Swim meet survival guide

8 Swim Moms Tips to Survive & Soar

swim meet survival guide

Swim Meets A Guide to Swim Meet Survival. We hope that this guide will give you a general idea of what to expect. Once you get through your first meet. There is not a swim Mom I know who doesn't have a personal swim meet survival guide. While we have a baseball player and tennis player in the house, we. Congratulations! Your swimmer is ready for their first competitive swim meet. A swim meet is a fun and exciting time for you and your children. It's exciting to see .

Six years and counting I can promise you the experience of attending a swim meet where your child is competing is as unique as it can be. Bring a Sharpie Swimmers on neighborhood swim teams will have a number assigned to them so timers and officials can record their scores and more.

Write the number horizontally on each bicep so it can be easily seen while in the water. You will find this number on a chart that lists all swimmers, their events, and their previous times from the most recent meet. Some swim clubs may provide heat sheets with the same complimentary or for a small fee.

Charge Up Charge up your media and have a mobile charger with you when you go.

swim meet survival guide

You will want to take pictures, video, and you might want to consider timing your child for your own records. Not up on the line, not as a helicopter parent, but because they are volunteer judges and there is a ton of chaos on the pool deck.

If you have your phone well charged, you can not only take pictures and share media for others who might not handle the chaos, you can grab that video so you can work on your strokes, and finally check that time.

Bring your cell phone fully charged and include a mobile charger as your backup. You may find yourself with plenty of time to catch up on social networks, emails, and the chance to take some great photos. Swim Meet Ladies Room Etiquette Consider the fact that if each neighborhood swim team has somewhere close to swimmers.

So you might want to bring paper towels, sanitizing solutions that you want to bring with you if you need to use the bathroom.

7 Tips for Surviving a Weekend Swim Meet — Babble

While the swim meet happens over dinner time, in a three hour time period, even if your child is swimming every single event, they are likely not swimming more than three to six minutes over three hours. No where does this need snacking, power up, pumping it up with having the right things in their system every single time they swim.

They just spent countless weekends sitting on harder than hard benches or timing countless heats all summer long to support me. Welcome to my guide to surviving adventures in chlorine-land!

The Conference Meet Survival Guide

I suggest you pack at least four towels — a towel for each race and one fresh one for the end. I actually forgot this tip until my daughter had her first swim meet last year. I only packed one towel, and after three races, it was drenched.

Which is a big problem in Utah in the middle of winter.

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I turned into her portable heater … and together we were a soggy snuggle bunch. Bring a tent or canopy if outdoors. It is a good way to get your kid to relax, to keep track of them, and to provide much needed relief from the sun. Swim meets are FUN, and they should always be about camaraderie. The sun not even counting the swimming can drain the energy tank of even a 6-year-old.

Shade can make all the difference. The kids are off their feet, and their brains are at work!

swim meet survival guide

Cards are such an easy, fabulous art form. I played cards at every meet. I would play hearts or spades at the end of the meet or in between sessions, and we would play speed or spit to get us going before the finals. That was my dad.

swim meet survival guide