Relationship between statistics and mass communication

Statistical Methods for Communication Science - Andrew F. Hayes, Ph.D.

relationship between statistics and mass communication

Examples are drawn from mass communication, speech communication, and data sets, chapter summaries, additional readings, links to other useful sites. MMC Mass Communication Statistics | Page 1 of 6. Mass Communication Statistics | MMC FE | 3 Credits. Statistics are no substitute for judgment. nature of statistics and their role in shaping the public's daily work and life. on Education in Journalism and Mass Communication has included for some time the ability to 'apply association is not necessarily a cause–effect relationship.

As a science …or profession, it naturally has generated and uses a specialized vocabulary.

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Which is narrowly defined. Statistics has many many applications, and in experimental science it has special insights to interpreting data from experiments. Statistics can help you in your everyday life. What are importance of statistics?

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Statistics is a very effective tool, in which you look at past data from surveys or census', or simply recorded data over a period of time. It is important because using stats… you can view past data to help make business decisions, or decisions within any workplace. You can do a statistical test to find out if a new idea or business decision should be considered or rejected.


They say "history repeats itself", well by analysing historical data you can find out where past mistakes were made and how to avoid repeating them. Why are statistics important?

relationship between statistics and mass communication

Knowing about a single incident, or even a collection of incidents, does not necessarily allow you to understand the significance of your data. For example, the comedian Georg…e Burns smoked cigars and lived to be years old. From this we might conclude that smoking cigars is very beneficial to your health. However, if we look at the statistics that describe cigar smokers as a group, we would obtain a different result.

Importance of mass communication?

The role of statistics in mass communication

Mass as indicated refers to a large number of people heterogenously dispersed around the globe. For decades, biostatistics has played an integral role in modern medicine in everything from analyzing data to determining if a treatment will work to developing clinical tria…ls.

relationship between statistics and mass communication

The School of Global Public Health defines biostatistics as "the science of obtaining, analyzing and interpreting data in order to understand and improve human health. As such, it is important that statistics are used in medicine in order to justify the development and subsequent use of a particular drug or treatment; as well as identifying in the first place whether it is having the desired effect at all.

At the heart of the use of statistics in medicine is the seemingly insurmountable problem that everybody is different.

relationship between statistics and mass communication

Not only in a psychological sense, but a physiological sense too. While human beings may share similar organs, tissues and chemical compounds; how they are bonded, how we are composed and the effects different drugs have on the individual can be radically different from one person to the next. Therefore, to measure the effectiveness of any form of medication, it is important to run trials where a wide variety of subjects are administered the drug.

Firstly, this helps gage the effectiveness of the medicine when compared to, for example, a placebo. Subsequent statistical analysis can also give medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies the information they need to judge whether the medicine is an effective treatment for the majority of patients; and whether it is a cost-effective solution to a particular ailment. The role of Information Technology in mass communication?