationship quotes

He and Matsumoto did not become friends until junior high. Like Matsumoto, his family was very poor and lived in an old, run-down apartment building. He claims his family was well-off in Osaka, until his father's acquaintance got them involved in his own private debt with the yakuza. As a freshman, he found his studies so stressful that he ran away from the dormitory several times.

Whenever he ran away, he would phone Matsumoto for financial help. Not knowing what to do after graduating, he took an exam to become a motorboat racer at his father's suggestion, which he failed. They made their major debut in Hamada the Super Sadist Matsumoto Hitoshi on the left, Hamada Masatoshi on the right Hamada is frequently seen whacking Matsumoto and Hamada watches a clip of himself attacking a member of Morisanchuu.

He laughs with a distinct, high-pitched cackle whenever he sees his colleagues in pain. Never one to hold his tongue, he is known for being blunt and tactless towards everybody, no matter how famous they may be. He has a notoriously quick temper and is prone to snapping at others, including overzealous fans who bother him on the streets. This fearsome side of his personality has been pointed out in the media on several occasions: On an episode of Downtown no Gaki no Tsukai ya Arahende!!

Downtown pulls numerous pranks on their colleagues on Gaki no Tsukai. A common prank is to have Hamada pretend to lose his temper during a filming and become furious towards the unwitting victim. In the past, he has violently attacked the victim, including kneeing him in the face, giving a headbutt, and pulling his hair His act is so convincing, it has brought his victims to tears. Tanaka testified during the mock trial, "I cried on someone's chest for the first time in my life. One stated Hamada would bite his tongue off if he tried to kiss him.

On another episode of LINCOLN, while being recorded by a hidden camera, comedian Shinji Uchiyama spoke of a time he saw Hamada angrily scolding his son at a video game store for not being able to decide which game to get. Tsunku of the rock group Sharan Q claims he got his first big break when Hamada hit him on Hey!

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Tsunku has been quoted as saying "A musician will always make it big after being hit by Hamada. The Slowking on this card was illustrated by Hamada himself.

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Hamada the Family Man Edit Contrary to his intimidating persona, Hamada is proper and well-mannered off screen, and has been praised by Matsumoto for being a devoted father.