Seats to meet tilburg map

Aparthotel Het Ketelhuis, Tilburg, Netherlands -

seats to meet tilburg map

Find the seat map for your flight using our custom search. Especially for first-year students we have created these pages, as an introduction to the whole site so that you will easily be able to find the answers to the most. Maps. Map of the Netherlands. Map of Tilburg. Map of Tilburg University's the year, when the centre of Tilburg becomes a meeting The seats will.

In and around the city centre there are seven indoor car parks; along the roads into the centre electronic signs will show you the right direction and free spaces available. You pay when you exit the car park again. For drivers with physical limitations there are disabled parking spaces available at the indoor car parks at Koningsplein, Tivoli and Pieter Vreedeplein.

Pay in advance and place the ticket on the dashboard in a visible place.

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The indoor parking options are cheaper. By plane If you arrive at either Schiphol or Eindhoven airport Tilburg is only an hour away by public transport. Be aware that when you travel from Schiphol to Tilburg, you will have to change onto the train to Venlo in Rotterdam, within 10 minutes of your arrival. You can find more information on journeyplanner.

Buy typical Tilburg souvenirs here such as the leesplengske horn bookreal Kruikenstad items and Willem II products. In the back of the room you can even email your own picture in a postcard of Tilburg to your friends and loved ones.

Tilburg is a city with something for everyone. It is a true student city because of the myriad educational facilities it offers, especially Tilburg University and its dance classes.

Tilburg is a city of dance. Talented dancers can develop their skills in a unique climate of culture. What about a Rock Academy or a course in becoming a musical star? Tilburg is also a city with many businesses. The city has a rich cultural scene with an emphasis on the events season that stretches from April to November. In short, Tilburg has a lot to offer.

The large diversity of art and culture with interesting museums, beautiful city walks and varied architecture, as well as great shopping and entertainment districts make Tilburg a fine city. Peter Noordanus Mayor of Tilburg By train Tilburg can be easily reached via its three train stations.

The central train station borders the city centre and the bus station. One kilometer from the central station is the smaller Tilburg Universiteit station where hundreds of students get off to quench their thirst for knowledge. A two-minute walk is all they need to reach the university from the train station. This train station was built purely to facilitate the commute to work for the residents of the area. You can purchase tickets at the yellow machines at all train stations or at the NS Service desk on the right hand side of the central station in Tilburg.

When you buy a ticket at the service desk, you pay 50 cents extra in service charges, but the first option is a bit trickier, because it requires large amounts of loose change. You see, though the machines are fairly intelligent, they only accept Dutch bank cards and coins. For more information visit www. Plenty of other funny facts about the Netherlands are available here.

seats to meet tilburg map

Heineken, Grolsch and the Belgian Jupiler are the three most popular beers on offer at most places in the inner city. This holds true for supermarkets and off-licences, too. And you may have also heard that dealing or possessing hard drugs is forbidden.

You can be arrested for it and punishments are no laughing matter. These products are often uninspected and may be adulterated with unknown rubbish. Again, dealing is forbidden. Stay wise and limit yourself to the coffeeshops and get high responsibly. Money Sincea large part of the European Union has adopted the euro as its local currency and the Netherlands is no exception. One euro contains eurocents.

There are coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 eurocents, and also of 1 and 2 euro. Banknotes are available with the following values: You can exchange and withdraw money at most large banks; there are a few in the centre of Tilburg.

All Dutch banks accept Visa and MasterCard at their cash dispensers. At the train station you can find a GWK Travelex shop open Many restaurants, hotels, and shops accept Visa and MasterCard, but to avoid disappointment, be sure to carry some cash with you. Roads The majority of Dutch drivers never break the speed limit, and considering the severity of traffic fines, this seems wise enough. Driving through a red light?

Driving too fast within city limits? Just a few rules: In the Netherlands you must drive on the right side of the road, and you are not allowed to cycle on motorways! Smoking Until recently, smoking was very common in the Netherlands. Since the introduction of the ban on smoking in public places on 1 Julysmoking has become a lot less common.

This is partially because the government started a huge campaign to make people aware of the effects of smoking on their health. Nowadays you can have a wild night out and come home without your hair and your clothes reeking of cigarette smoke.

For some this is an enormous benefit, and others read: Moreover, thanks to unclear rules you may suddenly find yourself in a pub where there are people smoking. This is usually in pubs with just a single staff member: Or you may find yourself in a pub that flouts the ban on smoking. If you light a cigarette in a pub and the manager tolerates this, then the manager will receive a fine upon inspection.

Tipping Tipping, if deserved, is up to the diner, with 10 percent or a rounding up of the bill both being acceptable.

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On 21May, the priest Vigilius writes a document in Tiliburgis, in which the nobleman Aengilbertus donates a farm to the Bishop of Utrecht, Wilibrord. Tiliburgis is most likely a name for a collection of settlements. The church had Saint Dionysius, the first bishop of Paris, as its patron.

Johanna van Brabant gives him the villages of Tilburg, Drunen and Goirle as collateral for the loan. Hereby Paulus van Haestrecht becomes lord of Tilburg.

Many sheep are kept on the vast heaths surrounding these villages. Many people in Tilburg find work as sheep shearers, spinners or weavers. The Fun Fair of Tilburg, which has been held each last week of July sincehas now grown into an event which draws over one million visitors. This son of a future mayor of Tilburg receives his training as a painter in Antwerp from Guillaume-Jacques Herreyns. In he leaves for Paris where he makes a name for himself as a painter of flowers.

seats to meet tilburg map

In Napoleon grants him the title of Count. By royal decree the king grants Tilburg the rights of a city on 18 April An earlier census showed that Tilburg had inhabitants. Peerke, as he is called by l o c al s, gra d u a te s fro m seminary and leaves for Suriname in Initially he works as a chaplain in Paramaribo.

In h e b e c om es th e pri est in a leper colony on the Coppename river. Peerke dies in and is later buried in the Cathedral in Paramaribo.

After his death, several miraculous healings are attributed to him and the house where he was born becomes a place of pilgrimage. Is there a general Study Guide, or does this vary per School?

No, you can find anything you need in the Course Catalog and on our website for students. You must have submitted your registration forms before September 1st and have paid your tuition fees, or have authorized the university to debit your account. But, if you did submit all the paperwork late and are not yet officially registered because of processing time, then you may attend lectures.

Otherwise you would miss too much information. It is doubtful that you will have immediate access to the electronic facilities immediately.

You can find more information on registration, student cards and tuition fees in the administration and money section of this website. Studying and your Studies Where and how do I take care of administrative affairs? Administrative affairs You need to make quite sure on your own that your administrative affairs are taken care of.

Many university are subject to rules and regulations, procedures with application times and deadlines, passwords, and all kinds of other details. The official regulations can be found in the Student Charter and the Educational and Examination Regulations. For most administrative affairs you can drop by the Student Desk.

Please pay close attention to all activities that require advance registration: Student Desk You can go to the Student Desk to have a photo made for your student card, get your user name and password and get information on facilities and procedures. Much information is also available on the Internet, and many enrollments can be taken care of do online as well.

At the Central Student Desk next to the Selexyz Gianotten book store, ground floor of the Goossens building you will also find useful brochures and forms, such as those of IBG the national student grant organization. University card and ID You need to have a University cardwhich serves as your campus ID and which you will need to use the library.

It is your proof of enrollment, and is also your Sports Center if you have paid the sports fee. You will need your login ID for the duration of your studies. This is a seven-figure number prefixed by a "U" User. You must provide your administration number ANR: What is expected of me?

The university stimulates individual activities, initiative, and active participation in the Student Associations, and offers extra opportunities to ambitious students through the Talent Programs and additional education What happens if I don't pass all my exams?

I you fail an exam, you got to do resits until you pass. This is a Binding Advice mandatory recommendation and means that you will not be allowed to register for this particular program during the next three years.

Once you have a positive advice, your study progress is your own responsibility. Try to pass all your exams, because there is a certain order in the program.

It means, among other things, that the credits you earn for every subject, are recognized by all Higher Education partners in Europe. It is the mandatory progress threshold you have to meet after one year.

If not, you will be issued with a negative advice. This is a binding advice mandatory recommendation and means that you will not be allowed to register for this particular program during the next three years.

Can I take two Degree Programs at the same time? This is theoretically possible, but you will have to decide for yourself you will be able to fit the different schedules together. In case you encounter logistical problems, such as conflicting compulsory group assignments, you will have to discuss things with your academic advisor. Some programs, such as Fiscal Economics and Fiscal Law, share many common subjects.

In this case you don't need to take subjects twice; you will be able to apply for exemptions. My fellow students achieve better results. What am I doing wrong? Studying at an university is completely different from studying at secondary school, where you might have been able to breeze through effortlessly. Here you don't have to study just three chapters for your test.

Instead, you need to study three books all at once. You can easily lose track of what you are doing and be at a loss for how to solve the problem. Study advisors and student psychologists are available to give you advice or counseling.

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Illness If you are ill and cannot attend lectures, you should contact your fellow students and ask them to take lecture notes for you. Many lecturers put their lectures and assignments on Blackboard.

seats to meet tilburg map

If you miss a compulsory lecture, you must sign out. The exact rules differ from course to course. Inquire at the Education Office of your school.

If you are ill during an examination, then you will need to wait until the next resit. You may report your absence to your academic advisor. In certain circumstances you may be given an extra opportunity. If you face a possible study delay due to illness, contact a Dean of students straight away. Disability No matter your situation, if you are physically disabled or if you have less visible limitations, the earlier you mention them to the academic advisorthe better.

He can take this into account and advise you about the possibilities e. Wrong Program Choice The course has not met my expectations! How wrong I was I underestimated the level of difficulty. Is this program too much for me? Despite all preparations and good intentions, your program might turn out to be a big disappointment.

Do you want to stop, do you want to switch programs or do you want to work for a year and look around? You can make an appointment with your study and career counselor at the Student Career Center. See the overview of all Dutch Bachelor's programs. Switching Programs If you want to switch to another program or want to temporarily quit your current program, you will have to take care of a couple of things, such as registration, grants, etc.

If you are sure you want to stop, then as a first year student you can cancel your registration at Tilburg University without having to provide a reason. Your tuition fee will be reimbursed from the second month following your deregistration, but you will need to terminate your student grant if you have one and return your OV public transport card.

If you do this before February 1st, then the BSA Binding Stuis waived and you won't even need to pay back your student grant over the first months maximum 5. Examinations When are the Examinations?

The first year of most programs is divided into four 'blocks'. There are examinations at the end of each block. Some courses and subjects extend over more than one block, but there will still be an examination at the end of the block. Each block includes six to eight weeks of tuition followed by one or two weeks of examinations. If you do not pass the examination the first time, there is usually an opportunity to take it again.

The resits for the first block are held before the main examinations of the second block. You should therefore try to pass everything the first time round otherwise you will have less time available for the next block. Some programs run by the School of Economics and Management TiSEM do not use the block system but are divided into semesters half-years even in the first year.

There are examinations at the end of each semester.

seats to meet tilburg map

In your second and subsequent years you will be working in semesters half-years. How long is an Examination? Most written examinations are three hours, but there are some exceptions. Those which have multiple choice questions are usually only two hours. Having registered for an examination, you will also receive a notification in which the starting and finishing times are stated.

If you require more time to complete an examination because you are dyslexic, for exampleor are unable to sit the examination in the main room for any reason, you should ask your Student Counselor to make alternative arrangements. The university has special examination arrangements for students with restrictions.

Do you need to register for Examinations? You must register online to take each written examination. You can register for your examinations up to 8 days prior to the examinations. The final closing date is final. No further registrations will be accepted even if you have your professor's permission.

How should I prepare for an Examination? The best way to study for an examination varies from one person to another. Some people like to listen to music and they welcome distractions, while others prefer to sit quietly in the library or in their own room. Tilburg University offers various locations at which you can study alone or alongside others. The material you must study will also vary.

The lectures will give you an impression of what you are expected to know. A reader is a collection of relevant materials from various sources. It is a very good idea to compile your own reader: Will my functional disability be taken into consideration?

If you are unable to sit an examination in the usual way, you can apply to take advantage of certain special provisions. There is a separate examination room with full disabled access and various forms of assistive technology. Further information can be found in the section on Studying with a functional disability.

How will I be informed of my examination results? You can find your examination results onlinewith your Tilburg University username and password. What happens if I do not pass an examination? This will of course limit the time you have to study for other examinations, so it is always preferable to pass the first time! If you do not pass the resit, you must wait until the following year and try again. Some programs require you to acquire even more credits to register for second-year courses.

Some programs allow students to resit examinations subject to certain special conditions. For example, you must have taken every possible opportunity to pass the examination in the past, and have obtained a grade of 5 on at least one of these occasions.

You are then given one extra chance to resit and pass the examination. This is a special concession: The exact arrangements and conditions are included in the Education and Examination Regulations EER of your own program. Which Grade counts following a resit?

If you take the same examination more than once, the highest grade counts. You may even resit the exam if you have already passed it, but only once.

When you haven't passed your examinations, you can do as many resits as you want. What should I do if I am sick on the day of the Examination? Unless you are really too sick to attend you should try to do so.

You will at least see how the examination procedure works. And you never know — you may still pass! If you really cannot attend the examination, or attend but do not pass, you will be given one opportunity to resit the examination. The rules with regard to notifying absence due to sickness vary from one faculty to another. In some cases you may be given an additional opportunity to take the examination.

This is decided by the Student Counselor or the Examining Board. If your illness has caused you to miss so many examinations or lectures that your study progress has been seriously delayed, you must report this to a student counselor within two months.

What should I do when I arrive late? No concessions are made for students who arrive late for an examination because they have overslept, or for any other reason heavy traffic, cancelled train, etc. You will be permitted to enter the examination room only if you arrive within thirty minutes of the start of the examination since no one is allowed to leave the room during this period and there is no possibility of collusion.

After that, you must wait until the next examination period. Study Counseling To whom can I turn to in case I have study problems? Student Desk You can make an appointment with a Dean of Studentsstudent psychologiststudy and career counselors or a topsports coordinator from the Student Advisory office at the Student Desk.

Or turn to the Pastoral care. Do not let a little problem get out of hand. Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of these people More information about tutoring and coaching. Usually they even specialize in specific programs. They will answer your questions about the organization and contents of the program. For questions of a less personal nature or for general information about your schedule etc.

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If not, you can make an appointment right there with one of the Academic Advisors. At various faculties, you can find also other types of student counseling, such as tutoring and coaching. What can I do in case I fall behind in my studies? If you are ill and cannot attend lectures, you should contact your fellow students to take lecture notes for you. You can report your absence at the academic advisor or program coordinator. If you are ill during an examination, then you normally will need to wait until the next resit.

If you are very ill then you should contact your academic advisor as soon as possible. For this you must present medical evidence of your illness. You will generally have to wait until the next resit. If you are ill quite often or miss exams or classes regularly, you must report study delay within two months to a Dean of Students.

What to do in case of Study Delay? In case of study delaywhether expected or not, you should immediately contact a Dean of Students. If you run into so much delay that you might not get past the BSA threshold, you definitely need to contact a Dean of Students.

The Dean of Students can recommend the Examination Board to postpone their decision by a year. If you have reported special circumstances during the academic year, you might stay and continue your program. Therefore it is really important to report circumstances which causes delay. Who helps me when I want to switch Programs?

Despite all preparations and good intentions, your program might turn out to be quite disappointment. Do you want to stop, do you want to switch programs or do you want to work for a while and look around?

You can make an appointment with your study and career counselor. I have a Chronic Disease. Can I get help? If you are able to provide proof that you suffer from dyslexia, by means of an official report or medical declaration, then you are entitled to longer examination time, among other things.

You can request for special examination arrangements on line. If your condition is so serious that it causes structural delays in your studies, then you must report this to a student counselor. This applies also to other chronic diseases or a physical disabilities. Special facilities are available for students who combine their studies with high-performance sports. New students receive an e-mail with information and a link on how to activate your Tilburg University account.

seats to meet tilburg map

This e-mail will be send to two addresses: The Tilburg University e-mail address The second e-mail address that you have registered through Studielink. If you have lost this e-mail you can still activate your account. Go to the webpage Self-service University Accoun t. Read the text in the Password e-mail box directly under Forgot your Password. I lost my password. What should I do? If you have set your password recovery options, you can set a new your password online, either by requesting a password mail or by answering your secret questions.

If you have not set your password recovery options and you can access your mail e. This mail will be sent to your university mail address as a standard. If you have not set your password recovery options and you cannot access your mail your mail program is closed and you need your password to open itthen you must go to IT Support and set your new password there.

Remember that you need to identify yourself at the service desk.