China africa business relationship quote

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china africa business relationship quote

Jacob Zuma, the South African president, has warned that the unbalanced nature of See all quotes matching undefined . some African nations about the unbalanced nature of the trade relationship. Two-way trade between China and Africa hit $bn last year, with a trade Chinese business & finance. Recent studies of the politics of China–Africa relations tend to focus on a .. This evolution in African business connections with China is exemplified from China or, to quote a Ghanaian restaurateur, by 'poaching' them from. Chinese firms have the benefit of tried-and-tested business models which could weaken the overall sustainability of the Africa-China relationship. At each corner of the grand room are huge posters with quotes that say.

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On closer inspection, the balance of national interests and solidarity that all donors have to manage see Andrew Mitchell's admission that aid to India has one eye on military contractsmay have changed a little since China's first development intervention in sub-Saharan Africa — helping Guinea build a cigarette factory in — but not that much.

The activities of China on the continent of Africa show that its actions are more or less what one would expect from any other major donor. The research and regular updates provided by the Centre for Chinese Studies based in South Africa is a useful source of information. But did you know that China is considering mediating in the oil dispute between the two Sudans? This will cause anxiety to those in favour of a Clinton-esque approach to African politics, but is no more worrying to most people than the US, Russians or French seeking to do the same.

Is China Really Helping Africa?

Looking at activities in January Hide Caption 5 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 6 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 7 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 8 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 9 of 19 Photos: The nations also have a healthy exchange of carpets, with multi-million dollar supplies traveling in both directions. Hide Caption 10 of 19 Photos: Hide Caption 11 of 19 Photos: The China-Africa partnership in pictures Curtain call — China has also invested heavily in cultural projects across Africa.

china africa business relationship quote

We then investigate African agency by focusing on Chinese state investments in Angola, and on Chinese migrants in Ghana and Nigeria. It is argued that, at a variety of levels, African actors have negotiated and even shaped Chinese engagements in important ways — and in so doing have carved out more opportunities than is often recognized for their own benefit and advancement.

china africa business relationship quote

However, the ability of African actors to exercise such agency is highly uneven and can have as much to do with African politics as it does with the politics of China—Africa relations. Existing explanations of China—Africa politics: Underpinning this focus on state actors and inter-state relationships is the evident reality that these actors have been driving the growing engagement between China and Africa, which is reflected in the few studies which theorize across cases.

But even when African agency is invoked in political analysis of China—Africa relations it is rarely conceptualized or demonstrated empirically, especially in the wider social arena beyond the state.

As Colin Wight notes, there is a dearth of work in international relations IR on state agency.

china africa business relationship quote

Two implications arise from a critical engagement with Wight's framework. First, while Wight focuses on actors in social context, he underplays the conditioning effects of economic relations and fails to recognize that state agents have to be situated in the context of wider capitalist relations.

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By contrast we see private Chinese TNCs entering to compete for sales and contracts in the local open market, where they often lack the protection afforded by the tying of loans to investment. Finally there are independent Chinese entrepreneurs who have established a diverse array of small and medium-scale enterprises, some dating back to the colonial period. A second analytical implication of Wight's tripartite approach to agency, especially the social context and roles, is to diversify what we might mean by political action.

In the context of the opportunities and threats raised by China's entry into Africa, civil society action is often — but not exclusively — about protecting the class privileges of the African petit-bourgeoisie, while the sections of the state that benefit from and so fight for Chinese investment are often part of a highly select elite.

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The power of Angola's state elites The Angola case has been one of the most studied in the context of China's renewed engagement with Africa and is used here to demonstrate how the agency of African state elites is operating through the bespoke institutions set up to manage the China—Angola relationship. For each project put to tender, the Chinese government proposes three to four Chinese companies, while sectoral ministries manage these public works and ensuring that sufficient staff are trained.

china africa business relationship quote

Through these institutional arrangements, the Angolan government has been able to use Chinese credit to undertake over projects that correspond to its strategy of prioritizing the re construction of key infrastructure. Warner have shown that many of the Chinese companies currently operating in Angola have the same address in Hong Kong.

Moreover, Chinese relations with many African countries are maturing and moving beyond state-to-state deals, implicating many more actors. African social agency in action: For example, Gregor Dobler's work on Namibia mentions town twinning as a semi-formal means of encouraging inward Chinese investment and trade. The forging of connections to China by African traders also appears to be one of the factors that has encouraged Chinese entrepreneurs and companies to come to the continent.

China's economic crisis has flipped its relationship with Africa upside down

So that was why I knew that there's a market in Nigeria. So I came to Nigeria.

china africa business relationship quote

For example, a Nigerian engineering component manufacturer reported that when he replaced his ageing Europe-sourced production lines for half the cost by turning to a supplier in China, he also negotiated for nine technicians to be seconded to his Lagos factory for six months.

When the Nigerian government banned the importation of furniture in he realized his only option was to manufacture locally, but was concerned that local labour would not be sufficiently skilled or reliable, while expatriate labour from Europe would be far too expensive.