Where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Where Tangents Meet, a sense8 fanfic | FanFiction

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Where Tangents meet Only on webtoon Unordinary Webtoon, Anime Stuff, Read the lastest release of Where Tangents Meet in LINE Webtoon Official Site for. Where Tangents Meet Webtoon Comics, Fun Comics, Cute Drawings, .. Read the lastest release of Where Tangents Meet in LINE Webtoon Official Site for. As Landon and Rachelle venture into falling in love with one another, they hit ruptures in the road. The more they learn about each other,the more they discover about themselves in the midst of encountering jealousy, scandals, accidents, and misunde My anime romance (Kimi ni.


Shin Ae to Yeong Gi and Kousuke Shin Ae, for someone who hates romance like you do, you find yourself in a lot of situations straight out of a romance… 9. And Frost, for someone so smart, you can be so oblivious… 8.

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Landon and Rachelle Sayo, that crazy brunette, even tried to mess things up in the first episode…now THAT is one dedicated mean girl. Guy is not only a ghost, he is also involved in a deal because of his past obsession with an ex girlfriend. Jack and Go-Eun Trust me, this hug is way more complicated than it looks. Girl inadvertently gets stuck in the middle of a scientific conspiracy because of a mysterious guy.

Amy and Oliver Oliver…stop being the mysterious white-haired male lead and reveal your past already!

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Untouchable Girl is a vampire who survives off human touch, but her boyfriend is a germaphobe. Just as he starts to get better, she finds out she is a special kind of vampire who absorbs too much energy and could end up killing him.

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Gepetto Guy is a clone who consistently loses his memories. Was in a relationship with a girl who was his closest friend before forgetting that aspect of his life. Nero to Celine Ah, the lovely sound of miscommunication…. Girl hates him with a passion.

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Baek Morae to Raptor Morae, I may not know what you did…but stop talking. Bastard Guy is the son of a serial killer and is an accomplice in each crime.

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Little does she know that trouble lives just one door down the hall. Hi, you asked for prompts so Could you please do this one by kalaswolfgang? Sorry in advance and cheers!

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It is a little past two o'clock in the morning, and the incessant banging on her apartment door has not stopped. Have you called at least?

where tangents meet fanfiction websites

Kala whimpers but complies and shuffles her way to her kitchen, where a couple of cargo boxes lie on top of her small kitchen island. Now, how well can you handle a knife? You're taking out the stealth in my plan.

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I'll call the police for you. She wants to groan, but suddenly, the banging stops, replaced by a vigorous jiggling of her doorknob, and Kala decides to face her fate. Grabbing a random pan out of one of the brown boxes and hoisting it in front of her like a shield, she tiptoes to the entryway.