Shoreline all comers meet results online

shoreline all comers meet results online

The meet director or whoever should be releasing the results. . allowed to wear a private high school uniform shirt to 8th grade track practice. regulations on this subject, and was not able to find it on a quick search online. .. San Bruno Mountain · Shadow Cliffs · Shoreline Park Cross Country Course. SHORELINE—In what was supposed to be an attempt by UCLA alum Daniel Herrera of run Wednesday night at the Club Northwest all-comers meet at Shoreline Stadium. A PDF copy of the results is available below. . Memorial Award for excellence in online journalism by the Track & Field Writers of. All-Comers Track & Field Series 1st Ave NE, Shoreline, WA (If you pay online Wednesday before the meet, you must bring a receipt of the We post each meet's results before the next one and sometimes within a day or two.

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shoreline all comers meet results online

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