Sairam college press meet invitation

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sairam college press meet invitation

Sivakarthikeyan at Sri Sairam Engineering College Cultural's | Mass . Body Builders l. 23, NCFPIC National level conference and journal publication organized by dept .. and opportunity to go ahead and get success or experiences through failure. I genially invite you to visit Sai Leo Nagar and learn the things in person. Adjustable bench press; CI and adjustable dumbbells; Chromium plates; Barbell rods Intramural Competitions and College Annual Sports Meet We also have the habit of inviting IPS officers to our sports day function, which alone . held on 4th & 5th February , Organized by Sairam Engineering College Chennai.

It deals with the various machining operations such as turning, milling, shaping, thread cutting, slotting, drilling etc.

The Material Testing Laboratory is equipped with destructive and non-destructive testing machines like UTM, impact and torsion testing machine, hardness and wear testing machine, and dye penetration.

The mechanical properties of material in tension, compression, impact, torsion, bending, wear, and hardness are evaluated here. Prominent knowledge of design of machine components will be provided through experiments like vibration monitoring equipments. Continuous shaft system, governors, photo-elasticity experimental set up etc.

Cut sectioned petrol and diesel engines, Multi cylinder petrol engine, Single cylinder petrol engine, 4-Stroke diesel engine, Variable compression ratio diesel engine, Boiler models, Assembly and dis-assembly of engines. Let me welcome you to this meet. I think you know my colleague Mr.

Anantharaman, who is a very senior faculty member of our University and to whom we have now entrusted the responsibility of media coordination. I will speak a little more about this later. May I sincerely request you not to confuse me with Mr.

We would like to give an update of all that has happened in this period. Necessary powers for operating the bank accounts have also been finalised with authority for the members of the Board of Management. All financial instruments have to be jointly signed by any two of the three members. Update of Financial Matters All financial obligations of the Trust are being met as they arise. Salaries of all staff of the institutions like the university, the hospitals, the schools etc.

All statutory returns to various Government authorities have been submitted before the due dates. Donations received by the Trust are being credited to the bank accounts and receipts are duly issued to the donors. University Has New Buildings The educational institutions have reopened exactly on the due dates and are now functioning.

New buildings for the Anantapur and Muddenahalli campuses have been inaugurated. A meeting of the Governing Body of the University has also been held. Response to the advertisement released for the recruitment of doctors and consultants was good; interviews have been held and orders have been issued to selected applicants.

New equipment both Indian and foreign to replace old equipment as well as new additions are taking place in the hospitals. Modernisation of Ashram Facilities Modernisation works in the Canteen within the Ashram are going on.

A plan for regular maintenance of the Ashram buildings has been set up to ensure comfortable stay for the visiting devotees. Proposals for installation of modern hi-tech equipment for the well-being of the devotees have been received and are being evaluated. Detailed inventory of cash and valuables was taken and proceedings duly recorded and signed. All cash has been duly deposited in the bank accounts of the Trust. Valuables have been sealed and also deposited with the State Bank of India for safe keeping.

They have taken the decision to pay necessary income-tax on the value of the inventory though no demand for tax has been received from the Income-Tax Department. Accordingly a sum of Rs. The balance if any, will be paid after receipt of the detailed valuation report of the gold, jewellery, silver etc. The facts of this matter are as follows: Several offers from devotees to bear the entire expenditure for this work have been received. It was therefore decided that the Trust would not directly undertake this work but permit it to be done by devotees under it supervision to ensure quality and aesthetics.

Accordingly it issued a letter to Shankar Narayana Pvt. Ltd, Bangalore, who have been doing several works for the Trust in the past in honorary capacity, to act as Project Consultant and supervise this work. This work also would be done by them in honorary capacity.

A group of devotees approached the Trustee Mr. Ratnakar and expressed a desire to humbly contribute towards the project and handed over to him a sum of Rs.

Hyderabad Cricket Association: Office Bearers

Since the Trust is not going to directly construct the project, it was decided to call the project consultant and give the funds to him to meet expenses in procuring all materials, services, etc. The matter is under investigation by the Police.

The donors who gave this money have also filed affidavits in the Court giving their PAN numbers saying that they have given the funds to Mr. The Trust has no connection with these funds. It is to be noted that the funds were not seized from any vehicle belonging to the Trust or to any Trustee. Necessary statements as required by the Police have been duly given by the Trustees Mr.

Ratnakar and myself Mr. All information sought by the Police during recording of the statement have been given. The Trust reiterates that there is no loss to it in this matter. However, we now propose to do so at regular intervals. We are also appointing a Press Information Officer; Prof. Anantharaman has agreed to take up this responsibility to coordinate all our interactions with the media.

Media Interaction Session from 11 a. On the first day they said that the amount does not belong to them. Subsequently they stated that it belonged to 12 devotees but their names were not disclosed. Why did the statements change everyday?

Sathya Sai Central Trust Press Meet – Audio & Transcript

Naganand to answer this question. To the best of my knowledge there has been no inconsistency. Srinivasan referred to in his opening remarks is the factual position — the money was given to Shankar Narayana Consultancy Services Private Ltd. This company has done a number of projects in the Ashram and in the hospitals; infact they have donated buildings worth several crores of rupees to the Trust. They are doing this holy work of constructing theMaha Samadhi completely free of cost, in an honorary capacity.

The devotees who gave the money have given statements to that effect very clearly. Therefore there is no inconsistency. If the money was given to Baba, why was it not deposited in the bank? Baba is the Founder Trustee, and the fact is Baba had no property of His own. Whatever the devotees gave Him, He used it for public good. We can not know why He acted in a particular way but what we can firmly say is Baba never kept anything for Himself. The amount of good He has done for the people is common knowledge.

Therefore as soon as the inventory was taken, we deposited it in the State Bank of India; we have the receipt. Now we also feel that for the value of cash and gold recovered we should pay income-tax.

That is why even without any demand from Income-tax department, we have paid Rs. Ratnakar referred to a RBI rule and stated that the Trust accepts contributions only in cheques and demand drafts and not in any other form.

Then how jewels worth Rs. As I said before, the Board of Trustees took charge only after April 25, and until then they had no knowledge of this. As soon as we came to know of it, we deposited it in the bank. The Trust now does not accept cash. We have no knowledge of where that money came from. Nevertheless, the correct position is whatever Bhagawan received He always kept it in the Trust and it was meant for the people; never for His personal use.

Baba has not purchased a house or any such thing; He did not lead a 5-star life. In fact He is the embodiment of simplicity.

Therefore the money kept by Him was meant only to be used for public good. We are all aware of how He used to feed lakhs of poor people every year; He was not creating money by a wave of His hand!

Therefore once the Trustees took charge, this amount has been deposited in the bank. You just mentioned that the Trust accepted only cheques and the amount taken from Yajur Mandir has been deposited in the bank. Who are these devotees giving cash? Here you have to understand an important difference.

Ours is a public charitable trust and we are not entitled to engage in any religious work. Therefore as per the law, the Trust cannot involve itself in the construction of temples, mosques, etc.

A public charitable trust should spend only on the poor and downtrodden. This money obviously does not belong to the Trust. The devotees who wanted to contribute for this holy task offered the amount in cash to a Trustee who in turn passed it on to the construction agency.

Let me therefore reiterate that this money has nothing to do with the Trust whatsoever. If it is as simple as this then why did you not state this immediately after the cash seizure? Why was this kept a secret for so long? This incident happened on June Do the junior employees working in the Trust like drivers, kitchen staff, etc.

When money was received in the afternoon a call was made to the construction company and they were asked to come to Puttaparthi from Bangalore. This did not happen during the night. The money was given to him a construction company employee at 6. When they were returning after completing their tasks for the day, they had to face this inconvenience. We did not tell them to leave at night or any such thing; the fact is the money had to be handed over to the construction agency as early as possible.

We learnt from sources that the vehicle carrying the money did not stop at the check post and it had to be chased and stopped. These are all lies, untruths. You declared about the cash found in Yajur Mandir but did not mention about the foreign currency. Secondly, when are you going to reply to the queries posed by the government?

While carrying out the inventory in Yajur Mandir, we did not find any foreign currency. Many devotees told on the camera that they have given in foreign currency to the Ashram. Yes, the Ashram does receive donations in foreign currency and the same gets deposited in the bank.

But in Yajur Mandir there was no foreign currency. Now coming to your second question. Till now there is no communication from the Government seeking any details. Even I am hearing reports that the request is likely to come. If there is any such requirement from the Government, we have absolutely no problem in providing the required details whatever they may be, be it submission of reports or balance sheets, or anything else.

We shall certainly do this; there is no question about it at all. We understand from few quarters consisting of Ministers and Members of Parliament that there is a demand for the Government to take over the Trust. Are you mentally prepared for this? If that is the decision of the Government, what can we do?

From our side, all I can say is we will discharge our responsibilities concerning the Trust correctly. Beyond this, I cannot comment on what decision the Government would like to take. Are you ready to provide that? Would you be ready for a monitoring role by the State Government? There have been suggestions that the Trust should be run on the lines of the Tirupati temple.

What do you say to this? To answer your first question, if there is any enquiry or request from the Government to submit a report, we will certainly furnish it; we have absolutely no problem with this. Regarding the second issue, if the Government wants to monitor us, we are open to it.

Regarding the last question as to if this Trust should be run on the lines of the Tirupati temple, let me inform you that this is not a religious trust. The Sri Sathya Sai Institutions are not religious institutions; they are spiritual and service institutions. On the contrary, the Tirupati Devasthanam is a religious institution. It is not for me to comment on Government policies and decisions; they will decide on the best course of action. Also I would like to add here that Bhagawan Baba has set up adequate corpus funds for the university, hospitals, and all other institutions, and all of these are invested as fixed deposits with nationalised banks.

Money has also been invested in government bonds. Today the income from these investments is quite sufficient to take care of our expenditure be it paying the salaries, or buying medical consumables, or submitting electricity charges and so on.

Our job really is not to look for funds but to prudently and efficiently manage these institutions. Therefore the answer to your final question is I do not see any real need for the Government to set up a separate mechanism for running these institutions. However, this is not an adverse comment on the Government; the Government is supreme and they can take any decision they want.

Naganand wants to say something. I want to add that in addition to the monetary provision that is been made, Baba has also set up an institutional framework. In all our institutions, when Baba was signing the cheques and operating the bank accounts, He was the sole signatory.

But after Baba has left, there is a system in force where nobody signs a cheque in his sole capacity; there is always a joint signatory. The Trust has a financial controller and all the proposals go through different levels just like in a big corporate setup. When we receive a bill it is first checked and verified by independent agencies.

Then, it goes to the finance department where it is scrutinised carefully; only then is the bill placed for payment. Before any item is procured, we always look at the budgetary provision. Now our hospitals are buying consumables and equipment at far lower prices than any other hospital in the country.

sairam college press meet invitation

This is because all the suppliers know that our hospitals provide completely free treatment. We have received discounts in cases where we have not even asked for it. For instance, recently we bought a vehicle. When the management of that Tata company came to know about this from their dealer, they refunded the entire amount by cheque.

We did not even send a letter to them asking for any such relaxation in price. This is how the society is looking at us. We have proper systems in place everywhere. The hospital has an excellent purchase system. All the purchases are centralised at Prasanthi Nilayam. Therefore everything is being done transparently. The system is there; there are competent personnel at different levels and the institutions are running in accordance with the guidelines.

We are following corporate governance norms absolutely. There really is no need for apprehension of any kind. You will notice that the work that is being done by the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations all over India, in some respects, exceeds what is being done by the Trust. All of this work which is being done in so many villages, catering especially to the poor, is voluntary. All the volunteers who do free service in Prasanthi Nilayam whether in the ashram, hospitals or elsewhere come from the Sri Sathya Sai Organisations.

Therefore this model is unique and very unlike some of the institutions mentioned today which have paid employees. Also as you know lakhs of people are receiving free treatment.

Today the poor who are sick whether they come from Nepal or Jharkhand or Orissa or Andhra Pradesh or Tamilnadu or anywhere else; if they have a heart disease or need a heart valve replacement, since their economic condition is so bad that their the only option is death. And this is being done here for all irrespective of religion, colour, economic status, region, race and so on.

The Organisation assists in the running of 99 schools — students are being trained and since many of the teachers are devotees of Baba they are not asking for salaries; they offer their services free of charge to these schools.

This is because they are inspired and motivated by Bhagawan Baba. Similar activities are going on currently in countries. Is that the reason why most of them are not present for this Meet? The Trust was formed in For your information all the Trustees were present for the meeting held last evening.

Ratnakar already interacted extensively with the Press yesterday. Indulal Shah and Justice Bhagwathi are very much here in Prasanthi Nilayam; they were there even on the last occasion. There are no differences of opinion between the Trustees or between the members of the Council of Management. Yesterday he was questioned by the police and that lead to a lot of media speculation.

Therefore we considered it appropriate that we should request Mr. Srinivasan to be here today and take your questions. The relationship between the members of the Trust is very harmonious. We have informed debates, discussions and then take decisions in the interests of the institution. All the decisions were taken unanimously. Also I want to inform you that we are now setting up a procedure for regular meetings with the Press.

So it may not be possible for all Trustees to be present at all such meetings; kindly understand this. Prakasham Vice President, welcomed the gathering and introduced the speaker to the audience. Srinivasan, Chairman, Prime point Foundations and past President of CySI took the audience through a colorful presentation on the dangers lurking in the social networking sites and also underlined the precautions that need to be taken by the user to ward off vulnerabilities.

Balu, Former Additional Supdt of Police and Joint Secretary CySI then walked the audience through the legal provisions available for the netizens interacting through social networking sites. Gunasekaran, Chief Financial officer, HTC shared his rich experience to underline as to how Cyber Security has become an imperative necessity in this age of technology. The question and answer session that followed was kept informative and useful by the speakers and Dr.

The well attended event had a fair representation from professionals, senior citizens, students and research scholars and was also well covered by the fourth estate. The programme concluded with Mr. Ramesh Bashyam, Secretary, CySI thanking the audience and others involved in making the event a grand success.

Shi K Srinivasan, President, CySI welcomed the participants describing the awareness initiatives taken by CySI so far in the recent past and introducing the concept of the present workshop, highlighting the need for awareness about the global issues.

Padma Bhushan Shri N. Vittal inaugurating the workshop, spoke briefly about the history of computerization in India especially in the BFSI sector and the positive impact computers have in the present day life. He wondered whether the present day youth can survive a day or just a few hours without an electronic gadget especially a mobile in the hand.

Delivering the key note address, Shri Talwant Singh, Special Judge, CBI Court, New Delhi discussed the threats posed by enemy nations in the net targeting critical establishments in India and how the Government should be prepared and geared up to face any onslaughts.

After the Tea Break, in the first thematic session, Shri Talwant Singh gave a detailed presentation on Cyber Threats and the Global Scenario highlighting the concerns in the data critical infrastructure in the nation.

After the lunch break, the Panel Discussion was chaired by Shri S. He introduced the participants in the panel. Reporting in the Net" followed by Dr Kalyani Suresh presenting her views on sensitive and sensationalist media.

Summing up, Shri Ravichandran highlighted the role of responsible media.

sairam college press meet invitation

He also presented the technicalities in digital evidences and cyber crime investigation and related forensics. The valedictory session was addressed by Dr R Thilagaraj, Head of the Department of Criminology, University of Madras speaking on the significance of cyber forensics courses conducted by the University.

Almost all the 90 participants gave excellent feed-back requesting to be called again for such events to be organized by CySI. The workshop concluded with vote of thanks by the Secretary Shri Shanker Kumar. The recent exodus of North East persons, which was in part triggered by anonymous text messages, social media-fuelled rumors and doctored images, represented the first instance of cyber-terrorism in India.

There were many queries to CySI officials from the Press and concerned public seeking technological and legal opinions about the government's action initiated.

sairam college press meet invitation

It was a very well attended meeting. Ten electronic media and all the main-line print media besides wire agencies like IANS and PTI and others have carried news items about the event. Press release issued by CySI: While the Government has the responsibility to block the anti-social messages through internet and mobile, it should also ensure that the freedom of expression enshrined in the constitution is protected.

While such blocking is a fire-fighting measure, government should take preventive action for such cyber attacks in future, which may distort the communal fabric and integrity of the nation even by taking steps like blocking the IP addresses, having a national level gateway etc. Steps like seeking an id proof for creating a web-site can be easily taken, which is practically possible and technically feasible and dependable from investigation angle.

Already mail providers do have a system of sending the confirmation PIN to a nominated mobile number, on entering which only, the email would be activated. This system when followed for all email and social networking site providers in India will ensure an authentication of mobile number verification based on which the Know Your Customer details of the user can be verified from the telecom provider in case of any investigation or fraud.

This system will go a long way in the much debated Content Provider vs. The present laws in India including Information Technology Act are sufficient to handle any cyber-attacks.

sairam college press meet invitation

Though CERT-In has been empowered with sufficient teeth to act in this regard, the government may if necessary, re-affirm such powers so that instead of referring to Courts, CERT In can take immediate decisions on blocking in accordance with the procedures, instead of passing on to other agencies. There should not be any lack of coordination between various Government agencies. Appointment of a Super Monitoring Nodal agency to exclusively look after the cyber security of the nation should be considered.

This agency should be empowered to receive information of potential attacks from intelligence agencies and take preventive and corrective action with well-defined powers vested with it. This will ensure self-dependence without resorting to other nations for technological or network support in time of such attacks.

In view of the growing internet and mobile users, the citizens should make use of the technology with more discipline, to avoid any legal problems. After all, the constitution lays down duties for citizens too as enshrined in its Article A. Forwarding provocative messages, unverified information should be strictly avoided. CySI urges the Government, NGOs and the Media to create more awareness among the citizens especially the students and educated youth about the safe and secured use of the technology.

Click here for photos. Workshop conducted exclusively for the pressmen and journalists. Santhosh Babu inaugurated the event and valuable inputs on security concerns especially those affecting the youth. He highlighted the significance of e-governance and the intiatives the government has taken in this direction. Shri Bharathi Tamizhan, Shri Nurullah senior journalists besides a host of newsmen, reports and journalists participated.

Ravichandran, Joint Secretary Shri M. Laws to e-governance, virus and malware, botnets and cyber espionage etc. There was a good media interaction. Team of reporters from Deccan Chronicle, Dinamalar, Dinakaran, and from Big FM participated in a fruitful and informative discussion in cyber security issues.

Workshop on "Cyber Crimes: Safe and Secur e Banking" in Chennai 11 June Safe and Secur-e-banking" on Saturday, 11th June from 9. CySI was an associate partner. Ravichandran who highlighted the complexity in investigating a network and cyber security offence.

His session evoked much participation throwing up lots of interactive questions and discussions in the process especially on the social aspects of and the necessity for the popular certificate courses called "Ethical Hacking" when hacking itself is a crime punishable under I. Ananda, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India inaugurated the event and spoke on the present day scenario in data security, electronic transactions especially in the financial sector.

He discussed the intiatives taken by RBI in enhancing the level of security and increasing security awareness among users of electronic banking channels in banks.

sairam college press meet invitation

Purnendu Misra Principal Officer and Joint Director General, Ministry of Shipping presented a useful and infromative presentation on the Mobile communication and the security hazrds in it. Shri Balaksrishnan, Sholinganallur Centre Head of Infosys spoke about the threats and vulnerabilities in the corporate world, especially in the Internet.