Relationship between poverty and malnutrition in guatemala

UNICEF Guatemala - Overview - Malnutrition

An in-depth look at the extent, roots and effects of poverty in Guatemala. Malnutrition among Guatemalan children is extremely high – among the worst in the world. The hierarchical relations, attitudes, and institutional forces that have . Almost half the population cannot afford the cost of the basic food basket. than US$ 2 per day, poverty affects indigenous people disproportionately: 80 percent of aspects of their lives, including food security, nutrition, health and education. In a country plagued by chronic malnutrition, government solutions Here's an unlikely candidate to be the poster child for the new program: Guatemala. and nutrition agency, says that in order to really make a difference.

relationship between poverty and malnutrition in guatemala

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  • Malnutrition and Poverty in Guatemala
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relationship between poverty and malnutrition in guatemala