Relationship between primary key and foreign in abap

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relationship between primary key and foreign in abap

The primary key concept is critical to an efficient relational database. Without the primary key and closely related foreign key concepts, relational databases. Here's a guide to primary, super, foreign and candidate keys, what they're used for in relational database management systems and the differences between them. Database keys are essential components of a relational database management system. However, there are various types of. Main condition for creating foreign key relation is that the field should be a primary key in your reference table. While in the table you are.

DBMS Keys: Primary, Candidate, Super, Alternate and Foreign (Example)

However, most developers agree that this practice is out of date and exposes unnecessary security flaws for the system when used for some tables that represent certain data. For example, imagine all User records are assigned an auto-incremented primary key value, know as the id attribute.

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If a malicious person discovers that the id attribute of a given user e. John Smith is the valuethis exposes a bit of information already. First, it indicates that there are likely a minimum of at least other users in the system, or were at some point.

What are Primary Keys and Foreign Keys?

In this manner, records can be queried by simply guessing the id values on a mass scale. These are obviously very simple examples, but for these reasons most modern databases will use a randomized and unique primary key attribute value such as a UUID when working with sensitive data.

The short answer is no, a table is not allowed to contain multiple primary keys, as that goes against the fundamental principles of relational database design see: It is possible for a table to have multiple candidate keys, which effectively behave similar to a primary key in that a candidate key is unique, NOT NULL, and is a singular representation of that table record. However, when it comes to selecting which one attribute will be assigned as the primary key for the table, the choice comes from the list of all potential candidate keys hence the name, they are candidates for becoming a primary key.

relationship between primary key and foreign in abap

Ultimately, only one candidate key is selected as the best representative attribute for that record, to be used in this table as the primary key and referenced elsewhere in the database by other tables via their respective foreign keys. Easily connect your databases and create powerful visualizations and interactive dashboards in minutes.

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Mark the Key and Initial Values checkboxes. Save and Activate Unfortunately I got following error message The details of the error log can be viewed in activation of worklist.

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The help message for the activation error log is as follows: How to resolve this error Call transaction SE Type the custom table name in database table input field. Check option box before it. Of course before this I created the empty copy of the database table by using the Copy button on SE11 tcode. But only removing the Web Dynpro did not help me for the solution.

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Click on Foreign Keys icon on the icons row right above the field list. Save table definition and activate it.

relationship between primary key and foreign in abap

After foreign key definition on ABAP table where check table entry for our original table is deleted go back to source table. Open database table in change mode using SE11 tcode.

This time SAP transparent table is successfully activated without a problem.