Transformers prime meet predaking predacons

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transformers prime meet predaking predacons

HTTYD- How To Train Your Predacon (HTTYD x Transformers Prime) by Little do they know is that there's more to this dragon then meets the eye. Favs: 32 - Follows: 34 - Updated: Jan 2, - Published: Aug 5, - Predaking, Hiccup. Predaking is the first living creature of Project Predacon. and went to hide as they met up with the other Autobots, excluding Smokescreen and Optimus Prime. The Predacons are an ancient Cybertronian race from the Aligned led by the one called "the Predaking", the ancient Predacons were the largest . On a search in the Sea of Rust, they met Ultra Magnus and Smokescreen.

Its vision is based on movement.

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He activated it after rejoining Megatron's forces on Earth. Scattered The new Predacon proved formidable in battle against the Autobots Prey though it proved susceptible to the cold of the Arctic. Following the destruction of Darkmountthe Decepticons began searching for the remains of Shockwave's earlier batch of clones, aided by the fact that the scientist had micro-chipped them. Bombshock obtained a Predacon bone in a cave while Shockwave and Soundwave succeeded in retrieving another bone in New Mexico.

Project Predacon The original Predacon eventually broke free of his icy slumber and returned to the Decepticon warship. However he immediately become the source of abuse from Starscream, even when the Predacon tried to kill him numerous times.

Predacon (Prime)

The Predacon was later assigned to find another bone and proved very efficient in hunting the bone as well as engaging the Wreckers. Chain of Command Despite their track record, the Decepticons eventually lost a Predacon spinal cord bone to Wheeljack and Arcee, though Knock Out was able to obtain one to make up. Later on the Nemesis hull the Predacon was further abused by Starscream and showed have an increasing intelligence level, accessing a computer to research about itself.

Plus One "So this is how you make dinosaurs? This is how you play God. Nominating himself leader of the future Predacons, the Predacon, renaming himself "Predaking", affirmed his loyalty to Megatron. The Decepticons however were suspicious that the Predacons would turn on them, so they arranged for the Autobots to find and destroy the cloning facility, knowing that it would strengthen their alliance with Predaking.

Ultra Magnus and Wheeljack indeed found the lab and destroyed the lab, killing the awakening Predacons and enraging Predaking. As a robot Predaking appeared to be slightly weaker but still proved a very capable warrior, able to crush Magnus's hand.

After the battle, Shockwave reported that none of the Predacon clones survived the blast, much to the anger of Predaking. Evolution Predaking still believed Megatron would uphold his promise to clone more Predacons once Cybertron was destroyed and continued to serve the Decepticons, assisting in their plan to rebuild the Omega Lock. He also proved formidable against Optimus Prime himself.

Minus One It wasn't until Ratchet revealed Megatron's treachery that Predaking realized the truth and confronted his former leader.

Megatron, with help from Starscream, managed to defeat him and force him out of a Nemesis airlock.

transformers prime meet predaking predacons

Synthesis Surviving, Predaking clung to the ship's hull and hopped off at Cybertron following the planet's rebirth. Deadlock Enter the Dragons! Following his return to CybertronShockwave succeeded in bringing two new clones, Skylynx and Darksteelonline while a third Predacon was being cloned.

Meanwhile, Shockwave and Starscream are revealed to have restarted "Project: Predacon" and plan to create an army with Skylynx and Darksteel being their first creations.

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Set on finding answers, Bumblebee leads Smokescreen, Bulkhead and Arcee to track Predakingwho has taken refuge near the grave site of hundreds of ancient Predacon bones, and ask his help in finding his two new brothers.

However, Predaking refuses, having not forgiven the Autobots for destroying his brethren on Earth. Bumblebee, after asking the imprisoned Knock Out for any ideas on locating the fugitives, he leads the Autobots to Megatron's old fortress Darkmount located in the Decepticon capital called Kaon to find answers, but they are soon confronted by Unicron in Megatron's body.

The Autobots believe Megatron returned before Unicron corrects them. Unicron battles the Autobots, who are outmatched and are forced to the lower levels where Bulkhead, Arcee, and Smokescreen almost fall into a smelting pit.

However, time bought by Bumblebee allows the Autobots to escape through a Ground Bridge portal. Unicron, enraged by his failure in his weak form, decides that he needs a greater weapon.

Meanwhile, in the Theta Scorpii asteroid belt, Optimus and Wheeljack arrive in Ultra Magnus's ship where the AllSpark - which itself is pure energy stored in a container of Alpha Trion 's creation - is adrift. Optimus heads out to find it, but is soon troubled with a plasma storm. Despite Wheeljack's insistence to turn back, Optimus keeps going and eventually retrieves it, though their ship is damaged by an asteroid, and they set course of Cybertron.

Meanwhile, the Autobots try to contact Optimus from the former Decepticon flagship Nemesisbut the asteroid damage destroyed their transmitter, making the contact only one way.

Predaking (Prime)

With Optimus not available and Ultra Magnus wounded in action, Bumblebee assumes temporary leadership of the Autobots. Elsewhere, Predaking starts investigating and finds the area where the two Predacons fought Magnus and Smokescreen, realizing that the Autobots were telling the truth and begins searching for Skylynx and Darksteel, but is found by Unicron. Megatron within, who seeks to have his body back, deceives Unicron into talking to him, withholding Predaking's betrayal to him.

Predaking, believing Unicron to be Megatron, immediately attacks him, but Unicron turns the tables and quickly beats him down before reading his mind and finding the bone yard. Unicron then puts Megatron under eternal suffering for his deception. Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 7 Predaking went out hunting for Optimus Prime, and soon found his prey searching for him in the desert. Tales of the Beast Hunters Chapter 17 Though Predaking was confident he would have an easy victory, Optimus powered up one of the weapons taken from the derelict and warned his opponent that their battle was far from over.

transformers prime meet predaking predacons

Predaking's confidence faded, and he felt fear for the first time in millions of years. Having recovered Predacon CNAShockwave successfully cloned one of the great beasts, storing it in his lab. He brought the creature online and took it to Earth to hunt Autobots.

Scattered After Shockwave gave it a whiff of Wheeljack 's energon, it was dispatched and soon found its quarry near an energon mine. Wheeljack and Bulkhead fought the creature, first trying to blow it up with a grenade, then luring it into an explosive-laden mine in an attempt to destroy it.

transformers prime meet predaking predacons

The beast emerged triumphant, only for Ultra Magnus to arrive in his ship and fire at it. It continued to dog the starship, clinging to the top of it until Magnus managed to knock it off by flying through a canyon. The Predacon returned to Megatron 's citadel, where Starscream reflected it was a pity it couldn't tell them why it failed. The Predacon responded by growling, rather quietly and angrily. Prey When Darkmount came under attack, the Predacon was unleashed to attack the Autobots.

It began chasing Ultra Magnus's ship, but was tricked into flying through a GroundBridge to the Arctic, where it swiftly froze. Rebellion I laid low the warriors of old, and their like is not seen in the world today.

Then, I was young and tender. Some time later, the temperature in the Arctic rose to a sufficient level to allow the Predacon to free itself. It swiftly tracked down the Nemesis, and Megatron decided to assign it to Starscream while Shockwave continued work on cloning more Predacons. After several hilarious attempts to make the beast compliant, Starscream was ordered to deploy it against the Autobots currently attacking one of the dig sites. The Predacon attacked Ultra Magnus, Bulkhead, and Wheeljack, eventually causing a cave-in after swatting away Wheeljack's grenade.

The cave-in unearthed a Predacon optic, the sight of which awakened a memory in the beast. Overhearing Megatron's demand that the bone fragment be brought to him, the Predacon complied and left the rest to Starscream.

Chain of Command Back at the Nemesis, the Predacon responded to Starscream's continued orders with a swipe of his tail that missed the Decepticon but demolished the ship's communications array. Starscream frantically tried to fix it, eventually attempting to reboot the network by entering an override access code into a computer console.

The Predacon watched him and later, when alone, it entered Starscream's access code into the computer and began to call up information on the origins and existence of Predacons. Plus One His rage passes description - the sort of rage that is only seen when rich folk that have more than they can enjoy suddenly lose something that they have long had but have never before used or wanted.

transformers prime meet predaking predacons

During a tour of Shockwave's off-site laboratory, the Predacon revealed his intelligence and ability to transform to his fellow Cybertronians. He offered to lead the Predacons on Megatron's behalf as "Predaking", but Megatron was wary of giving control of an army more powerful than his own to someone else.