Wp rally marine parade grc meet

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wp rally marine parade grc meet

On 9 December, nomination day, the Workers' Party candidates failed to file their nomination 1; Four-cornered fight in Marine Parade GRC. He Ting Ru's Rally Speech, Jalan Besar Rally, 3 Sep My name is He Ting Ru, and I am a Workers' Party candidate for Marine Parade GRC. the Workers' Party, and started helping residents weekly at the Meet-the-People sessions in Paya. The Singaporean general election was held on 11 September to form Singapore's WP scored % of votes in the 28 seats it contested, a drop of %. In the . Tin Pei Ling, Marine Parade GRC MP gave birth to first child. Singapore Police Force announced that election rallies and seventh month festival getai.

I do not want a future where our leaders tell us what to do and think, where our people spend so much time worrying about how much the CPF Minimum Sum will increase this year, worrying about whether the trains will break down on our way to a crucial job interview, worrying if we will have to end up waiting for hours or days in a hospital corridor for a bed to be available for us or our loved ones.

Instead, I want a future where we see more citizens involved in deciding our future, a future where we pay close attention to vulnerable groups, and a destiny where we promote access to opportunities for all.

He Ting Ru’s Rally Speech, Jalan Besar Rally, 3 Sep – The Workers' Party

There is no more direct way of effecting that change for Singapore than running for parliament. As my colleague Daniel Goh said last night, life is too short to be kiasu, kiasi and kiagui.

We must overcome that fear. We may be up against an impressive machinery in the PAP, but I believe that together, we can build a Singapore for a future we can be proud of, that our children can be proud of.

2015 Singaporean general election

It is to do its job well. And I decided to run for parliament, because I think the Government can do better, and all of us can, and must, help them do so. Having made that decision, it is an honour and a privilege to be standing here today.

wp rally marine parade grc meet

With your continued support, I am confident that we in the WP will be able to serve our fellow Singaporeans and residents well. So, when in that polling booth come 11 September, I would like each one of us to ask ourselves these questions: One, do we want more different voices to be heard in Parliament, voices representing what you have to say.

Tan is still mulling over his vote. Minister Tan told The Straits Times: The PAP's vote share was below the Mr Tan, 46, who entered politics in and is touted as a fourth-generation leader, says the MPs shook off the setback and got to work right away to win back voters, visiting residents and organising community events and dialogues on top of weekly Meet-the-People Sessions.

It cannot be," he said.

wp rally marine parade grc meet

The PAP's efforts did not go unnoticed. Sales manager Carol Soon, 36, a Kembangan resident of more than 20 years, said: They'd ask for our feedback and follow up. You could see they were trying to do more.

wp rally marine parade grc meet

Since Nomination Day, they have gone door to door to distribute fliers and meet residents, with each clocking more than 15km a day. Mr Goh, 74, is fighting his 10th elections. On the campaign trail, it is clear he is highly popular with young and old alike. Many want to shake hands and snap a selfie with him.

wp rally marine parade grc meet

Some residents of his Marine Parade division are pleased that he is staying on. The rooster does not crow to make the sun rise. It crows each morning to tell people that, it is morning. You told them that the transport system needed fixing, that letting it being run by private companies as a duopoly was a big mistake.

wp rally marine parade grc meet

You told them the prices of new flats had gone crazily high beyond what young Singaporeans could afford. You told them that you cannot peg new flat prices to the resale market and that there were simply not enough flats for the so many people they keep taking into Singapore.

Life was good, at least for them.

Politics | Yee Jenn Jong

Why change the system? There may be a Swiss standard of living for some, but not for many. It was a difficult speech to make and I then wished Charles Chong well and even asked residents to support him in his work there as their elected MP. A wise elder stateman recently said that oppositions are like nomads looking for territories to contest every elections. Well sir, I am no nomad. I am still here! Guess what some people are saying to us?

Some are confused too as to which constituency they are in. So on 24 July, when the new electoral boundaries were out and Joo Chiat SMC was removed, I have to admit that I was initially quite lost, for the next few hours, about where to contest in.

Then I remember some valuable lessons I had learnt from young; that if someone pushes you around, stand up to the bully and take the fight back to them.

Otherwise, they will just keep doing it, again and again. More importantly, I believe we are all, first and foremost Singaporeans, who love our country.