Super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

Super Mario Bros / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet - Nintendo NES | eBay

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

World Class Track Meet is a Nintendo video game designed by Bandai and was or as part of a single cartridge also containing Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt. Loose cartridges currently fetch upwards of $ on eBay, and as high as. Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (Nintendo Entertainment S | Video Games & Consoles, Video Games | eBay!. NES Game. Super Mario, duck hunt and Track meet. Includes manual. I have not tested this but a visual inspection of the contacts looks good. | eBay!.

I believe Julie Backman is her name. One guessed that it might have been used in a store kiosk. The big game featured in that issue? He talked to his friend in an effort to strike up a deal with the understanding that I would publicly dump the game. His friend was not interested in loaning the game out for me to back up the data because I was upfront about how that would devalue the cartridge; he understandably wanted to be compensated.

More than a little disappointed, I turned to the English owner of the other known Mario 2 sample cartridge, Paul Hogger, to see if he could provide any further information. On the left is the U. Paul told me that he did a thorough playthrough of his sample and could not find any actual non-glitch in-game changes at all.

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

The only difference is that his has a piece of tape securing some of the wiring. Someone else had already bought his copy. I was completely out of leads.

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (Nintendo) | eBay

Then I thought of someone else who might know. InI published his memoirs about working as an editor for Nintendo Power. One especially emotional story that he told was when he convinced the corporate suit types at Nintendo to allow him to gift a pre-release copy of Super Mario Bros. The story has a happy ending. All of the artists in the Nintendo Art House who were tasked with all of the artwork for the magazine were Japanese, all of whom were good friends of mine.

Again, 25 years ago. No label; no magic marker. Well, gang, it looks like we have another mystery on our hands! The people running the sale appeared to be former resellers looking to liquidate everything. When he began removing the items, he uncovered more games and four Nintendo Entertainment System consoles at the bottom.

He posted a link to this very page, which he had found using Google. I later checked my site stat trackbacks and clicked on the discussion. I registered for an account on Reddit, and messaged him.

By sheer coincidence, Sean had recently just moved from Seattle.

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

To break from the story for a moment, although this site hosts a hundred or so pages that reflect many hours of writing and research, the truth is I spend far more time working behind the scenes than I do generating new updates. I scour forums, comments sections, auctions, and so on for potential prototype leads with the prowess of a mountain lion, the passion of a crazed Tiffany stalker. In truth, however, this cold call approach typically results in being a rather demeaning exercise in futility.

To phrase that in another way, it hardly ever fucking works. At times, I swear I can hear the crickets coming from my Logitech speakers. I then step away from the pulpit and talk about more earthly things—namely, money.

Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt / World Class Track Meet (Nintendo Entertainment System, 1988)

To be forthright and honest, I make sure to disclose that public dumps have been shown to decrease the monetary value of prototypes. There were two games made specifically for the Exertainment System: While Mountain Bike Rally was available as a standalone cartridge, Speed Racer was only available as part of a combo cartridge that also included Mountain Bike Rally.

Gym owners could buy either of the cartridges with the Exertainment cycle, but they could be purchased through retail outlets as well.

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

Of course the bikes were expensive and very few people had one in their homes, so the retail versions mostly went unsold. As the Exertainment cycles were replaced by newer equipment, most owners simply threw the cartridges away since they weren't compatible with a regular SNES. The story of Super Copa is a bit confusing for collectors: This has led some to speculate it was also released in North America by a different company, American Softworks.

Whether it was released here or not, the alternative version of the game is hard to find, so naturally collectors are clamoring for it—so much so that bootlegs from Brazil have started cluttering eBay, making buyers wary of spending too much on a loose cartridge. The person with the best score from each city was later invited to come to San Diego and compete at the Nintendo World Championships II.

For the tour, 33 specially designed cartridges were produced. At the end of the tour, the cartridges were returned to Nintendo and reused for parts. Well, most of them anyway. One cartridge was found by Rob Walters at that legendary garage sale, and was thought to be the only one in existence for many years. The cartridge eventually made its way into the hands of collector Rick Brunswho participated in PowerFest when he was a kid, making it all the way to the San Diego finals.

In the early days of the competition, a home run in Ken Griffey, Jr. So Nintendo found that most players focused on the Mario games to rack up points, and neglected the baseball game. To convince players to take Griffey more seriously during the finals, they changed the score to one million points for a home run. Bruns had a one million-point copy of the cartridge, but the new one was a 10,point version. The second PowerFest cartridge was sold in January to J.

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

There were a lot of fly-by-night companies getting in on the video game craze, which means there are a lot of rare carts out there for fans to collect. The mystery, as well as the fact there were only 12 known copies, made it a must-have for serious Atari collectors.


But all that changed in when Tanner Sandlin read a previous version of this article over on CNN. He recognized that signature blue, T-handle case on the cartridge, and dug through a few boxes in his garage, finding the thirteenth known copy of Air Raid—complete with box. Another boxed copy of Air Raid was found in by Harv Bennett, a former drug store manager whose store sold video games back in the s.

Bennett was given a copy of Air Raid by a salesman and had kept it among a small treasure trove of boxed Atari games in storage ever since.

super mario duck hunt world class track meet ebay

He put the game up on GameGavel. Ina new user logged into the forums on AtariAge.