Two oceans meet quran mp3

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two oceans meet quran mp3

Humility versus 'Ujub · 07/2. catchsomeair.us3 . catchsomeair.us3 .. Ilm and Tasawwuf – Where Two Oceans Meet ilm and. Then We awakened them to know which of the two groups could better calculate the . Although you claimed We would not set a meeting for you.” . Say, “If the ocean were ink for the words of my Lord, the ocean would run out, before the . Скачать mp3 Verses From The Quraan About The Two Rivers That Meet But Don T Mix. Размер: Miracle Of The Quran Two Oceans That Meet But Do Not Mix.

Not without authority will ye be able to pass! Then which of the favours of your Lord will ye deny? There must be some purpose. Maybe it be for us to fulfil some grand destiny in store for our species- maybe to become a galactic race,a respectable part of the galactic community of civilizations. Maybe,it is our travels in space that may lead to our encounter with aliens and fulfil the prophesy in Only time will tell.

In anticipation of the time when we become space-travellers,we are told in Sura Might we one day be capable of undertaking such a voyage? Since this reference to God's continuing creation comes immediately after a mention of primitive means of transport,it obviously relates to other- as yet unknown- things of the same category: After all,God Himself has encouraged us to,"pass beyond the regions of the heavens".

This also points to the possibility of our meeting aliens in the future. However,this gathering may well refer to that which will occur on Judgement Day as mentioned in Sura Man's position among creation The most revolutionary discoveries in history have been those which altered the way humans perceived themselves in the universe.

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We discovered that the earth was not at the centre of the universe. We discovered that our Sun was a very ordinary star located in an insignificant part of an ordinary galaxy,which was only one of millions of galaxies.

These discoveries should have humbled us. Yet,even today,many of us triumphantly proclaim ourselves as being the most supreme creation of God. It is common to ascribe our cherished position among all living things to our higher intellectual abilities. If we were to find out that there are other intelligent beings in the universe,and that some may be intellectually more superior to us,where would that leave us?

Would we finally be dethroned? Note that the verse mentions that there are other creatures besides humans,who have also been given a position of distinction,and humans have been preferred above many,not all,of these creatures.

Usmani states in a comment on this verse,"Under this verse a debate is opened: Who is superior- Man or Angel? But logically this verse does not decide the issue. Allah's creatures contain such creatures upon which humans have got no superiority. Some early authorities,such as Hasan,have not accepted the word "akser" mentioned in Hasan maintains that the word "akser",as used in With such a substitution in verse The debate on man's status continues among scholars and also among the public.

Let us make an analogy to the debate of whether man is superior to woman. Suppose for a moment that we hand the trophy to man and let him enjoy his "superior" position. On the Day of Judgement,it will only be deeds that count and good women will go to Paradise and bad men will burn in Hell.

Who would have been more superior? As you can see,in the final analysis,any debate on the status of a race,or species is useless. From earlier verses mentioned in this article,the reader will remember that,according to the Quran, God will judge humans as well as aliens on the basis of their deeds and reward them accordingly.

Many humans will be sent to Hell for their wrongdoings. At the same time there will be aliens who will be rewarded for their good deeds. Who would be more superior- the unbelieving human or the faithful alien? The answer is obvious. Therefore,what's the use of debating this point? Status of a creature is relative to its moral conduct. In the case of Islam,as one can see from this discussion,that can hardly be the case. On the contrary,such a discovery would verify the truth of the statements contained in the Quran relating to the subject of alien life,and strengthen the position of Muslims.

The vision of Islam is that of a truly universal religion. It is a pity that the image of all religions has suffered a setback from the great scandal of the Church- its treatment of Galileo,for rightly challenging their views of a geocentric universe,in which Man was The Central Figure in God's Plan of Creation,living on a planet around which all the rest of creation revolved.

The Quran gives us a picture of our place in the universe that is quite different. Why should he be so ego-centric? So travel through the earth,and see what was the end of those who denied the Truth.

two oceans meet quran mp3

No nation was denied access to the Truth. Even on earth,guidance was provided not only to humans,but also the Jinn who co-habit this planet with us- 6: Did there not come to you apostles of your own who proclaimed to you my revelations and warned you of this day?

God's bounty,according to Islam,is not confined to creatures of the earth because He is," Lord of the heavens and Lord of the earth,the Lord of the Worlds" About the Quran itself,we are told in Bashir-ud-din Mahmood has this to say,"On the basis of the interpretation of verse They all come from the same "Supreme Source" of revelation from where the Holy Quran originated for us on the Earth.

It is evident from the verse of the Holy Quran" ie. All Books come from the "Mother Book with Us". Humans are just a small part of God's creation When they act wrongly,they are reduced to the lowest of the low Salvation is not only for some race of humans, but for all humans and creatures throughout the universe. There is a grand destiny planned by God for all of them. All humans as well as aliens who follow the guidance that God sent to their respective planets,will be rewarded How far the picture of the universe that Islam paints is from that of a geocentric universe!

Conclusion - a "secret" waiting to be told If the Quran is so explicit in stating the existence of living organisms in the universe Unfortunately that is not the case. A significant proportion of Muslims have no idea that this exciting piece of information is provided in their Holy Book. I have quoted a number of scholars in this article,who have commented on the verses relating to extraterrestrials.

Among them are those such as Yusuf Ali and Muhammad Asad,whose works are known to Muslims throughout the world. All scholars quoted are from the mainstream of Islam. So,at least,Muslim scholars are aware of the Quran mentioning aliens.

Surah al-Rahman, Chapter 55, Verses 1 - 32

Yet,there are scholars also who have no idea about this subject. Surprisingly,even Maurice Bucaille,whose brilliant book, The Bible,The Quran and Science is extensive in its coverage of scientific topics in the Quran,completely overlooked the mention of aliens. How aware were the early Muslims,about the existence of extraterrestrials,or verses in the Quran on this topic?

Bashir-ud-Din Mahmood writes,"The idea that there is life elsewhere in the universe also,was derived from the Prophet of Allah pbuh when he told Muslims,"When you sit down in the prayer for the Attahiyat and say: He was one of the Companions of the Prophet pbuh. The Prophet pbuh had prayed to God specially to endow Ibn-e-Abbas 73 with knowledge of the Quran,and he became one of the great scholars of the Quran. He not only thought that such earths are inhabited by intelligent beings but also that their people are exactly like the inhabitants on the Earth.

He even went so far as to say that they may have a Prophet like Muhammad pbuh ,and had a Adam,like our Adam,a Noah,like our Noah,an Ibrahim like our Ibrahim,and a Jesus like our Jesus pbut.

There is something else that we know about Ibn-e-Abbas. He did not widely publicize his views about aliens. Rather,he was quite secretive about this matter. The reason is that he was afraid that his ideas would confuse people.

In fact,he was afraid that people would be in danger of becoming unbelievers by not accepting the truth of this matter,which the Quran itself attested to.

Perhaps it was such considerations that lead Muslim scholars of later times not to touch on the topic of aliens much,and so today,also,so many Muslims remain unaware about this matter. But times have changed. We've come a long way in our voyage of discovery of the wonders that surround us. The recent discoveries of extrasolar planets,of ice on the moon 75 ,of microbes deep beneath the earth's surface and around thermal vents in the oceans 76 ,of water on the sun 77 and many other amazing findings are setting the stage for a grand finale.

The public is mentally prepared to hear soon about the discovery of life outside the earth. In recent times,Muslims have missed golden opportunities of propagating their religion to the peoples of the world. For example,the Quran mentions the expansion of the universe. This phenomenon was discovered by scientists only in If Muslims had let the world know beforehand,that the Quran mentioned this fact, then upon its discovery,a big impact could have been made on the non-Muslim world.

We would have shown the world the power,the miracle,of the Quran.

two oceans meet quran mp3

Of course,even today,the miracle remains that the Quran mentions the expansion of the universe,but non-Muslims tend to say,"Now you tell us,after science has already discovered this! This theme has been presented in the Quran at different places in different ways, In Surah Al-lail, Ayat 12it has been said: Indeed, it is for Us to tell the way.

In Surah An-Nahl, Ayat 9it is said that Allah has taken upon Himself to show the right way, when there exist crooked ways too. In Surah TaHa, Ayatsit has been stated that when the Pharaoh heard the prophetic message from the Prophet Moses peace be upon him and asked who was his Lord who had sent him as a Messenger to him, the Prophet peace be upon him replied: Our Lord is He Who has given a distinctive form to everything and then guided it aright.

That is, He has taught it the method by which it could carry out and fulfill the object of its creation in the system of existence. This is the reasoning by which an unbiased mind is satisfied that the coming of the Prophets and the Books from Allah for the instruction of man is the very demand of nature.


Its other meaning is to make distinction between things, which here signifies the distinction between good and evil, virtue and vice. According to those two meanings this brief sentence completes the above reasoning. Likewise, another distinctive quality of vital importance in man is that Allah has placed in him moral sense by virtue of which he can naturally distinguish between good and evil, truth and falsehood, justice and injustice, right and wrong, and this intuition and sense does not leave him even when he degrades himself to the lowest state of error and ignorance.

Man in this sphere of his life himself recognizes the means like the teacher, the book, the school, the verbal and written instruction and reasoning and discussion as the modes of instruction, and does not regard the innate knowledge and intelligence as sufficient. Why should it then appear strange that for fulfilling the responsibility that falls upon the Creator of educating man, He has made the Messenger and the Book the means of his education and instruction?

The mode of education has to suit the nature of the creation, And very rationally so. The Quran alone can be the means of educating the creation that has been taught bayan speech and not by other means that might suit the creatures which have not been taught the speech. That is, It is a powerful law and unalterable system that binds the great planets together. Man is able to calculate and measure time, days, dates, and crops and seasons only because no change takes place in the rule that has been laid down for the rising and setting of the sun and of its passing through different stages.

The innumerable creatures found on the earth are staying alive only because the sun and the moon have been accurately and precisely placed at particular distances from the earth and any increase or decrease in this distance is made in the right measure, in a particular order, otherwise if their distance from the earth increased or decreased haphazardly, no one, could possibly survive here.

Likewise, the perfect relationship and harmony that has been established between the movements of the moon around the earth and the sun, has made the moon a universal calendar, which announces the lunar date every night to the whole world with perfect regularity. The word used in the original is an-najm, the wellknown meaning of which is the star; but in the Arabic lexicon this word is also used for the plants and creepers which do not have a stem, e. The commentators disagree about the sense in which this word has been used here.

Ibn Abbas, Saed bin Jubair, Suddi, and Sufyan Thauri have taken it in the meaning of stemless vegetation, for just after it the word ash-shajar the tree has been used and this meaning is more relevant to it.

On the contrary, Mujahid, Qatadah and Hasan Basri have expressed the opinion that an-najm here does not imply the plants of the earth, but the stars of the sky, as this is its well-known meaning. On hearing this word, the mind first turns to this very meaning, and the mention of the sun and the moon has been followed by the stars very naturally and relevantly. At another place in the Quran Surah Al- Hajj, Ayat 18 mention has also been made of the stars and the trees prostrating themselves, and there the word nujum pl.

The words of the verse are: Alam tara annallaha yasjudu lahu man fis smawati wa man fil ardi wash-shamsu wal-qamaru wanujumu wal jibalu wash-shajaru wad-da wabbu wa kathirum-min-annasi. In this verse nujum stars have been mentioned along with shams sun and qamar moonand shajar trees along with mountains and animals and it has been said that they all bow down to Allah.

They cannot exceed the rule that has been set for them. What is meant to be impressed in these two verses is that the whole system of the universe has been created by Allah and is functioning in His obedience. All are servants and slaves: Hence, Tauhid alone is the truth which is being taught by this Quran.

Apart from this, any one who is involved in polytheism and denial of God is, in fact, at war with the whole system of the universe.

Had there been no harmony and balance and justice established among the countless stars and planets moving in space, and the mighty forces working in this universe, and the innumerable creatures and things found here, this life on earth would not have functioned even for a moment.

Look at the creatures existing in the air and water and on land for millions and millions of years on this earth. They continue to exist only because full justice and balance has been established in the means and factors conducive to life; in case there occurs a slight imbalance of any kind, every tract of life would become extinct.

That is, as you are living in a balanced universe, whose entire system has been established on justice, you should also adhere to justice. For if you act unjustly within the sphere in which you have been given authority, and fail to render the rights of others, you would indeed be rebelling against the nature of the universe; for the nature of this universe does not admit of injustice and perversion and violation of the rights.

Not to speak of a major injustice, even if a person fraudulently deprives another of an ounce of something, by giving him short measure, he disturbs the balance of the entire universe.

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This is the second important part of the Quranic teaching that has been presented in these three verses. The first teaching is Tauhid and the second is justice. Thus, in a few brief sentences the people have been told what teaching has been brought by the Quran which the Merciful God has sent for the guidance of man.

The word wada in the original means to compose, make, prepare, keep and inscribe, and anaam the creatures, which includes man and all other living things.

According to Ibn Abbas, anaam includes everything which has a soul. Mujahid takes it in the meaning of the living creatures. Qatadah, Ibn Zaid and Shabi say that all living things are anaam. Hasan Basri says that both the men and the jinn are included in its meaning. The same meanings have been given by the lexicographers. This shows that the people who deduce from this verse the command of making land the state property are in error.

This is an ugly attempt to introduce alien theories forcibly into the Quran which are neither supported by the words of the verse nor by the context. Anaam is not used only for human society but it includes all other creatures of the earth as well and setting of the earth for anaam does not mean that it should be the common property of all. Besides, the context here also does not indicate that the object of the verse is to state some economic principle. This, in fact, is meant to impress the truth that Allah made and prepared this earth in such a way that it became a fit abode for every kind of living being.

It has not become so by itself, but by the Will and Power of the Creator. He in His wisdom placed it at a suitable distance and created such conditions on it which made it possible for the different species to exist and stay alive on it. For explanation, see E. Ns 73, 74 of Surah An- NamlE. Ns 29, 32 of Surah YaSeenE. Ns 90, 91 of Surah Al-MuminE. Ns 7 to 10 of Surah Az-ZukhrufE. That is, grain for men and husk for the animals. The word alaa as repeated over and over again in the subsequent verses has been translated differently at different places.

Therefore, it would be useful to understand at the outset how vast this word is in meaning and what are the different shades of meaning it contains.

The lexicographers and commentators generally have explained alaa to mean blessings and bounties. The translators also have given this same meaning of this word, and the same has been reported from Ibn Abbas, Qatadah and Hasan Basri.

O our Lord, we do not deny any of Your blessings. Therefore, we do not subscribe to the view of some present-day scholars, who say that alaa is never used in the meaning of the blessing. Another meaning of this word is power and wonders of power, or excellent manifestations of power. Ibn Jarir Tabari has reported that Ibn Zaid took the words fabi-ayyi alaa i Rabbikuma in the meaning of fabi-ayyi qudrat-Allah. Ibn Jarir himself has taken alaa in the meaning of power and might in his commentary of verses Imam Razi has also made this observation in his commentary of verses These verses do not describe the blessings but the powers of Allah, and in the commentary of versesthis: These describe the wonders of power and not the blessings.

Its third meaning is virtue, praiseworthy qualities, and perfections. Though this meaning has not been mentioned by the lexicographers and commentators, this word has often been used in this meaning in Arabic poetry.

Thus, we have taken this word in its vastest meaning and translated it suitably keeping in view the context in which it occurs.

However, at some places the word alaa may have several senses in one and the same place, but due to limitations of translation we have had to adopt only one meaning. For example, in this verse after making mention of the creation of the earth and of making the best arrangements for the supply of provisions to the creatures, it has been said: Which of the alaa of your Lord will you deny?

It is a wonder of His Might that He fashioned this earth in such a marvelous manner that countless species of creatures live here and an endless variety of fruits and grain are grown on it. And it is due to His praiseworthy qualities that He not only created these creatures but also made arrangements for their sustenance and the supply of provisions for them; and the arrangements also so perfect that their food is not only nutritious but also pleasing to the taste and sight.

Keeping this one example in view one may consider what excellences of art have been devised and shown in the packing of banana, pomegranates, orange, coconut and other fruits, and how each of the different sorts of the grains and pulses which we so thoughtlessly cook and eat, are produced finely packed and covered in ears and pods and clusters.

For example, some people do not at all admit that the Creator of all things is Allah Almighty. They think that all this is a mere byproduct of the matter, or an accidental happening, which is un-related with any wisdom and skill and workmanship. This is open denial. Some other people do admit that the Creator of these things is Allah, but regard others beside Him also as associates in Godhead: This is another form of denial.

Obviously, it would be the height of ingratitude if a person while admitting that a certain person had done him a favor rendered thanks to another, who had not in fact done him that favor, for this act of his would be an express proof that he regarded the other person as his benefactor whom he was rendering the thanks. There are still others who acknowledge Allah alone as the Creator of all things and the Bestower of all blessings, but do not admit that they should obey the commands of their Creator and Sustainer and follow His injunctions.

This is another form of ingratitude and denial of the blessings, for the person who behaves so denies the right of the Bestower of the blessing although he acknowledges the blessing itself. Some other people neither disavow the blessing nor deny the right of the Bestower of the blessing, but in practice there is no appreciable difference between their conduct and the conduct of a denier.

This is not verbal denial but denial in practice. The order of the initial stages of the creation of man, as given at different places in the Quran seems to be as follows: Then spread his progeny by means of an extract of the nature of a despicable water, for which the word nutfah has been used at other places.

For these stages one may look up the following verses of the Quran in sequence: Inni khaliq-un basharan min teen. Faidha sawwaitu-hu wa nafakhtu-fihi min-ruhi faqau-lahu sajidin.

two oceans meet quran mp3

Surah Suad, Ayats ; khalaqa-kum min-nafsin wahidatin wa khalaqa min-ha zaujaha wabaththa minhuma rijalan kathiran wa nisaan.