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smirk denver chive meet

Chive meetups are the best way to get like-minded Chivers together 3 months later, Chivers showed up to the 1st Denver Chive unofficial meetup. help at the beginning: a local design agency (Smirk Creative) helps. Book now at Grove Steakhouse at Viejas Casino in Alpine, CA. Explore menu, see photos and read reviews: "The Food was great but very over priced for. MEAT, PRODUCE AND A STATE OF MIND Adam Simoneaux, smirk>. doesn't need sauce. Or forks.” J OH N LE WIS, of Lewis BBQ, takes a break After a stint in Denver honing his craft in the competition BBQ circuit, chive. The buttery smooth sumptuousness of this risotto. anything but out of place.

So, after that hour-long conversation with Carlos, I felt armed with information, inspiration and curiosity, and I was so much more passionate about the brackish waters of our marshes and creeks that I knew I had to attempt to tell this story.

smirk denver chive meet

Tidal range is associated with tidal amplitude and refers to the average daily difference between high tide and low tide.

The amplitude is also directly correlated to the position of the moon. What does the moon have to do with the tide? While I was growing up, my little brother worked with local dolphin tour The earth rotates around the moon every 24 hours and 50 minutes also companies, so I knew there was a species of dolphin that called our waters known as a tidal daywhich is why high tide is around 50 minutes to an home year-round.

However, after my first five minutes on the phone with hour later day by day. Because how my original intention to write about the cute and playful dolphin was this mound has formed, the water must be dispersed and eventually it makes actually a much bigger — and more powerful — story. Incoming daily with the tides are thousands of organisms that reach our estuaries and marshes and provide nourishment for the plants and animals that live in this environment.

Many organisms, as well as crab, fish and shrimp, spend the majority of their early lives in the marsh by the coast where the saltwater is diluted. They then build a salt tolerance and prepare for life in the open sea. On the other hand, the outgoing tides carry large amounts of nutrient-rich food with them made up of decomposed plant vegetation, adult organisms, shrimp, crab, smooth cord grass spartina and more.

Native to the South Carolina Lowcountry and also found all along the Atlantic coast from Canada to Argentina, the essential Spartina Alterniflora or smooth cord-grass is the only plant that can grow successfully fully emerged in saltwater. It can be found along the coastline or in tidal flats, defining the twists and turns t i da l t er m s of our favorite creeks and rivers.

It provides a thick barrier between the open ocean and delicate marsh edge while also acting as a natural filter to dilute the TI D E: It also level in oceans and other large bodies of water that is affected provides a food source for many other species, such as manatees and grasshoppers. In the South Carolina Lowcountry, numerous beach animal life, including migrating shorebirds. Its thick base and complex root system under the marsh floor allow it to extend anywhere from three to seven feet vertically, providing a strong barrier from both water and wind.

This thriving plant provides an important role while alive, and it continues its importance in the ecosystem after it dies, as well.

smirk denver chive meet

Large clumps of dead spartina grass are characteristic of these waters and seen in the creeks and rivers of the submerged in water at times and exposed above water at other times.

They are ecotones transitional, neither terrestrial or aquatic and are harsh, unpredictable environments. It makes for an extremely active and productive ecosystem, providing a habitat for a variety of wildlife. Lowcountry heavily in the fall and winter months as the seasons change.

States that sits along the water and is defined by its low topographical elevation.

smirk denver chive meet

We have the best oysters in the T h i s page A common egret fishes along the country, too. Op p os it e page A tricolored heron perches atop a snag in the marsh of the May River. Well, it depends on who you ask. There is so much more to learn about the fascinating ecology foundation of this grass as, again, it provides a sufficient and safe place to of the Lowcountry. For more information, visit www.

Many small fish and other marine life also take shelter in the grass come to the Bluff and explore it yourself. Though a few visitors might wander down the dirt path tucked deep in the forest of Daufuskie Island and be drawn to the metal decorations on the walls of an old cottage, more and more are actively seeking out Allen and his seascape of fish and mermaids wrought from metal.

The Iron Fish gallery has become a real destination and one of the most successful art galleries in the area. I with my hands. He started meeting the other sculptors in gone to work as a real estate agent.

It was, however, Old Town Bluffton and potter renowned for his expert skill. Remembering the joy he found in the street and compete with his friends Emily, Lancy and Preston.

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So he pottery class and seeing that others were pursuing their art, Allen found another medium in which to work: He started welding decided to take a huge risk. Life iron scraps together into abstract sculptures, and later he began is too short to not do what you love.

I quit my job and rented the welding metal into fish, mermaids and other marine subjects that he place on Daufuskie with a friend. The organization is named for Island, Allen needed a way to connect with other artists, his friends Holmes Desmelik, a six-year-old boy with an inoperable brain tumor; and his existing and potential patrons. Allen donated the solution.

Facebook not only allows Allen to communicate with the people interested in his work, but it also gives Allen a great way to garner feedback and ideas from his fan base. For example, when one of his patrons made a suggestion to backlight some of the creations with LED lights, Allen took the suggestion, and the new lighted sculptures became very successful. Allen strongly believes in giving back to the community. In13 years after his daring leap out of office life, Chase Allen competed with over 1, artists for the American Made Award sponsored by Martha Stewart Living.

smirk denver chive meet

He donated the greater portion of his winnings to the Holmes Team, an organization dedicated Despite his professional success, Allen has never turned his back on the people who supported his craft. After abandoning a career in the office to become an artist 14 years ago, Chase Allen not only turned his dreams into a reality, he used his success to bolster his local community. Special thanks to H2O Sports www. It involves using a at the shops of artists he admired.

He was impressed by the way his blacksmith hammer and a sheet metal crimper tool to achieve the friend Preston operated his gallery. Sales are under the honor system; desired effect. The sculptor must hammer the tool every few inches there are no salespeople, and visitors who wish to make a purchase of the metal, which is a long, difficult process.

He knew of an industrial crimping machine, but its cost was prohibitive. Recalling One day Emily and Lancy stopped by and bought one of his pieces. As his fish sculptures became more and more popular, his success created a problem. The fins of the fish sculptures required crimping to create regular ridges in the metal. Though the results might look similar to the simple crimped edge of a pie 21 th e b l u f f to purchase the necessary supplies.

These craftsmen, artists and industrial engineers gathered in an assembly line, and they built their own crimpers! Years later, in his blacksmithing shop Allen has an odd-looking machine with a tire on top. And so the love story begins. Brycea has spent her entire career in hospitality. A native of southern Michigan, she happened upon Charleston, South Carolina, in after her parents vacationed in the area.

With tales of the Lowcountry piquing her interest and several inches of snow pushing her out of MichiganBrycea began her journey to South Carolina. Because of her passion for simplicity and Mother Nature, the Lowcountry quickly felt like home to Brycea.

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But it was her innkeeper job at Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island that really changed her life, for it was here that she met Niel, her husband of 15 years. Fittingly, Brycea ran a small bed and breakfast. Brycea immediately accepted as images, colors, smells and sounds from markets across the world flashed through her memory.

We never tried to get more followers or likes on social media, we just kept having really great meetups and people kept spreading the word and showing up. If you're a new chapter, start small and work your way up. Don't go all in on your first meetup unless you've built a large following. The last thing you want to do is rent out a large venue and only have a couple people show up. Establishing a brand around your chapter is a no-brainer.

This opens doors in regards to selling merchandise and creating an identity in your community. No Chive meetup is the same and they all have different qualities that make them great. Having that official, unified branding makes us easily recognizable.

Many Chive chapters have Facebook pages, Twiter handles, and Instagram accounts. This is an easy way to get the word out about your chapter. Look at it as a megaphone to keep the locals updated on any new happenings along with keeping the conversation going. Leading up to the meetup, make sure to blast out updates through your social media feeds to keep interest levels high.

smirk denver chive meet

Creating a hashtag for your event will drive engagement as well as coming up with a visual or flier that can be shared within the community. Keeping Chivers engaged Once you get Chivers through the door, you gotta make sure they're having a great time. Let's not hide from the fact that a sufficient alcohol supply plays a big part in this.

Linking up with local alcohol vendors to sponsor is a huge win but at the very least work out some type of deal with the venue to provide discounted drinks. Always be responsible about it too.

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The definition of being responsible. You have a lot of options to supplement the drinking. We've seen meetups organize raffles, silent auctions, and giveaways. These act as a great way to ensure your attendees stay till the very end to see if they win anything.

Setting up a photo booth is super easy to do too and can extend the life of your meetup beyond the event date. Raising money for a great cause Beyond keeping Chivers engaged, raffles and silent auctions are also a great way to generate funds for the charity your meetup is supporting.

How to crush it at organizing an unofficial Chive Meetup

Know your audience when it comes to auctioning items off. Have local artists make chive related pieces for auctions. Also auction off local chive group decals, shirts. Definitely include their logo and name on fliers and try tying them into your meetup as much as possible. I think the real reason we were so successful with that meetup was because of our cause. We were able to gain the support of the local bikers who are a big community here and the local firefighters as well.