Transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

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transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

Predaking is the Predacon leader from the Aligned continuity family. question, but Predaking has shown that he is far more than meets the optic sensor. Hunt the Beasts online game; Transformers Prime: Portal of. Skylynx and Darksteel met up with Predaking when he arrived at the Predacon grave After Optimus Prime defeated Unicron, the three Predacons went after. Buy 1 X Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Predacons Rising Exclusive 6 of Transformers Beast Hunters, as always Transformers More Than Meets the Eyes.

Back on the Nemesis, he found that the Decepticons had captured Ratchetwhom Megatron promised would be his to terminate once the Autobot's usefulness had ended. Persuasion I am king under the mountain! True to Megatron's word, Predaking was presented with Ratchet as a plaything; however, once the Autobot revealed that Megatron had arranged for the Autobots to find Shockwave's lab, Predaking went on a rampage through the ship. After demolishing every Vehicon in his path, the Predacon attacked Megatron and almost got the better of his former leader.

A missile to the back from Starscream rattled him enough that Megatron was able to blast him out of an airlock. Synthesis Predaking somehow clung to the hull and went unnoticed by anyone, until the warship returned to Cybertron and restored the planet. Witnessing the world's resurrection, Predaking transformed and flew off. Deadlock I think our little game ends here.

So tell me, Starscream, how do you choose to die? He found a Predacon burial ground, uncovered by the movement during the planet's rebirth. It was there that the Autobots found him, and attempted to persuade him to help them find two new Predacons they'd encountered. Though Predaking refused as he couldn't forgive them for their role in the destruction of his kind, he went searching himself and soon found evidence that the Autobots had been telling the truth.

His signal intended to attract the two Predacons instead brought Unicronnow in possession of Megatron's form, to his position. Unicron attempted to gain Predaking's allegiance, unaware of Predaking's betrayal, but the Predacon instead attacked the chaos bringer. Unicron defeated him, taking the location of the burial ground from his mind, and by the time Predaking returned, he found to his horror that Unicron had desecrated the site. It was there that he encountered two other Predacons, Darksteel and Skylynx.

Though these two Predacons were not willing to obey, Predaking quickly asserted his dominance over the two.

transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

After a suggestion from Shockwave, Predaking led them in an attempt to assist the Autobots in fighting Unicron's horde of Terrorcon Predacons. Although Predaking, Skylynx, and Darksteel were pulled into the Well, they were successful in slowing the horde down long enough for Optimus Prime to defeat Unicron, causing the Terrorcons to disintegrate. The trio later tracked down Starscream, intending to exact some revenge.

Predacons Rising Full of Fire! Predaking was unleashed with five other Predacons on the Autobots, who proved more formidable after having built themselves new weapons. Predaking's fire was stopped short by Optimus Prime's Dragon Cannonsand the other Predacons had a similar lack of fortune, so they withdrew back to the Nemesis.

Titan Prime comic I want to tell you about the Transformers! This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. For his own amusement, he breathed fire on the gang, sending them scrambling in all directions. He continued to peer through the volcano's crater as the Decepticons attempted to upgrade themselves with some new parts, only for the Autobots to sabotage the process.

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He chuckled merrily at the Decepticons' misfortune. Predaking harassed Starscream once again when he found him preening in front of a full-length mirror. He swooped down, breaking Starscream's mirror to bits and scattering the Decepticon's pieces about, before continuing on his way.

There, he turned a stash of weapons against them accidently tripped a security measure, slaughtering Darksteel and Skylynx. He would later boast to Bumblebee about vanquishing all the Predacons, indicating that he killed Predaking as well. Optimus Prime and Windblade found him hanging out in a cave in the Sierra Vistas and after a brief fight, the Predacon fled, leaving Starscream's arm behind.

Robots in Disguise 6 Commercial appearances Optimus, Bumblebee, Boulderand Predaking attended a pool party with various entities from other universes. Bumblebee and Optimus came out victorious, and bumped fists while their restrained opponents dangled beneath them.

Beast Hunters toys commercial Games Hunt the Beasts online game As Shockwave attempted to reach Megatron to warn him that his Predacon experiments had broken free and were heading for Earth, Predaking overpowered him, ending the transmission. Hunt the Beasts Transformers Prime: Portal of Destruction Through a series of simulations, Predaking's destructive prowess was tested out. In said simulations, Predaking would wreck havok upon a human city, destroying both the sky scrappers and the military vehicles that attempted to put a stop to his rampage.

Portal of Destruction Transformers Prime: Meanwhile, the Autobots try to contact Optimus from the former Decepticon flagship Nemesisbut the asteroid damage destroyed their transmitter, making the contact only one way. With Optimus not available and Ultra Magnus wounded in action, Bumblebee assumes temporary leadership of the Autobots.

transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

Elsewhere, Predaking starts investigating and finds the area where the two Predacons fought Magnus and Smokescreen, realizing that the Autobots were telling the truth and begins searching for Skylynx and Darksteel, but is found by Unicron. Megatron within, who seeks to have his body back, deceives Unicron into talking to him, withholding Predaking's betrayal to him. Predaking, believing Unicron to be Megatron, immediately attacks him, but Unicron turns the tables and quickly beats him down before reading his mind and finding the bone yard.

Unicron then puts Megatron under eternal suffering for his deception. Meanwhile, Shockwave, Darksteel, Skylynx, and Starscream find the Predacon bone yard, but are soon confronted by Unicron, who they assume is Megatron until he clarifies who he is once more. Darksteel and Skylynx charges at Unicron for conflict, but he easily defeats them. Unicron then uses the power of Dark Energon to resurrect the Predacons into undead Terrorcons.

They end up scaring Starscream away before attacking Shockwave, who holds them off before being overpowered.

transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

Meanwhile, the Autobots detect Megatron's signal through Unicron, and also detect the Terrorcons, which are headed for the Well of All Sparks, the most direct route to Primus himself. However, Starscream sneaks aboard the ship, and frees Knock Out and the few captive Vehicon troops, and tries to retake the ship, intending to use it to flee Cybertron. As Bulkhead and Arcee kill the Vehicon troops, Starscream is about to neutralize Bumblebee using the Immobilizer, only to be betrayed and ironically, knocked out by Knock Out, who once again tries to join the Autobots and is accepted this time.

Meanwhile, Predaking arrives at the bone yard where he finds Skylynx and Darksteel, who reveal the remains of their fallen brethren are resurrected by Unicron. Predaking orders them to help him reclaim the remains, but they refused, resulting in a brawl with Predaking as the winner. Not long after, the brutally mangled and scarred Shockwave arrives and suggests that they help the Autobots instead, who then leaves to parts unknown.

At the Well of All Sparks, Unicron's undead army arrives, but the Nemesis confronts and attacks them, and the Predacons soon join them. After a brief firefight, the Nemesis is shot down just above the Well, which gives an imprisoned Starscream a chance to escape.

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As Unicron charges their way, the Predacons join the Autobots in an alliance. Predaking, Skylynx and Darksteel attempt to fight off the Terrorcons using their fire-breath, only to be forced into the Well with them. At that point, Optimus and Wheeljack return, but Unicron shoots the ship down, although both survive, with the wounded Wheeljack getting rushed by Bulkhead and Arcee to help him. Optimus briefly engages Unicron, and tries to snap Megatron out of his possession, but to no avail.

transformers prime beast hunters meet predaking g1

Unicron eventually gets the upper hand and prepares to kill Optimus. Bumblebee eventually loses his strength as Unicron overpowers him, before following Optimus and shooting him down. Unicron is about to destroy the Allspark, only to find the container empty when opening it.

Realizing too late that it was a trap, Unicron is rendered helpless as his Anti-Spark is pulled into the device, sealing him inside it forever. With the link to Unicron severed, all of the Terrorcons are destroyed, and Megatron regains control of his body.