Famous quotes on student teacher relationship china

Education Sayings, Education Quotes and Thoughts about Improving Education

famous quotes on student teacher relationship china

Education Quotes, Quotes for Teachers, Quotes for Students, Quotes about Teaching Chinese Proverb: Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. .. "I put the relation of a fine teacher to a student just below the relation of a. Education Sayings, Education Quotes and Thoughts about Improving Education. (Chinese Proverb) You can't be a great teacher if you stop being a student. Born in BC, Confucius was a Chinese teacher and philosopher whose Take a look at twelve of the most famous quotes attributed to.

Therefore seek and follow it and in the end you will reach the goal. Your self-realization of Me. The divinity within you. Spiritual - Ideas - Inspiration - Epiphany "There was always this one path that intersected every path that I have ever been on in my life, and that path was the path of knowledge. Sometimes we all need a little help, to be shown a better path, a better path then the one we are currently on.

This is beginning at the end; this is making an instrument of a result. If children understood how to reason they would not need to be educated. Each age, like every individual, has it's own characteristic intoxication; we must seek in each decade the joys natural to our years.

If play is the effervescence of childhood, and love is the wine of youth, the solace of age is understanding. If you you would be content in age, be wise with Solon and learn something every day. Education is not a task, it is a lifelong happiness, an ennobling intimacy with great people, an unhurried excursion into all realms of loveliness and wisdom. If in youth we fell in love with beauty, in maturity we can make friends with genius.

Howie Quotes about Education Most of these old quotes are outdated, but I keep them around to remind myself of how I felt years ago, and how my thoughts have changed over time. Some quotes are just not that effective enough in communicating thoughts.

But instead of words being used as weapons they will be used as liberators of the minds and of the hearts of every human being on this planet. This is the true intention of knowledge, and the true power of 'words'.

You cannot lose a war against ignorance, you can only slow it downbut eventually we will win. And what we win is more control over our lives, and more awareness, and more understanding of others. Our only limitations then will be our own imaginations.

And Knowledge is like a Virus in some ways. But knowledge is a type of a virus that is Symbiotic. A virus that is not symbiotic, ends up killing. An example of that type of virus is called Capitalism Abuse. Instead of the movie being called "Independence Day" they should have called it "Ignorance Day", the day that we stopped making stupid movies about how stupid we are.

The day that we all stopped being stupid. Happy 4th of July When people ask me "where have I been and what I have been doing? A war that most people have no idea exists. People know how important education is, but people have no idea what education should be, or which knowledge and information is the most valuable.

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Cure is to make healthy again. Annoy continually or chronically. Manifestation is a symptom or sign of an ailment. An event, action, or object that clearly shows or embodies something. A public display of group feelings, sometimes of a political nature.

A manifest indication of the existence or presence or nature of some person or thing. Manifest is to provide evidence for and stand as proof of some behavior, attitude, or external attributes.

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Reveal its presence or make an appearance. Clearly revealed to the mind or the senses or judgment. Ignorance turns a natural born problem solver into a problem maker. An ignorant person makes more problems then it solves. This has been the case since the beginning and throughout human history.

Every war, every crime, every murder, every human related problem is related to ignorance. When we solve the problem of ignorance we will then solve every problem that we know of. So improving education is a no brainer, but trying to explain that to no brainers is a problem in itself.

People make the wrong assumptionthey think that because I have acquired so much knowledge and information, I should be more successful in my life. I am successful, because I'm on the Front Line.

You wouldn't ask a soldier on the front line, "Hey, why aren't you home building your dream house and building a successful career? Because I'm fighting a war you moron! Besides, I am more successful here then I would be anywhere else.

I will not leave the front line, so I will most likely die here on the front line. Years of Potential Life Lost is an estimate of the average years a person would have lived if he or she had not died prematurely, it's also related to the years that are lost from being ignorant, or doing ignorant things.

The Disability-Adjusted Life Year DALY is a measure of overall Disease Burdenexpressed as the number of years lost due to ill-health, disability or early death, with the disease being ignorance in this case.

Ignorance does more then cause all types of cancers, ignorance is a Cancer But the sad part is, it turned out to be a horrible and horrific idea. As dumb as people are, when you have that many undereducated people, the results are catastrophic. What the people in power ended up doing is that they infected themselves, and this planet, with a very aggressive cancer, a cancer that they created.

The main problem is that this type of cancer that we are dealing with has a brain, which makes it incredibly dangerous and difficult to cure, but not impossible. I don't hate people in power, because I know that most people, including myself, would most likely make the same mistakes if they were put in that same position of power and wealth, especially if those same people had the same lack of information and knowledge as the people in power did in the last years.

Now the scary part is wondering what methods people in power will use to cure this cancer. Of course there is always better ways and a more logical ways when problem solving. We just hope that people in power will not use the same thinking that they used that got us into this mess in the first place.

The good part is, we know that the human brain learns. So now you see, this education problem is much more important then you think. It was the lack of information and knowledge that got us into this mess and it will be the abundance of information and knowledge that will get us out of this mess.

People in power are not evil, People in power are just possessed by misinformation, which causes some of their actions to be deplorable, destructive and vicious.

Pretty much the same thing that happens to the general public when they are misinformed. But not being able to think is the worst disability of them all. Every type of war is related to moneybut the root cause of war is inadequate education. When we came together during WWII we accomplished some amazing things. The war on ignorance is a war for our survival, so again we will come together and rise above.

Global Initiative Ignorance is at an all time high in A lot of the things that people believe are actually wrong, and the things they think are true, are not true.

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And it's not just that people don't want to admit that they're wrongit's that people have no way of knowing that they are wrong, and they have no way of learning why they are wrong or why they misinterpreted some of the things in the world. The world is not what it seems.

famous quotes on student teacher relationship china

The world is only what you think it is, which is directly related to the things that you learned and experienced in your life and the way you understood it all.

And the fact is that people never question the things that they learned, so they can't be sure if what they know is actually correct or accurate.

And people hardly ever question if the experiences that they had where interpreted in the most effective and accurate way possible. This verification process of learning is not even taught in schools or is it being transmitted anywhere in the media. The most important thing about learning is knowing the things that you are learning are making you more aware and making you more understanding of yourself and the world around you.

But this is not happening in schools. We are making progress in defining the most valuable knowledge and informationalong with the processes and the instructions on how to effectively use knowledge and information. New Deal was a series of social liberal programs enacted in the United States between andand a few that came later. They included both laws passed by Congress as well as presidential executive orders during the first term — of President Franklin D.

The programs were in response to the Great Depression, and focused on what historians refer to as the "3 Rs", Relief, Recovery, and Reform: Ignorance is the Butterfly Effect ; we know that we cannot control everything, but what we can control, we should. Let us not perish from the mistakes caused by ignorance, instead, let us face all hardships knowing that we did our best as humanly possible.

You ask, what about cancer or radiation? Yes, even cancer and radiation has a function. They let us know when things are bad or wrong. Even ignorance has a function, ignorance lets us know that being stupid is not an option. Our job is to slow down decay, not increase it. Stealing time or borrowing time only leaves you with less time. So spending time on increasing your decay is not a good use of time, in fact, it's an insane use of time. Time has a function, to ignore time, is to die.

The Education Revolution is a Silent Revolution because it's a revolution of the mind. It's like a lush rain forest that is slowly growing back to reclaim the land that was ravaged by ignorance and corruption, which caused misplaced deforestation, death, pollution and over development.

famous quotes on student teacher relationship china

The improvements may be slow but at least they're steady. The changes will be beautiful. Maybe not so much a revolution, but more of an evolution that is a million times faster. And what ever destiny awaits you, knowledge will always be there with you. So you have to keep learning. If you stop learning, you will stop improving. Learning is a process, but learning is also a gift, a gift that keeps on giving. And this is why I chose to work on Education, besides websites, photography, computers and so on.

Education is the beginning to all means, and not a means to an end. A bad or inadequate education is very much like a brain injury. You have to retrain your brain in order for you to repair the damage and make your brain work properly.

Everything will have some sort of mathematical equation related to it. No matter what you do in your life, knowledge will always be that on thing that will come in handy.

As an Intelligent species we have 2 major responsibilities, Survive and Protect. So what will be the Tipping Point? Good intentions are not always good or easily understood by the giver or the receiver. We don't always say what we mean or mean what we say. How many different types of Learning Disabilities are there?

Can teaching and learning Information Literacy help solve this problem? You should never feel Insecure about what you don't know or should you ever be Afraid of saying something stupid.

As long as you are asking a Questionwhether the question is stupid or not, you will never be Lying to anyone or pretending to know something that you are not sure of, which in some cases can cause someone else to make a Mistake. There is no Shame in saying I don't know, the only shame that there is comes from not wanting to seek Knowledge about the Truth.

School Kids are actually believing that by going to school they are actually learning enough. That's clear concrete evidence that education needs drastic improvements. If you look at most of the problems that we have in the world you can easily track them back to their source, and that is our incompetent education system. If education fails to teach the necessary information and knowledge, no one will learn it or apply that wisdom to our current problems.

This missing information and knowledge creates a dysfunctional brain. And the victim is usually unaware of this dysfunction. This is the main reason for all human failures. Every problem on this earth that is caused by humans is a direct result of an inadequate and defective education.

10 Life Lessons From Confucius We Should All Follow

The question is can we correct it in time? The importance of Shared Information In order to solve the problems in our world you first have to educate people to be problem solvers, then and only then will our problems be solved.

To Create the perfect education you first have to define what a perfect education should be. Then you have to create good teaching methods so that a supreme education can be learned. Then you have to create intelligent ways of measuring and testing to confirm that the supreme education is fully understood.

Then you have to create ways of effectively and efficiently distributing the perfect education to everyone who needs it, which happens to be everyone. Education today is mostly linear and one-dimensional where the line you're following becomes so blurred at the end that it disappears, seemingly leading you to nowhere. So the goal of education today seems to be undefined, unless it's to follow the leader off a cliff, then I guess it does have one point, a point of no return So much lost potential, and the other side of this equation is the worst part, which is the human toll, same kind of pile Today's schools are like turning on a computer but never using it, and never adding anything to it.

Today's school kids are intellectually deprived and emotionally suppressed. By the time they reach the 3rd grade their brains have already become partially dysfunctional. You can't blame the teachers, or can you blame the parents, because they too were made dysfunctional by the same education process. And a dysfunctional brain is not aware of its own dysfunction because a dysfunctional brain does not have the mental capacity to correctly self-analyze.

According to the book "Huainanzi — Lessons of the Human World", an old man living in a border region lost his horse and people came to comfort him. But he said, "This may be a blessing in disguise, who knows? This proverb tells us that if a trivial problem is not solved in time, it will become a serious and knotty one. Similar to "what comes up must come down", this proverb points out that: It's from the 18th century novel "A Dream of Red Mansions".

This proverb advises us to always keep the overall situation in mind, and be far-sighted, while we set our hands to mundane business. Work steadily and make solid progress.

It is as impossible to find a perfect man as it is to find percent pure gold. This proverb notes the difficulty of finding an outstanding leader. This can be used to praise someone a magnanimous person. This proverb tells us that as long as people are unified, any goal can be achieved. A righteous man is not afraid to seem unrighteous. Have loan have repayment; again loan not hard. This refers to self-sacrifice for the benefit of others. This proverb warns that one receives just returns for one's actions; good for good, and evil for evil.

It's similar to the Biblical: This saying from "The Analects of Confucius" teaches that patience and the right method achieves the right result, where trying to do the same thing too quickly by cutting corners does not. Chinese people have always thought very highly of friendship, so there are many old sayings about it.

This proverb espouses that human relationships are decreed by fate. Love 10 sayings Love is an eternal theme for sayings, and it's no different in China. Here are some Chinese idioms about love and romance. These old sayings usually espouse love or commitment to love.

It means that love encompasses everything connected with somebody: This is a wish for conjugal bliss. Love will find a way. This is the Chinese proverb for "tough love". It's similar to Proverbs Familial longing is greatest in China on its traditional family reunion festivals, like Mid-Autumn, the harvest moon festival. More of the meaning behind this saying is revealed in Mid-Autumn Festival's Traditions. This poetic verse expresses familial love and homesickness, andis one of many Popular Mid-Autumn Festival Sayings.

It's like the Biblical: He who heads a family knows the responsibility. In Chinese, there are many old sayings to encourage others to continue to work hard despite or because of the trials of life. If you keep working you'll achieve your goal. Opportunity knocks but once.

Things always get easier if you persevere. This proverb encourages us to persevere to succeed. Patience and persistence can break through anything, no matter how great the difficulty.