Relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

The basic difference between ISO and ITIL is that ISO gives you And, because an independent certification body audits your company, you (and. May 9, Although ISO goes deeply into specifying IT operations and ISO about implementation of various ISO standards, and I often hear that ISO and ISO the IT service, service level management, business relationships with customers, etc. How to prepare for an ISO internal audit. ISO is fairly a general standard focusing on quality management system, for all type of organizations. However ISO is purely IT service quality.

Supplier — Both standards see suppliers as one of the important elements of the management system. ISO requires more details to be controlled in relationship to the supplier and their sub-suppliers. So, those who claim that, if you have one of the standards in place, you already have a significant part of the other one are, essentially, right.

But, are there any differences?

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

ISO is service-based. ISO is risk management-based — it has risk management at its core.

ISO 20000 and ITIL – How are they related?

ISO considers risks as one of the building elements of the IT service management i. The basic logic of ISO How does information security work? ISO goes deep into the daily operation of the IT organization.

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

That means it coincides with some parts of the ISO like information classification, access control, continuity concept, etc. Further, in addition to the information security, ISO gives a degree view on the service, including financial aspects, design, release and deployment of the IT service, service level management, business relationships with customers, etc.

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So, in ISO some common processes such as incident, change or capacity management, go into much more detail in order to manage IT services taking into account customer requirements, all aspects of IT service delivery, characteristics of the services, roles and responsibilities, customers, etc.

So, use them together or not? Sure, if you have one of the standards in place, that will be beneficial for the implementation of the other one. The fact is that both standards have re-usable elements. Fine-tune them, use the best that each of the standards brings and enjoy final results in the form of reliable and well-managed services or information security management brought to the state-of-the-art level.

ISO and ITIL – How are they related?

Your customers will know how to reward that. And, as a popular and proven standard, you can be sure of the efficacy and scalability of the processes. You can ensure your company is focused on the IT service management solutions best suited to serving your customers and the needs of the business. Plan future financial costs with greater accuracy and clarity.

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

With simpler processes and clear responsibilities, you can operate a leaner, more efficient service. And this also extends to improvements identified internally, changing technology and developing business norms.

For example, you can reduce IT issues and respond to them faster, freeing up more of your time for strategic IT development in your organization. What are the practical steps to becoming ISO certified?

ISO Quality management

If your organization wants to become certified, you need to be formally assessed by an accredited certification body.

Individuals, on the other hand, can become certified by passing exams see below for further details. There are certain mandatory documents that, as a company, you will have to complete in order to gain the standard. But, merely creating ITSM process documentation is not enough and will not solve your problems.

To ensure certification, you have to integrate all the activities described in your documentation into your day-to-day business.

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

There is little point in creating the documentation and making all these changes if, at the end, your company has not realized the real-world value possible from ISO Mandatory steps for finishing implementation and getting certified After finishing all your documentation and implementing it, your organization also needs to perform these steps to ensure a successful completion of your project: The goal is to find problems and weaknesses that would otherwise stay hidden.

The company certification process is divided into two stages: Many employers are keen to support this training, as qualified ISO practitioners are a great way to help an organization implement ISO as well as being a valuable transferrable skill to include on a resume.

There is a range of course options for individuals to choose from: You will gain an understanding of the content and requirements of the standard.

relationship between iso 9001 and 20000 audit

And, you will be more able to assess the relevance of ISO to the specific IT service management activities within your organization. Therefore, it is useful for auditors and implementers.

Similarities and differences between ISO 27001 and ISO 20000

It lasts for five days and finishes with a written exam. So, if certification is not your concern, this course may be more suitable. With this condensed course, you would be unable to pursue a career as an auditor in a certification body. But, if you want a systematic introduction to ISO or you plan to be the internal auditor in your company, this course is perfect for you.

There are a number of accredited training organizations around the world where you can gain individual qualifications in ISO To learn more about ISO implementation, please visit our learning center. Branimir Valentic Have any question about any step?

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