West of six car meet

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west of six car meet

For all you car enthusiasts. Furious 7 brought literal tears to our faces and this summer's car events will do Ertefa hosts Canada's biggest car meet and show. 6. FITTED Toronto @ Ontario Place. Yet another FITTED event is happening at . Swap meet (46) The hottest car show in South Florida hosted by Diamonds by Raymond Lee is back Cruise in to Gateway Classic Cars every last Saturday of the month for Cars & Coffee: West Deptford, NJ . 1; 2 · 3 · 4 · 5 · 6 · Next. Mark down dates from this list of car shows and cruises in Massachusetts and Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, including monthly “cars and coffee” meet-ups. August , 7 a.m p.m. (ends Sunday at 4 p.m.).

west of six car meet

Well we know the distance of the car and the intersection. And let's just call that distance, let's call that-- I don't know, let's call that distance y.

So y is equal to 0. We also know that-- so let me write this-- we know that y is 0. We also know the dy dt, the rate at which y is changing with respect to time is what? Well y is decreasing by 60 miles per hour.

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So let me write it as negative 60 miles per hour. Now similarly, let's say that this distance right over here is x. So we know that x is equal to 0. What is the rate at which x is changing with respect to time? Well, we know it's 30 miles per hour is how fast we're approaching the intersection, but x is decreasing by 30 miles every hour. So we should say it's negative 30 miles per hour. So we know what y is.

We know what x is. We know how fast y is changing, how fast x is changing with respect to time. So what we could try to do here is come up with a relationship between x, y, and s. And then differentiate that relationship with respect to time.

30 New England car shows worth checking out while the weather is nice

And it seems like we have pretty much everything we need to solve for this. So what's a relationship between x, y, and s? Well we know that this is a right triangle. The streets are perpendicular to each other. So we can use the Pythagorean theorem. We know that x squared plus y squared is going to be equal to s squared. And then we can take the derivative of both sides of this with respect to time to get a relationship between all the things that we care about. So what's the derivative of x squared with respect to time?

Well, so you're going to need the derivative of x squared with respect to x, which is just 2x, times the derivative of x with respect to time, times dx dt. Once again, just the chain rule. Derivative of something squared with respect to the something, times the derivative of the something with respect to time.

west of six car meet

And we use similar logic right over here when we want to take the derivative of y squared with respect to time. Derivative of y squared with respect to y, times the derivative of y with respect to time. Now on the right-hand side of this equation, we once again take the derivative with respect to time. So it's the derivative of s squared with respect to s, which is just 2s. Times the derivative of s with respect to time.

Once again, this is all just an application of the chain rule. So now it looks like we know what x is, we know what dx dt is, we know what y is, we know what dy dt is. All we need to figure out is what s and then what ds dt is, the rate at which this distance is changing with respect to time.

west of six car meet

Well what's s right now? They actually have a venue now instead of parking lots, so it'll be way more organized this year.

west of six car meet

Keep checking for more details on their website or Facebook page. Photo cred — Raymond Tran 2. What're you waiting for? Be sure to join their event page if you're attending. Photo cred — Skootermedia. There's drifting, drag racing, show and shine, and time attack. Races 1 through 5 are happening on May 24th, July 5th, July 26th, August 16th, and September 20th in various locations outside of the city.

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Visit their website for more details! It's open to the public and everyone is welcome to take photos. It will be an exciting and HUGE event open to everyone. Keep checking their website for any new info! Photo cred — Jude Freeman 5. It features festival attractions including craft beer and food truckscelebrity appearances, live entertainment, and interactive games and activities.

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Fun 'n games for everyone! It's taking place this year from June 12th to 14th. Photo cred — Scott M 6. Registration for those who want to compete opens in June.