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white people meet commercial

The reasoning for this is simple, if somebody made White People Meet there would be an extreme backlash towards the creator of it. Black People Meet is not . I am sorry, but exclusively dating white women is not “just a preference.” negative assessments of large groups of individuals that they've never met, . She's simply telling a ttruth about white people and white privilege that you just I just watched a commercial for catchsomeair.us The guy on the. It's literally impossible to be racist to a white person. Dear White People, Please Stop Pretending Reverse Racism Is Real . two white journalism students out of a meeting because they weren't marginalized or racialized.

So please, before you tell people to "grow the fuck up" at least try something other than the "black people have struggled" argument. And do you think pandering to them in a few crappy ads is going to make it all better? I think they want equality, not bullshit. Anonymous February 23, What is your solution Felix? What would make sense to you? How about a scientific solution?

Would you like advertisements to conscientiously represent the demographic of the region they are trying to persuade to buy their products? By my calculations, either way, Whites end up in more ads as perpetrators But which would you prefer? You can run a checklist of things that make no sense in them, so I'm not sure they're a shining example of anything.

People have their alarms on in broad daylight, doors are ferociously kicked down by wild eyed psychopaths only to run away from the loud noises, nobody seems to know that the response time on house alarms is about 40 minutes if everthe phone rings and a comforting black man or asian woman with a headset magically makes everything calm again, etc. I understand not wanting to be considered a racist, TV spots seem like a bad place to bridge the racial divide in any meaningful way.

All we get is the idealized perfect rainbow. But I think things like this are the reason everyone's so scared: We're being asked to believe that an affirmative action worker is keeping his job over the white worker. And he's a good guy! Did you see the way he touched the black guy's shoulder? Something this subtle caused a lot of bad press, and I can see why people would intentionally avoid it. I often think I'd be offended as anyone if I watched enough TV.

I'm embarrassed FOR women when everyone is blissfully kicking chocolate in their flowery yoga pants and awesome-working tampons. I shake my head for black people when I see a Popeye's ad with a little too much smiling and dancing for the debilitating caloric content.

It's all a lie. That's why it feels like a lie. Lloyd Blankfein February 23, Stop apologizing for your post guy. The dipshits who invariably fall back on the argument of last resort, i.

It's all exactly as you've described - PC bullshit. The notion that minorities are gregarious, racially blind people just trying to grope their way around in the dark age of racial hostility is a common theme but unfortunately has the distinction of being completely false. I love when angry little trolls frequent my blog. Wanna guess if this turd would be on the verge of a psychotic break if -GASP- a black man was actually portrayed as a criminal in the Broadview spot.

white people meet commercial

It would be "hummina, hummina - get the Rev. Jesse Jackson on the phone - black man being accused of attacking the virginal white woman again". You've got some pretty mentally challenged posters here. It actually is funny to hear someone saying "But can we be a little more balanced about it?

The only person left who would say that at this late point in American society's development is a white heterosexual male. Everyone else has pretty much been screaming that for decades and has already grown hoarse from it through generations. Welcome to the club.

Lloyd Blankfein February 23, CKiffney: Maybe, and this is an ENORMOUS assumption on my part, just maybe society should be aiming for a racial pendulum that doesn't swing too far to either side. Stupid, but I'm quickly gathering that "intelligent" is hard to come by on this blog. Sincerely, Lloyd Blankfein P. Moron Anonymous February 23, Wow.

The egotist hit a new low. Lloyd Blankfein February 23, I can always identify someone lacking a credible argument that will withstand scrutiny by their decision to sidestep the argument entirely and attack someone's choice of punctuation, grammar, caps lock, etc. Welcome back to your Freshman year of high school. You're missed at TMZ. Anger Management February 23, Just to clarify, the above is not referring to Felix and his ranting.

Let's see if any more playground name-calling comes out of this Anger Management February 23, 'Oh, burn! Although the way you communicate does say something about you outside of English class, so, something to think about.

Those are things a lot of people will see as trademarks of someone who isn't so credible. It definitely doesn't make you want to listen to them. Paints a picture of you as being unwilling or unable to see and understand multiple viewpoints. More than one camp can have a valid point, to be considered. For instance--not that I am one--but I see white women stereotyped and over-sexualized in the media plenty in Debates don't need to end a la "poop-head.

Well maybe you have a point about someone's comment, but it's not mine, because I never claimed that all white people were pillaging savages or all minorities were pure as the driven snow. But I can tell you have an axe to grind about that, so keep it up if it gets you hard. What I did say, very clearly, is that white people must indeed have it really great in our society if their only complaint is that only white people are portrayed as stupid in commercials.

Black men, for example, may not be portrayed as criminals in an ad but they are very much portrayed as criminals in society, given that they are under constant persecution from police, distrust from potential employers, and threats of hanging from the teabaggin' GOP.

'White People Meet' Is The Dating Site For, Er, Whites Only (VIDEO)

The hit Cosby Show of 25 years ago portrayed a black man as a gynecologist, and his wife—I might add—a black lawyer. Neither of them dumb or criminal. Advertising clients don't want to appear bigoted any more than you do. They have a different challenge but I continue to empathize with you both. But to counter your argument; I'm proud to say, "Some of my best friends were white criminals.

Now they are white inmates. Incendiary ina little sleepy forbut maybe defending the honor of smart whites guys is what needs to be done, I wouldn't know. This seems like a spin off from your last post on Tiger But the argument posted above, that "we've endured it so it MUST be your turn in the barrel" isn't completely an inaccurate read of the situation.

I mean, usually when something is noticed, it is because it is outside of the norm. So you notice white guys are the intruders, because normally, or perhaps the norm in real life, is for black guys to be the intruders, or hispanics or whatever. Your post is true, it's completely disproportional in the Broadview ads.

'White People Meet' Is The Dating Site For, Er, Whites Only (VIDEO) | HuffPost

And other races are disproportionally represented in other ads, like black people in McDonald's ads. Doesn't make it right but it doesn't make it totally wrong either. Maybe this is the balance you were looking for all along. You said black people or all people for that matter want equality and not BS, but truthfully, a little BS wouldn't hurt either. Ignorance is bliss right? Most of what we are fed are half truths, lies, and sales tactics.

I've been on plenty of shoots where indirect or unconscious racial decisions have occurred. Do you really think these commercials make anyone truly believe that white people are the new threat to themselves? Ignoring history and sterotypes in the advertising world happened for how many years? You take for granted how hard people have worked to make up for all the crap stereotypes that were fed to billions of people for years and years. Visual mediums for the masses certainly have their racist and un-PC roots.

I don't know you Felix, but I wonder how old you are. I don't think someone who lived through all the social injustices and all the political incorrectness of the last 50 years, as a non-white person, would ever say the things you are saying with the tone you're using in your post.

Your question is valid, but not understanding the answers for why we dont show black people robbing a house- is ignorant. It's indicative of the attitude of a lot of spoon in the mouth generation nexters. Spoon in the mouth not so much referring to how hard you work, but more so - the inability to understand that life as we know it today is not at all how it was for older generations. NOT understanding how hard people have worked to reshape a fundamental public conscience is ignorant.

Do you think an Obama type candidate wins in any other decade? Jesse Jackson is not Obama-like When you're citing Chapelle like he's some really important luminary for minorities- that kind of says it all: Adam February 23, Simply put, ads aren't meant to reflect reality or be "teaching moments" and they have no obligation to. They are fairy-tales to build a message around a product, service or brand.

It's about minimizing distractions. There is no pet-hair on the sofa, or piles of unsorted mail on the tables in those ads either.

Reality is insignificant to the message. If the security ad had a black intruder, it pokes that corner of our brains that's aware of the ugly history of racial stereotyping, profiling and demonization in our culture. Now you're not thinking about how Broadview Security will keep your family and your stuff safe, you're thinking about white guilt, your one black friend, or whatever. It's a distraction from the message. Nobody besides you I guess is much bothered or distracted.

So, Are There No Scary Black People Any More? - The Denver EgotistThe Denver Egotist

Not saying any of this is right or wrong. Just stating another truth. Anonymous February 23, Ot could be that he's trying to articulate the point that we need to chill the hell out on the political correctness. Or, simply pointing out that by painting the world as some United Colors of Benneton utopia all advertisers are doing is patronizing everyone. Anonymous February 23, Colorado is pretty damn white. As are a lot of other states. Makes sense to me that Broadview who show whitey robbers running around.

If white is the majority, why wouldnt you show white robbing white? If I saw a black dude robbing a house in boulder, that wouldnt sell me anything. White people looking stupid on TV? Cant have that you didnt mention the Meth ads, those are all white folks made to look like compulsive criminals.

If it was Crack in NYC, probably not the same approach. But the folks blowing up their apartments are all white. Disastor February 23, Maybe its like Seinfeld episode where Elaine was mad at the Deli for having nothing but busty waitresses.

The white guys are all the producer's nephews. Nino February 24, Thank you for stating this, Felix. I completely agree, and am somewhat "mixed" myself, having a Nordic pa and a Mediterranean ma. White male College grad Web and Graphic Designer Not from Denver You're right when you say your post is racial and not racist, but more than anything this post is lazy, and the laziness of the post reveals your ignorance and ignorance is the breeding ground of racism. Your outrage is so narrow-minded myopic that while it may not be racist it's so plainly ignores the facts of race and media that it very nearly does come off as racist, and is certainly racially insensitive.

My feeling is that the goal of this entire post on is not, as you say, to "to be realistic, rather than sugar-coated," because you're not realistic in your editorial. If you were being realistic you'd be able to acknowledge that the history of media and advertising in the US has been incredibly unkind to women and minorities, especially Blacks, much more so than it ever has been to Whites folks and White men, and that a few ads making White folks look silly isn't nearly the same thing as the systematic pattern of negative racial stereotyping that's plagued the history of media in the US.

When held up to the light of scrutiny the ads you've chosen don't even display an "ongoing trend", other than possibly "putting White folks in a negative light," and even that's stretching it.

In your first example, the Broadview Security ads, the White folks are criminals. In the second ad that you can't even cite, the White folks are represented as dumb, which is not identical or really even similar to being criminal. In the third ad series, the WaMu ads, White folks are portrayed as powerful, stuffy old men who have old fashioned ideas about banking.

white people meet commercial

Well, banking is for the most part controlled by old White men, so this is a caricature more than it is a stereotype, and resembles the first two ads in now way at all. The ads that you've pointed out are not a trend of any kind because there are no striking similarities between the ads.

Lastly, even if there had been a trend in the ads you've chosen, the major difference between a self-proclaimed white male complaining about white stereotypes and a minority complaining about minority stereotypes is that whites have total control over the way they're being stereotyped and minorities don't. If minorities are stereotyping themselves then they are the ones who get to decide how they're represented, they have control over their appearance and promotion to the general public, but minorities don't have that control and they've never had that control.

In fact, according to a study done in "only 5. When White folks get mis represented in media they have no one to blame but themselves. By all means, let's address the racial imbalance in advertising and do it by addressing the huge racial gap in the advertising industry.

But I don't hear you advocating for this. All I hear you doing is saying, "Stop making fun of White people! Adam Adam Blodgett February 24, Here are the two links from my last post that didn't work http: Here are a few more facts though, that you didn't point out.

First, if we're going to go to the prison route, which I didn't want to do, then your representation of the facts is a little myopic, too. This, from a recent report: Department of Justice, a male born in faces the following odds of going to prison during his lifetime: You do with that what you will, but those numbers give a bigger picture of Colorado prisons.

However, those ads are running nationwide, not just in Colorado. Are you saying that when the ad runs in New York, which has an overwhelming majority of African American prisoners, they change the race of the guy breaking in? Look, call it myopic, I really don't care. I don't think that having the pendulum swing the other way is going to help anyone either. Ads may be a utopia, but how far do we take it? We do, last time I checked, have an African-American holding the highest office in the land.

One I backed fully by the way, and still do. But is it now taboo to even imply anything negative about a minority? Where does all this go?

white people meet commercial

That's the question I'm asking. Nino February 24, Thank you for asking the questions, Felix. What I get is that you're questioning the whole PC mentality—a mentality and way of communicating which doesn't change the actual problems minorities suffer, it just hides them—not the notion that treating people fairly is right. Please keep asking the questions. You don't necessarily have to have the answers right away, but the answers won't come if the questions aren't asked Anonymous February 25, So what to you want to see in ads?

More stupid Hispanic men? More white men swooping in saving the day? Don't sit here and tell me how you have black friends or voted for Obama. I have white friends.

I didn't vote for Obama. Your qualifiers don't mean anything thing other than you are too scared to voice your opinion on its merit.

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It makes me think of the armchair bigot who says a racist slur but quickly follows it up with how they smiled at their black mailman yesterday. I am not one for being PC though many think since I'm black I must have a deck of race cards I am itching to use, but I also hate this crying of how being PC is so unfair.

The fact is they are both symptoms of larger problems that are being ignored. For advertising, the problem lies with not just clients as you try to put most of the blame on but the agencies also.

The problem is there is a lack of diversity and no, I am not just talking about race, but lets face it there are very few faces of color. There is an extreme lack of diverse perspective. If met one ad person, I have met them all. There is little innovation being created, and even when you can find innovation it's ridden until it's sucked dry. So you get shit like the Broadview ads and I get McDonalds that have me believe that black people communicate though song and rap. Anonymous February 26, It's safe to make fun of white people, to portray males as dumber than their wives, and friends as ethnically diverse.

Keep bitching about it and pretty soon we won't be able to fuck with anyone.

white people meet commercial

SinisterSevens February 26, Brinks home security is now Broadview security, and by broad we mean narrow. Oh right, cuz they're would be rapists. That too is the sole provenance of white men, too, don't you know.

I laughed so hard when I saw this Everything you say is correct about the way they portray whites and blacks in commercials, as it is all done for political reasons. The only thing I would have left out is explaining your reasoning in case someone calls you a racist We know they are lying to themselves, so who cares.

You are by far not the only one who sees and feels the way you do. It's gotten ridicoulous, almost every commercial has a black person or people portrayed as having a real good family life Notice how all the black people on these commercials don't have their jive accents? Ya, everything you see in the ads is the total opposite of the real life and maybe people need to start sending e-mails or calling these companies to let them know, we are aware of their bs.

Anonymous February 28, I went to a small NE college. Let me tell you, every time they planned a photo shot they called the black and asian kids we literally had less than 10 of each. Roll with the punches man, roll Anonymous March 1, Wow, you must have a lot of free time to sit here and complain about something as stupid as this: Felix March 1, Actually, I spawn this kind of shit in mere seconds. I'm a very busy asshole.

Anonymous March 1, I think until more prominent figures step up to the plate to address this issue of kissing all the races' butts this kind of crap will go on. My fiance is black and she laughs at all the butt kissing done for black people. To quote her "the more you pamper them, the more they will act helpless". I think the real question is, "when will the wounds of the past heal"? We keep hearing this crap about the hard times all ethnic minorities went through, and it was a horrible thing.

But enough is enough, get a damn job and stop blaming whitey for all your problems. Otherwise, eventually welfare will dry up, you'll get left behind and no one will listen to you anymore. To me ethnic minorities who complain about racism are the same as homeless people.

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