Wiaa swimming state meet 2012 nissan

Previewing Wisconsin High School Boys Sectionals/State

wiaa swimming state meet 2012 nissan

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Harris, a Memorial alumnae replaced Adam Smith. There will be an auction of some of the jerseys. Among changes at conference venues, Mansfield Stadium has had ongoing construction, and renovations were being made to the lights and field.

Madison Memorial and Madison West play home games at Mansfield. Benton has committed to the University of Wisconsin. Jordan, recruited as a linebacker, has committed to Illinois State.

He led the Cardinals last season with 39 receptions for yards and six touchdowns. His father, Scott Nelson, is a former UW standout at safety.

Previewing Wisconsin High School Boys Sectionals/State

He also plays tight end, receiver and long snapper on extra points. Bourne led the Wildcats with tackles last season and is ranked among the top inside linebackers in the state. Rodney Wedig, fifth year ; 24th overall Wedig hopes the Knights can reach the WIAA state playoffs for the first time sincewhen Beloit won three playoff games to reached the Division 1 semifinals.

But overall team depth is a weakness. The Knights must replace three offensive line starters and their quarterback, with senior Gannon Rand and junior Shelvin Garrett potentially seeing time at QB in the pro-style offense.

wiaa swimming state meet 2012 nissan

Outside linebacker Matthew Wedig, Winfield and inside backer Gaines lead the defense. Adam Bunderson, second year ; second year overall Bunderson believes another postseason appearance is realistic. Benton and safety Tegan Christiansen were second-team all-conference performers last season.

Linebackers Sam Smith and Jared Costello also return. Craig runs an option offense out of the Pistol, using numerous formations. The attack is expected to be led by quarterback Ben Coulter and center Asa Albrecht. Coulter is outstanding making reads in the option game, while Albrecht is sound completing assignments, Bunderson said. Clayton Kreger, fourth year ; fourth overall Graduated inside linebacker Kyle Fuller must be replaced. Jeremy Thornton, second year ; second year overall All four were honorable-mention all-conference selections last season.

Scott Swanson, fifth yearfifth year overall Three two-year starters need to be replaced along the offensive line, where Luke Vitale, Mason Saunders and Raymond Bailey are candidates to play.

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Outside linebacker James-Ragland, free safety Nix, defensive lineman Bailey and defensive end Gary Barnes lead the defense. Michael Harris, first year ; seventh overall at Madison La Follette.

2012 Iowa High School Men's State Swimming Meet - 100 Fly

Staff editorials represent the opinion of a majority of the newspaper staff. Pain at the pump, again! Okay, I think we can all agree that the eighty-dollar cost to fill a tank of gas is outrageous.

What better way to celebrate spirit and build peer camaraderie than five days of wacky clothes, hairdos and crazy personalities? Class rivalry is off the wall during the week. Senior togas battle it out with white, green and yellow wear at the end. Spicing up our week with crazy fun, Spirit Week definitely earns a thumbs up.

Letters to the Editor Learn some hallway courtesy Dear Editor, It being my senior year, I understand our hallways are crowded. When someone is coming down the hallway directly towards you, it makes sense to move out of the way, right? Then instead of a simple apology, the person will scurry away. I love everything from presidential elections like the one happening in a couple of days to county and municipal elections that no one seems to care about.

When we students turn 18 which some seniors already haveit is our job as free, American citizens to make educated choices as to how our government is run. Why not get excited about those local elections? Can you name the candidates for U. Senator in our state? Representative in our district? Students may not get to vote on November 6, but we can still have an opinion on who we would vote for.

National Service, Volunteering in America. Hours spent on tasks like volunteer firefighting or cooking for camp Quixote help those in need, build community and create a sense of trust and security. A study done by the combined efforts of the Corporation for National and Community Service CNCS and the US Census Bureau estimated that about 55 percent of youth, ages twelve to eighteen, participate in volunteer activities. Only two days a year are we willing to support a non-profit organization, help out the animal shelter or even help clean our road- november 2, Voices down the highway Ever wonder what kids are saying at other schools?

Only two days a year are we willing to give time for those in need. Finding volunteer opportunities is easy: In fact, the two top places teens receive volunteer opportunities is with their school or church. Many out-of-nation trips featured by organiza- tions such as Amigos or Volunteer Africa also allow foreign services, a fantastic addition to resumes and college applications. Overall, with the wealth of time many of us have, especially during the summer, it seems we could pitch in to help our community more.

Why not take a few hours and support our community? They often comment on the beauty of Timberline High School. I then encourage them to see what goes on inside the building where we are helping prepare students for life after graduation. Timberline has an amazing track record when it comes to academics and overall student achievement. This is a testimony to your highly-qualified and engaged staff, supportive families and you the students.

wiaa swimming state meet 2012 nissan

In our district, we believe strongly in educating the whole child and supporting multiple pathways for success in school and life. The opportunities are endless for your future as we have seen at the recent district College and Career Fair hosted by Timberline and organized by the amazing Carolyn St.

John and other counselors. Additionally, a significant number of you go on to college — nearly 60 percent. This data is not surprising when you consider that Timberline students make up about 50 percent of the overall district enrollment in Advanced Placement classes.

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Of course we still have room to grow. Math remains a challenge for our schools and others in the state and across the nation. This is why the district made math one of our major district goals, concentrating more resources and training in this area. No matter what career path you choose, you will use the critical-thinking and problem-solving skills that you learn in math throughout your life. Our CTE classes are a great example of this. In CTE, students have the opportunity to blend rigorous academics with demanding technical education as well as workbased learning opportunities.

Many of our courses are aligned with our local community colleges. Many students also receive Industry-recognized certificates in computer technology, automotive, and landscaping, and 34 students from Timberline attended New Market Raj Manhas Skills Center for specialized training. This year is one of high expectations for the district, and Timberline is no exception. No matter how good we are, we can always get better.

I welcome your feedback on how the district can continue to improve so our students graduate with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a competitive and diverse world. They stop believing that anything will change.

wiaa swimming state meet 2012 nissan

But four years ago I saw a change begin, and I am not ready for it to stop. I spend a lot of time listening to the complaints of those who believe that Barack Obama has accomplished nothing during his time as president, and I am here to prove those people wrong. For as long as I can remember the United States has been at war. We have always had enemies. But we now have a president who knows things do not have to be this way. Obama has withdrawn troops from Iraq, is working towards withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and has successfully rid the world of Osama bin Laden, the man who was responsible for the attacks on Sept.

Peace should always be the goal, and Obama is a man who understands this. Obama has also made some significant steps towards bettering our education system, a place we had been falling behind in.