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spm meet your fate free download

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These forests span the greater Congo Basin as well as a narrower band across the equatorial African forests. Like much of Sub-Saharan Africa, this equatorial region is facing dramatic changes in the number, extent, and environmental impacts of large-scale infrastructure projects Laurance et al. A particular concern is how such projects will affect important wildlife habitats, protected areas Figure 1and environmental services Wilkie et al.

The Cross River Superhighway has drawn concern as it fails to comply with Nigerian environmental laws and does not meet international standards of good practice.

spm meet your fate free download

For instance, the project lacks justification from a cost benefit analysis perspective Draper et al. Some of the proposed and existing highway routes in Equatorial Africa.

spm meet your fate free download

The Cross River Superhighway in Nigeria proposed. Across Africa, major infrastructure projects are expanding at an unprecedented pace. These projects include a large number of industrial mining projects Edwards et al.

The planned African infrastructure expansion also threatens ecotourism revenue. The expected increase in African road infrastructure and therefore access to wilderness areas will continue to threaten ecotourism income including that generated by large mammals Joseph et al. African infrastructure expansion is being driven largely by foreign investments, most notably from China Foster et al. Another oft-cited justification is concerns about Africa's booming population—which is projected roughly to quadruple this century U.

This is creating serious concerns about food-security and human-development challenges African Agricultural Development Company Ltd. If completed in their entirety, the corridors would collectively span more than 53, km in length Laurance et al.

The development corridors would have a range of environmental effects, including major impacts on existing protected areas. First, they could bisect reserves, fragmenting them and opening them up to illegal encroachment, logging, mining, poaching Jeusset et al. Second, by promoting colonization, habitat loss, and intensified land uses around reserves, they could decrease the ecological connectivity of the reserves to other nearby habitats.

Finally, environmental changes in the lands immediately surrounding a nature reserve tend to infiltrate inside the reserve itself Findlay and Bourdages, ; Seiler, ; Laurance et al. So, for example, a reserve with extensive logging and hunting in its surrounding lands and weak reserve management will also tend to experience those same threats, to some degree, inside the reserve Caro et al.

A detailed analysis of the proposed and ongoing development corridors Laurance et al. In total, the 33 development corridors could bisect or degrade about one-third of all existing protected areas in sub-Saharan Africa Laurance et al.

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Further, 23 of the corridors are still in the early planning or upgrading phases and these would be especially dangerous for nature, bisecting a larger proportion of high-priority reserves, such as World Heritage Sites, Ramsar Wetlands, and UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserves.

Collectively, the 23 planned corridors would slice through more than 3, km of protected-area habitat Sloan et al. Of the approximately 2, African protected areas that could be affected by planned or existing development corridors, a number are located in Central Africa. For example, two epicenters of bisected reserves—located in the mineral-rich belt spanning southern Cameroon and the northern Republic of Congo, and the Great Lakes region of East Africa—harbor vital habitats for wildlife, including great apes Sloan et al.

Considerable losses and deterioration of important habitats would also occur outside of protected areas, as human populations, agriculture, hunting, and other activities proliferate around the development corridors Laurance et al.

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The World Bank projects that, in coming decades, expanding roads and transportation infrastructure will be the biggest drivers of deforestation in the Congo Basin Megevand, The substantial investment in road infrastructure development planned in equatorial Africa will also significantly contribute to other underlying threats facing African tropical forests.

These threats include habitat degradation and fragmentation, over-exploitation, exotic species invasion and future climate change impacts Morris, ; Malhi et al. The magnitude of these impacts is not clearly known as the ecology of African tropical forests is less understood than that of the Americas and Asia Malhi et al. This is largely due to limited scientific capacity, absence of funding for research, short-lived environmental governance plan and management regimes Owusu et al.

This six lane km-long highway would run from the country's far southeastern coast to Abuja, the national capital Figure 2.

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As currently planned, the highway will cut through the most important forested regions in the country, a REDD pilot site and skirt the border of Cross River National Park, a proposed world heritage area Figure 2.

Notably, the Cross River National Park harbors the highest numbers of primate species in the world as well as Nigeria's greatest plant and animal biodiversity Mittermeier et al. Top left An inset of Africa depicting the study region. Circles A and B depict areas of intersection between the proposed superhighway, the Cross River national park and community forest.

Road infrastructure development such as the proposed superhighway contribute to urbanization by attracting land speculators and settlers Anderson, ; Haines, which in conjunction with the highway would have devastating impacts on ecosystem functioning and threaten biodiversity Riley et al. The superhighway would also threaten endemic species Fahrig, ; Dicks et al. Then, something wakes me up and i open my eyes Somebody's in my house, I'm heartbroken cuz i Couldn't tell my Mom "bye", they finally caught me slippin' Ima die like a man homeboy i aint trippin.

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spm meet your fate free download

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spm meet your fate free download

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