Stomach meet butterflies tumblr

Stomach meet butterflies

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

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Like he's just another case, just another orphan. Still, it's a relief to be left by himself, again. He's had eyes on him the entire day. Like they're all just waiting for him to snap, or something.

Someone Perfectly Explained What Happens In A Relationship After “Butterflies” Go Away

He just wants to be left alone. Just some old clothes, a toothbrush.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

Nothing special, nothing new. He sits down on the bed, hears the mattress creak under his weight. He stays there for a while, maybe hours or minutes or something in between. When it grows dark outside the window, he flicks the switch on the lava lamp until it glows, dim shades of lavender and turquoise. He stares at it until his eyes grow heavy, welcoming any kind of distraction. He watches as the lava bubbles up towards the top, just to fall back down again.

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It reminds him of a picture of a volcano he drew when he was a little kid. He brought it home from school to show his mother, and he knew it was nothing special, but she still told him it was the nicest drawing she had ever seen, and she hung it on the refrigerator next to the rest of his crayon-scribbled pictures, with magnets shaped like the alphabet, and dinosaurs, too.

And other times, he hopes he never forgets. She's a pretty, sullen-looking girl, with long dark hair and wide eyes. She sleeps in the bedroom across the hall and it smells like a girl inside, feminine and saccharine-sweet.

words from an unquiet mind.

Louis stays close to the door, fidgeting a bit, watching Barbara get ready. She sits in front of a spotted vanity mirror and combs her hair, outlining her eyes with dark pencil.

Maybe he should try to make new friends for once. He's been keeping to himself for longer than he'd like to admit. Up ahead, the dirt road seems to stretch for miles without end in front of them, flanked by dense forest on one side, flat land on the other.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

They kick up sand and dust as they walk, passing houses and trailer homes on the way. Dogs bark and howl behind chainlink fences, a lawn mower revs up somewhere in the distance.

People sit like furniture on the front porches, smoking while their kids play in the yard. Some of them wave. He bites his lip. Louis swats at a mosquito on his arm, chuckling humorlessly. It was always cold in the church. But I think I like it better that way. Like, she took me shopping for some new clothes, and a phone. They stand waiting in the shade, Barbara tapping away at her iPhone and Louis not saying anything at all.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

He always thinks like that. The blond loops an arm around her waist, pulling her in to kiss her cheek.

The second brain in our stomachs

He shrinks slightly under their gaze. In the past, some of them have teased him about his height, called him a 'fairy,' or something worse. Louis blinks, taken aback. June is black, like her deceased mother, which further makes her an outsider in her white family, and in her predominantly white school. Her torture from her stepmother and schoolmates, it seems, never ends. The only reprieve she gets is in the form of her secret friend, Blister, and his eccentric family.

It's a book about how family members, teachers, society, all authority figures can fail someone so entirely. It's about how the truth can be grossly twisted, to devastating effect. What is interesting, however, is the way the book examines cycles of violence and abuse, asking us to consider at the book's darkest moments: How much fear must Megan live in to assist her mother in abusing her stepsister?

We are reminded that no one is born evil. I've spoken before about how I think one of the most truly scary things is to tell the truth and have no one believe you.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

Star grunted in frustration. Manfred returned a minute later, a pair of light blue flats in his hands.

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She took them quickly, putting them on before rushing out the door to the garden. Walking out into the garden, she scanned the scenery hoping to see her tall husband among the rows of flowers. Seeing a flash of brown hair, she smiled and began running in the direction of the hair. It was a stupid horse?! She let out a shriek of frustration pulling at her own hair.

Marco came running from around the corner, a bouquet of flowers in his hand, panting. I heard you scream! Star whipped her head around at the sound of her husband's voice.

Her face broke out into a smile and she tackled him in a hug. I've been looking for you! Marco reciprocated the hug. Marco took this as a sign to panic.

stomach meet butterflies tumblr

Star's eyes widened before giggling. Marco nodded slowly, fear taking over him once more. Slowly he let her slide down through his arms, her own wrapping around his neck as the two lovers kissed in pure bliss.