Transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

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transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

During the battle, Optimus Prime was mortally wounded, and, on his deathbed, passed .. Ultra Magnus would not meet his counterpart, Optimus Prime, until Prime was .. Masterpiece Ultra Magnus is a white redeco of Masterpiece Convoy. Ultra Magnus is a fictional robot superhero character from the various Transformers storylines in the Transformers robot superhero franchise, generally appearing as a chief lieutenant of Optimus Prime. .. A white redeco of Masterpiece Optimus Prime that comes with a Megatron in gun mode, Energon axe and the Matrix of. Takara Transformers Generation 1 Masterpiece: Ultra Magnus Robots Action Figure Tomy Transformers Masterpiece MP Ultra Magnus Action Figure Japan .. proving that there is “more than meets the eye” with these intelligent beings. can only be topped by the infamous Autobot leader Optimus Prime himself.

Ultra Magnus

The helmet also features empty eye-sockets, which show nothing but his inner Prime's upper brow behind them as opposed to actual eyes. The Diaclone Powered Convoy figure had several additional features and modes which were mostly excised or left unmentioned for the Transformers release of Ultra Magnus.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

Principally, Powered Convoy came packaged with "Powered Buggy", who was left out of Magnus's release see notes below for further details. Omitted from Magnus's instructions is the ability of his chestplate and super robot head to combine to form a small vehicle; the Powered Convoy version of the figure included small rolling wheels on the underside of the chestplate which were removed for Ultra Magnus.

Additionally, three additional modes were included in the Diaclone instructions that Hasbro left out: The Japanese release of Ultra Magnus—released as part of the Scramble City sub-line—did include instructions for the preparation base and catapult launcher modes, but replaced the original Autobot base mode with a new configuration.

The original Ultra Magnus figure has been reissued and redecoed several times down the years, and this article strives to list each edition of the figure under its own heading.

TFP: Team Prime : Something Greater Than An Army

The first alteration to Magnus, however, was a running change made while he was still on shelves: Originally, his tires were made of rubber and he sported paint on both his small and large robot heads, but this version was soon replaced with one featuring plastic tires and no paint on either head. Orion Pax, Optimus Prime, was put to work on Project Iacon, finding old relics from Cybertron, as Megatron was able to get Autobot codes on their coordinates which turned out that all the relics were hidden on Earth.

Orion Pax was able to decode some entireties then became curious about Starscream whereabouts but Megatron told him a false lie about where he is. Orion Pax sees Starscream with energon cubes, as he snuck aboard the war ship to get some, as he calls him Optimus Prime which confused him as to why he called him that but he does begin to question everything Megatron told him, after Starscream left the war ship.

Wondering about who Optimus Prime is, Orion Pax hacked the Decepticon files which were hard to hack but was able to break through them then became stunned to see that he is Optimus Prime when he broke through. Orions hacking didn't go unnoticed by Megatron, who knew he would find out the truth sooner or later. Megatron forced Orion to finish Project Iacon, as he would't cooperate with them now due to knowing the truth.

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Orion escapes the war ship to confront Megatron as he made it clear that he may not be a Prime but he knew the right side to be on. Thanks to his human friend Jack, Optimus was able to get his memory back but he could't remember anything that happened during his time on the war ship but Ratchet assure him that deep down within his spark he knew he was an Autobot and could't hide his true self weather he was Orion or Optimus. Following a near death experience and an upgrade by the Forge of Solus Prime, he gains a jetpack, a larger size, and an all-terrain expeditionary fighting vehicle for an alternate mode.

During this time he is shown to be capable of flight and seems to have increased his strength as he is seen taking down a whole group of Insecticons easily. After restoring Cybertron to life at the end of the third season, the series' finale movie, Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Risingsaw his recovery of the AllSpark and subsequent sacrifice to save it from Unicron and return it to Cybertron's core.

The sequel series, Transformers: Robots in Disguise sees Optimus contacting Bumblebee to warn him of danger on Earth-a prison ship's complement of Decepticon prisoners escaping upon the ship crashing and appearing briefly in physical form to help Bumblebee's unlikely new team defeat the Decepticon Underbite. Optimus appears throughout the first season as a vision to Bumblebee, though he is only allowed to do so when the latter's need is dire.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

Residing in the "Realm of the Primes", Optimus Prime begins training to combat an "ultimate evil" where his first part of the training is overseen by Micronus Prime. At the conclusion of the first season, Optimus is upgraded by the Thirteen Primes when the Fallen arrives on Earth, during which he gains a body that closely resembles his Beast Hunters form.

After the Fallen is seemingly destroyed, Optimus Prime remains with Bumblebee's group, though he states he would only do so as Bumblebee's "equal", rather than leader. However, the Thirteen subsequently reclaim the additional power they granted him, leaving him weakened but still determined to aid the team. Optimus Prime also appears in Transformers: Rescue Botsstated to take place in the same universe as Prime, as the leader of the Autobots who transforms into a semi-trailer truckthough unlike his Prime appearance, it's flatnosed like his G1 counterpart.

He gave the Rescue Bots their mission and mainly appears mainly via view-screen, appearing physically in the first episode and then in the first-season finale, where his truck mode is seen for the first time on screen. He then returns, with or without Bumblebee, many times throughout the second and third seasons as a recurring character. He scans Trex as a secondary form where gains a Tyrannosaurus form, making him a Triple Changer, though he states that scanning anything techno-organic might have unpredictable results.

While he loses control of this "Primal Mode" at first, the Rescue Bots determine that his loss of control is due to low Energon reserves, and are able to replenish his energies and restore him to normal using an energon patch. At the conclusion of the third season, Optimus helps his old friend, High Tide, along with the new recruits, Blurr and Salvage, save Griffin Rock and subsequently sends Heatwave and his team on a new mission to use the island as "testing place" to reveal their true identities as aliens.

Cyberverse Voice actors Optimus Prime is primarily voiced by Peter Cullen in most of his incarnations, who voiced him in the original series. Following the production of the film, Cullen reprised his role for the sequels and supporting media and would even voice Optimus in later series such as Transformers: Optimus has been voiced by a number of other voice actors in other series such as Neil KaplanGarry Chalkand David Kaye in the series Transformers: Video games Generation 1 Optimus Prime has appeared in numerous video games since the introduction of the Transformers series.

He makes a cameo in the Beast Wars Transmetals video game for Nintendo 64where he is killed by Megatron at the end of the campaign, showing what would have happened in the Beast Wars series with a Predacon victory. Prime is also one of the playable characters in the Japan-only Transformers game for the PlayStation 2 and the Transformers: Three versions of Optimus Prime are playable characters, including the first generation incarnation, his incarnations from the live-action filmand the incarnation from Transformers Animated.

In this game, Optimus Primal is also a playable character. He appeared as a boss in a simple Flash -based video game on the Hasbro web site.

Revenge of the Fallen. Unicron Trilogy Optimus Prime is among the characters appearing in the Transformers video game for the PlayStation 2. In the Autobot Campaign, Optimus Prime provides intelligence and missions to Bumblebee in his search for the Allspark. Eventually, the clues lead the Autobot to Sam Witwicky.

After saving Sam from BarricadeBumblebee finally completes preparations for the Autobots to arrive on Earth. Once on Earth and having informed the two teenagers of their mission, Prime and the Autobots are discovered by Sector 7.

Ultra Magnus (G1)/toys

Optimus sends Jazz on a high-speed destruction distraction mission, then sends Ironhide to rescue Jazz from a double-threat posed by the government agents and various Decepticon scouts.

When Bumblebee is captured, Prime transforms and chases the chopper which from which the small Autobot is tied. Ultra Magnus joined forces with the Wreckers and their allies to defeat Flame's plan to fire Cybertron's subterranean planetary engines and complete Megatron's ancient plan to turn the world into a huge battleship.

Soon after, Magnus found himself involved in a grotesque illegal gladiatorial game, and although he defeated his monstrous opponent and delivered a stirring speech to the crowd decrying their spectation of such a sport, his words failed to get through. Although that was the last appearance of the present-day Ultra Magnus, the future version of Ultra Magnus from the same era as Rodimus Prime made further appearances. He was present when Rodimus Prime, Kupand Blurr went back in time to confront Galvatron and Death's Head, stating his doubts about the mission, teamed up with Soundwave 's Decepticons to defeat the Quintessonsand was part of Rodimus Prime's team in the Time Wars.

He did not get his final confrontation with Galvatron, however, as Galvatron used Decepticon leader Scorponok as a living shield against Magnus' fire, prompting Scorponok's troops to attack him. Transformers continuity records that Magnus and the other future Autobots returned find to their own time-stream changed to a different, darker future, where Galvatron was alive and ruling most of Cybertron.

Magnus first chronological appearance was in The War Within: Age of Wrath miniseries, where he had united the splintered Autobot factions such as the Wreckers and Lightning Strike Coalition who had struck out on their own following Optimus Prime and Megatron's disappearance in a Space Bridge accident and managed to negotiate a settlement with the Decepticons and Ultracons.

The plan was derailed first by Starscream 's Predacons and then by Megatron's return with an army of Seeker clones, with Grimlock taking a fatal shot meant for Magnus. After being beaten into submission by Megatron, Magnus was amongst those captured by the Decepticons.

The closure of Dreamwave prevented the completion of the series. Following the disappearance of Optimus Prime and Megatron 's troops four million years ago, Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus took fluctuating joint leadership of the Autobots, until Maximus abandoned the war.

Ultra Magnus appeared in as a major character in Dreamwave Productions Micromasters mini-series. In issue 1, "Destined For Nothing", Countdown and Groundshaker return from space to find the Autobot base largely abandoned.

The first Autobots they encounter, Topspin and Twin Twist seem surprised to see them, and more surprised that Optimus Prime isn't with them.

Countdown and Groundshaker are equally surprised that Optimus has not returned to Cybertron before they did. Containment, an attempt to prevent the Decepticon threat from spreading beyond Cybertron, has failed. Countdown explains that the Decepticon Skystalker and his forces ravaged the peaceful planet, Paradronand that the Autobots need to mount an intergalactic patrol force to prevent the same fate from befalling other worlds.

Ultra Magnus and Fortress Maximus disagree, stating that Autobot forces are already underpowered and spread thin as it is. Groundshaker interrupts, belligerently demanding the Autobot command take action, before he is pulled from the room by Countdown. As Countdown and Groundshaker leave the command center, they overhear Big Daddy and his patrol griping about the day's events, which interests Countdown greatly. Big Daddy and company then confront Magnus and Maximus, upset that Crunch lost his life defending Roadbuster.

The argument grows more heated, before Fortress Maximus orders the Hot Rod Patrol to turn in their weapons and dismisses them. Three thousand years ago, Shockwave was the first Transformer to be reactivated, and set about restoring the planet and its populace, quietly working towards his own sinister ends.

Unifying the Autobot and Decepticon factions, he appointed Ultra Magnus as his second-in-command, who led the attack on the Ark when they travelled to Earth and arrested Optimus Prime and Megatron as war criminals.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

In reference to the theory that Ultra Magnus was formerly Dion, the name of the team Ultra Magnus led to take the Autobots into custody was team Dion. When Optimus Prime then led a rebel attack on IaconShockwave turned on Magnus, apparently deactivating him.

Ultra Magnus survived, however, and his inner robot emerged from his damaged larger form, teaming with Prime to stop Shockwave's plan to use the Matrix to access Vector Sigma.

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Ultra Magnus came away from the encounter with less damage than Prime, and soon had his systems repaired. He was seen in his familiar blue outer shell assisting Prowl when the burden of leadership threatened to become too much for him, and headed a mission to one of Cybertron's moons to fortify it against attack. Dreamwave's bankruptcy and subsequent closure, however, meant that any further stories of Ultra Magnus went untold. Fun Publications[ edit ] The Transformers: Since Ultra Magnus only appeared in the U.

Once on Earth they contact Grimlock to aid them. Adopting a wooly mammoth beast mode in order to survive the raw Energon radiation, he adopts the identity "Ultra Mammoth", which he attributes to Grimlock. With their home universe destroyed, Mammoth and his team did battle with Megatron's force of Decepticons, who had adopted alternative means of survival. Joined by an alternate version of Depth Chargethe former Autobots took on a new identity as Maximals.

After a number of battles with Megatron's similarly renamed Predacons, Ultra Magnus gained possession of the Origin Matrix. Ultra Mammoth and his comrades eventually made their way to the present of the Shattered Glass Universe, their own universe having been destroyed by the actions of Magnus' Shattered Glass counterpart.

While most of his crew chose to take on normal Cybertronian forms, Ultra Mammoth retained his beast form, and through the heroic Galvatron learned that the Matrix he carried was a component of the Star Saber. He resolved to keep it until Nexus Prime returned, only to run afoul of his alternate self and engage him in a battle. The conflict was soon interrupted by Nexus Prime's arrival, and after sending the evil Magnus to another universe Nexus reclaimed the Matrix and resolved to use the Star Saber and Terminus Blade-the latter being reclaimed from Magnus-to prevent any other universes from suffering the same fate as Ultra Mammoth's.

He and Perceptor saved a group of G. I Joes and Cobras from Shockwave's Decepticons, erecting a forcefield to protect them while they worked to repair the damage caused by Teletran-3, powered by Magnus' own strength. The shield eventually gave out and Magnus was captured. However, they were all rescued when the Dinobots returned and routed Shockwave's forces. I Joe force attempting to rescue Optimus Primeand even held off Trypticon single-handedly at one point.

In the fourth crossover, Magnus was left in charge of the Autobot forces on Cybertron when Optimus Prime journeyed to Earth. Whether this is actually Magnus is unclear.

transformers prime meet ultra magnus masterpiece

Magnus tracked down all those who broke the accords - be they Autobot or Decepticon. After arresting the Decepticon weapons dealer Swindlethe unscrupulous Decepticon managed to talk his way out of it by offering Magnus an even more tempting prize - the whereabouts of Scorponok.

Despite his own personal reservations about doing so, Magnus agreed planting a tracker on Swindle in the process and tracked Scorponok down on the planet Nebulos. There he discovered the Decepticon's plan - upgrading several of the Nebulans with Transformer technology.

Magnus soon found Scorponok himself, and lost the subsequent fight.