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santa clara grand prix swimming meet

TYR Pro Swim Series. Santa Clara, CA. June , (Thu-Sun). George F. Haines International Aquatic Center. THIS MEET WILL BE. Santa Clara Swim Club This meet is open to all swimmers who are members of USA Swimming or their respective FINA federation, and who PRIZE MONEY. The Santa Clara meet continues Saturday, with Ledecky scheduled to swim the m and m freestyles. Olympic Channel has live coverage at 8 p.m. ET.

Learn more about it Gold Boys Athletes in this program have excelled in their strokes displaying potential for further excellence. These swimmers will be increasing their commitment to the sport by displaying a higher level of discipline in practices, allowing them to compete at the next level of swim meets.

Learn more about it Gold Girls Athletes in this program have excelled in their strokes displaying potential for further excellence. Learn more about it Blue Bell Athletes in this program have an opportunity to increase their love for the sport while growing their commitment to their strokes, team, and achieving their personal bests.

Learn more about it Yellow 1 Athletes in this program will be preparing to compete in local swim meets while refining each of the four strokes. These swimmers will be increasing endurance through total yards and practice commitment. Learn more about it Yellow 2 Athletes in this program will be preparing to compete in local swim meets while refining each of the four strokes. Kevin Doak May 10th, I took 2 years off after college and started from nothing.

The Masters program gave me my true life's passion back after I thought it was gone. After college I started my business and currently work more than 50 hours a week.

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I do my best to balance work and swimming just like the rest of you. Am I a true masters swimmer? I know I am. Because I have a real life, support myself and my hobbies, and love swimming more than anything. I know having my own blog and posting my feelings opens me up to criticism. Did I break a masters world record and it didn't count? Because I'm a masters swimmer who achieved a The only reason I'm involved in USA swimming is because I'm trying to live my dream of participating in the trials this year.

If you have a problem with this, then change the rule to all non-sanctioned times can count toward a masters record I find this time in my swimming career exciting because I train myself and I've only done 3 long course meets in my life to get my trials cut. I'm not a fantastic swimmer, I'm somebody who loves swimming. I know exactly where I stand and what a Again, thank you Skip for the post, and thanks to anybody who chooses to support a fellow Masters swimmer.

I've often commented on the best thing about masters swimming is that we all support each other, people who know me, understand I uplift anybody around me at a meet. I could argue either side of why this is so, but I don't believe it is really that big a deal. If it doesn't happen soon, then hopefully you have many years ahead of you competing in masters meets. Best of luck to you at Trials. FlyQueen May 10th, I had no idea you were going for an OT cut.

I know you had some great times during the three TYR meets. I wish you the best of luck in Omaha and hope you continue swimming masters. Hopefully you'll do the TYR grand prix again this year! Yes, there are people who can beat him, but as far as I can tell he is the fastest backstroker who is a current masters swimmer. How many current masters swimmers have made Trials cuts? I just looked at the rankings on the FINA site and a LindsayNB May 10th, I think it's probably a net benefit to have an enthusiastic talented swimmer practicing and competing among us, chances are that once trials are over some of that passion will go into enriching the masters scene in one way or another.

Besides, we all know the real question that needs to be answered: I also suspect that a lot of admiration and respect goes out when Dennis Baker or Kevin makes a cut and swims at trials. You just know that a lot of folks in the stands are talking about Masters Swimming, maybe for the first time.

Good Luck in Omaha Kevin. Sam Perry May 11th, May 11th, Best of luck, we're pulling for you. Frank Thompson May 11th, Good for him, but the whole "I broke a World Record" story that did not count" must be a joke. We could argue about if these comments are saying he is "Not really that good.

Kevin is one of the most motivated swimmers I have ever seen and I will give you an example of this motivation and commitment. Meets were held in Indy, Louisville, and Chicago. Kevin works a second job as a DJ doing weddings, graduations, and parties on the weekend. On the weekend of the second Grand Prix meet in Louisville, he had to work until 1: After the meet was over he got back on the road and drove 6 hours.

How many swimmers are this moitivated to swim in a masters meet? Everyone at the meet was impressed with his efforts on trying to improve his times with each swim he attended. On April 11, Matthew Marshall went: At the Michigan Masters State Meet he got the record back with a: He has a great attitude because he says next year he will work harder and try to get the record back. He has true committment to USMS and you will definately see him in future years.

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Jazz Hands May 11th, I've never even done a Otherwise, anyone could register as a Master and then just go around breaking world records without even showing up.

Obviously Kevin is not just "anyone" in that sense. He's part of the Masters community.

santa clara grand prix swimming meet

But there's no simple test of whether someone is a true Masters swimmer or just a ringer, except that if someone actually swims a time at a Masters meet, that time reflects the amount of preparation they put into Masters swimming.

Posting 3 quotes from Hoch, JH, and myself, I still see nothing stating: I still don't see anywhere that was said. No one had directly attacked Kevin, if you look at my posts I even said This is just another example as there are many other occasions on this board that when someone tries to make a point that others on here don't like and people think it is some personal attack.

I don't know Kevin, can't speak for JH or Hoch, so how could it be personal like: He's really not that good That is not a very intelligent statement because: Kevin, for the record, I am glad you are here and hope to see you swim that fast some time, as I know it is impressive.

I applaud you for achieving a goal like making the Olympic Trials and wish you all the best in Omaha. I hope you understand it is not a personal thing. Or are there others close to your age or older for that matter that are quicker. Is this a serious comparison?

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A mid 40s swimmer to a 27 year old? Pretty weak argument there.

santa clara grand prix swimming meet

Never said he wasn't welcome the tent is not big enough I think was your statement to be exact nor did JH or Hoch. They just question if that represents the best Masters Swimmer in that age group, and I question if he is a true representation of what Masters Swimming is about. The same issues were brought up about Dara Torres which I think is a legitimate question. And no, this is not an implication that I think she is doping because I don't Do you know if he does train with a Masters Team for a fact?

I don't know, that is why I ask that question. Brian Stack May 11th, Sam, it's obviously not a comparison. Seems like your the one with the weak point here.

Read the post fer cryin' out loud.

Swimmers show fitness for summer's big meets

There is no question about that. But I have a major problem with somebody complaining about not getting a record for his age group when there are probably people in the same age group that have done a faster time in the past.

When I look at the World Records for Masters, I look at Richard Abrahams records and know that he is the fastest 60 year old in the world. Nobody can say that about Kevin. So even, if Kevin swims breaks the record this season at a Masters meet, I know and he knows that the current World record holder in Back is in the same age group.

Maui Mike May 11th, She had seven swims at Santa Clara, broke four team records for the age division and swam on three relays that also broke team marks. We were very proud of her. She was 21st overall in the fly 2: In the medley relay, Tosky joined year-old Ally Howe, year-old Sarah Liang and year-old Colleen Fotsch -- anchoring the team to a third-place clocking of 4: Australia, featuring world recordholders Leisl Jones and Rice, won in 4: Tosky anchored the team's free relay on Friday and led off the free squad in a team-record 2: The highest individual finish of any PASA swimmer on Sunday was Maddy Schaefer's tie for seventh in the women's 50 free in a team-record Stanford Swimming, led by senior-to-be Julia Smit, finished fourth in the women's team race with points.

Cal Aquatics won the title with Smit was second in the IM on Sunday in 2: Smit also was third in the 50 free The four-day meet, however, was all about racing while tired and experimenting with events all the while preparing for the summer's bigger meets.