Anthy and akio relationship quotes

Portrayal of Girls in Revolutionary Girl Utena: Character Analysis: Anthy Himemiya

anthy and akio relationship quotes

In the manga, Anthy is hinted to be an ageless goddess. Her relationship with Akio is much more consensual in this adaptation, true to common mythological. Akio later states (as in the quote above) that any girl who cannot conform to Utena's relationship with Anthy, however, is ultimately how the. Akio needs Anthy as a tool to seduce duelists into the games, to real girls in abusive relationships, I think she could be an extremely relatable.

Her willingness to accept whatever role is given to her definitely plays a strong part in why people find her to be a weak creature despite being the Rose Bride, a large key to holding the power of the revolution. Sometimes it can be quite the opposite. Of course she does. These are, however, only minor examples of just how crafty and cruel Anthy can be.

Anthy Himemiya

As the series progresses, we see Anthy participate in more unspeakably heinous acts, especially compared to the more harmless and odd pranks she carried out on Nanami in the filler episodes. Akio later states as in the quote above that any girl who cannot conform to purity must then be condemned as a witch. Anthy is good or bad. They refuse to accept that Anthy is a multi-faceted person who is more than just a Rose Bride or a Witch. I came here to meet you. One of the two is going to be pretty obvious: As mentioned before, Kanae is a daughter from an affluent family.

This is one of the major and more obvious hints that Anthy is far from being a shallow character. You need to take into account all of the weird stuff that goes down whenever Nanami tries to involve herself with Anthy: There is also the completely false assumption that Anthy is powerless or, at the very least, weak. The more important thing to remember, however, is that she sometimes uses this role to her advantage.

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It also makes her a less likely suspect in carrying out more horrifying acts, like poisoning others to get the upper hand. Through their friendship, Utena is able to see Anthy through all of her good and bad.

anthy and akio relationship quotes

I put poison in your tea. The different seductions culminate in the seduction of Utena herself. The counterpoint to the seductions performed by, and enabled by Akio are the manipulations made by Himemiya Anthy. Episode 27, and The whole egg business, similar to the Cowstian Dior cowbell piece in episode 15, is a tremendous act of cruelty.

It is cruel in that Anthy would know how far and how much Nanami would humiliate herself. Nanami is a needy and insecure girl, and she masks this with overweening contempt for those she considers beneath her.

She treats everyone cruelly, but at the same time she is helpless against the idea that they think of her any less than the campus royalty that she presents herself to be.

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Nanami spirals downward as she swings from shame about, to maternal protectiveness for, the egg; and it ends as if it were all a dream. She does have this: Anthy asks Utena if she believes in reincarnation, citing Elephants choosing to die alone. Children, in a way are a form of reincarnation of the parents.

I suspect that this will be meaningful before the end of the world. But why the hate for Nanami?

anthy and akio relationship quotes

What we do know is that Anthy sleeps with her brother. Nanami saw it herself, how Anthy spent the night naked beside Akio on his couch. The thing is, Nanami seems to not want a sexual relationship with Toga. There still seems to be a sexual innocence to her, and that her obsession with Toga is not incestuous.

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Does Anthy understand this about Nanami? If yes, is she just twisting the knife further? If anything, this seems to not work as cruelty, as Nanami would seem to reclaim some moral high ground over Anthy. This is one hell of a bitch fight, with Anthy proving to be the far more cruel woman than Nanami.

And this invisible incest between Akio and Anthy is what Utena is betraying. He is like the big reveal waiting to happen, or at least very close to it.