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Does anyone find Keanu Reeves' fall from his throne saddening?

And then I somehow managed to squeak out “HI KEANU I'M A HUGE FAN again and I squeeeeeed and OHMYGOD I MET KEANU REEVES. A film called Keanu with loads of John Wick references and a cameo He squeaks appealingly, probably trying to tell Rell that his name is Iglesias Taken by Hi-C (Tiffany Haddish) to meet gangland boss and big cheese. The Matrix actor squeaks out a few details about the script for a Reeves told MTV recently that he has been meeting regularly with the original.

I said to him, 'You fiend, you mean horrible fiend. They ended up covering my legs for a certain amount of time. It was just almost impossible for me. Oh my God, Mr Bertolucci was in love with the buffaloes. He loved their eyes. There's one incredible close-up shot of their eyes.

In India, the cow is sacred and their eyes signify wisdom. So I got in the water and this buffalo just turned to me. I had to go up and talk to it. Sounds as though it was dangerous What was funny was that the place where I went into the water had a little beach and then there was an eyelet of sand, a little bank. In between they'd put cages to prevent crocodiles getting there.

At least, that's what I was told after I get out of the water. After is the key word! He is clearly having a good time. Keanu evidently has a good time meditating too. I had an experience of that, which basically, in the beginning, was just a feeling of magnitude. I was meditating in Tuscany and I felt as big as a valley.

I'd move my arm and it would feel like it was 18 miles long. The man who taught me to meditate said to me, 'As soon as you think you know something, you don't know it. I know I'm doomed. I'm just a dog. No - it's basically the same in I have worked on not leading a stupid life but I'm still doomed. I know I don't want to cover ground that I already have covered.

I don't want to play Ted from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure again - although it might be interesting when I'm 40! Next dirt, River Phoenix dying in '93 from overdose, Rodney died in '98 of overdose. Then we have the rumor that Keanu took Kenneth away from Emma Thompson. We also have a rumor that Keanu and Courtney Love were very cozy at the Marmont when Kurt was up around Seattle killing himself.

Then I didn't hear anything until Ted Casablanka said Keanu had an argument in popular restaurant with supposed girlfriend about an abortion.

Baby died, rather conveniently and a year later, Mamma died too, in a one car accident, after coming home from a Marilyn Manson party that was attended by big names. After that, there hasn't been much gossip about Keanu, he's not the pretty boy he once was.

  • 2. He gave $20,000 to a set builder in need.
  • Rumor: Keanu Reeves as Spike in Cowboy Bebop Movie?!
  • 1. He routinely bought lunch for the “grunt workers” on his movie sets.

Oh by the way, Gus Van Sant wrote a book and in it, he said he had an affair with Keanu and was in love with him. Names were changed to protect the guilty. There was also that rumor that Keanu had something going on with the R.

The only rumor that seemed sort of creepy was that he had something to do with his girlfriend's death and that he didn't even want her to get pregnant in the first place. On another note, can people really be functional heroin addicts? Heroin seems like the type of drug that will fuck you up from the get-go like meth.

She suggested that we should hire a car and follow the band to several concerts. I had young kids and had a demanding job, but, above all, I never thought that I could leave my family and just take off to follow a band.

But seeing Keanu and getting to know him was too tempting. I sorted out my work and kids after thinking extensively about what I was about to do and its potential outcome, and left Sydney for Chicago.

Although apprehensive about the lady that I was going to travel with, upon meeting her I realised that she was just normal and was not going to kill me!

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However, the next day when we picked up our rented car, I came to learn a very unwelcoming fact. After asking her, I discovered that she had only driven for two weeks in her entire life.

I had no choice but to drive in a foreign country, and on the wrong side of the road. The shows were just awesome. I knew all the songs, as I purchased the albums and listened to them repeatedly.

It was sort of Nirvana like music. For some unknown reason, I got backstage passes to all of the concerts — except for the House of Blues in LA.

The Full Keanu Story.

I remember after one of the shows Rob the drummer was excited to tell this group of fans that there is a girl that came all the way to America from Australia to see us. I said that it was me and we started talking. The whole experience was amazing and something that I will cherish forever. That is why I kept all my Keanu memorabilia stuff from 20 years ago, despite moving houses.

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Of all places, Toronto was the last place that I thought I would be robbed. But it happened and all my important possessions including my tickets back to Sydney were stolen.

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That sucked and I remember seeing Keanu after the show as he walked out the stage. I was crying my eyes out. I felt completely disempowered. Nonetheless, I survived with minimal money and did enjoy the rest of the tour.

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There is so much more to tell but perhaps I leave it at that. Did Keanu recognise you? They were shooting the Matrix in several locations in Sydney. My daughter Ava and I walked into the set in the middle of the city. The crew directed us to sit behind a block and we got to watch some of the scenes play out.