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Sign up Log in W ow! What a great year was for ECE and its students, faculty and staff! Among the faculty, Drs. Damon Chandler and Nazanin Rahnavard, both young assistant professors, were named National Science Foundation CAREER Award winners — one of the most prestigious and highly competitive national awards a young faculty member can receive.

Sohum Sohoni received the OSU Regents Distinguished Teaching award in recognition of his outstanding work educating and mentoring students. Dan Grischkowsky, a senior professor specializing in terahertz optoelectronics, was recognized internationally with the respected Kenneth J. Button Prize for his groundbreaking contributions to the science of the electromagnetic spectrum. The odds are the image was formed using a pioneering technology from Texas Instruments called DLP Cinema that produces very high quality projected digital images.

Greg Pettitt, OSU ECE alum, and three other TI engineers, recently received an Oscar for their contributions to the technology that truly makes digital cinema possible, both in the theater and at home. International collaboration continues to grow with strong connections with universities in China, Vietnam, Mexico, India, Iraq and elsewhere. ECE faculty members have been instrumental in developing and maintaining relationships that are important in a time when globalization has become the norm.

These exchanges provide opportunities for learning and growth in both directions. I continue to be deeply grateful and humbled every day to be able to work with such talented and dedicated faculty and staff, and to observe our outstanding students as they develop into highly capable electrical and computer engineers.

Professor and Head Success Vol. The program has been gaining national and international recognition. Faculty Accomplishments time tenured and tenure-track faculty members, all with a ECE faculty are setting a great example for undergraduate and list of accomplishments in both research and outside of the graduate students with award winning research projects. Nazanin Rahnavard To compliment this, the school has recently experienced an unprecedented period of growth.

Keith Teague, professor and department head. These are highly competitive multi-year national research awards granted to young faculty members who show great promise, Teague says. Not only does it provide funding for research but it also says something about the prestige of OSU and that our research stands out to other faculty around the nation. Her research for the award took two to three years and she spent another two to three months writing the proposal.

The program awards junior faculty who exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education and the integration of From left to right: Ali Talari, Behzad Shahrasbi, Dr. His project tackles this issue by studying and modeling how humans perceive digital artifacts, and then using these models to guide next-generation compression strategies. Rahnavard and Chandler were the only two recipients in the college this year to receive the award, following two ECE faculty members who received similar awards a few years ago.

She was awarded in February the National organizations. In additional to these prestigious awards, Dr. Dan Grischkowsky was honored with the Kenneth J.

Button Prize for his contributions to the science of the electromagnetic spectrum. Button Prize is awarded annually at the International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves in recognition of outstanding contributions to the science of the electromagnetic spectrum. Daniel Grischkowsky Physics in London. Sohum Sohoni was recognized by Dr. Nazanin Rahnavard funding for research, but it also says something about the prestige of OSU and that our research stands out to other faculty around the nation.

The award recognizes professors who have shown significant and meritorious achievement in the instruction of students. Every year, one professor from each college receives the award. Sohum Sohoni to other faculty and recommendations from current and former students. The papers published through the conference are well, Teague says. Students have been published in jour- published for researchers and students from the U.

The conference was held Sept. When OSU students graduate they in San Francisco, attracting more than 2, graduate students are recognized as great employees who command high from around the world, including Canada, Germany, Japan, salaries and are equally well prepared to study for an Sweden and Korea, he says. Thobbi has a research assistantship under Dr. The two partnered, along with Ye Gu, an elec- tion in Cairo.

Thobbi credits Sheng as being his most helpful resource. Sheng knows which named an Outstanding Chapter for the past two years. Also, several ECE graduate robotics. He has two Ph.

The competition was held July, in Jinan, China. Sheng says Thobbi has been one of his best students and is not surprised by his success. The lab currently has seven Ph. The main areas of study for students in the lab right now are mobile robotics, wearable computing, intelligent transportation systems and human robot interaction.

Recognized for innovation and learning excellence, the ASCC lab has won 10 research funding awards; two from the National Science Foundation, two from the Department of Defense, as well as two Oklahoma Transportation Center awards, Sheng says. In the ASCC lab, Zhu and his fellow students are developing a smart assisted living system to provide support to elderly people in homes or apartments. This research focuses on daily human activity recognition and normal detection of daily life.

With substantial growth in the elderly population, more seniors live alone.

Helping them to live a better life is important and has great societal benefits, Zhu says. Zhu nearly all digital projection video systems, Teague says. The academy recognized Pettitt along with Brad Walker, D. Mekisso used part of the award to continue her research on compressive sensing for image processing and her work in the Communications and Wireless Networks Lab under Rahnavard.

Mekisso is currently a programmer at Plateau Software. When Rahnavard met her inMekisso was applying for one of her research assistantships. He says the funds will help increase optics and photonics awareness and beyond.

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His research, which focuses on highresolution molecular imaging using photo-acoustic microscopy, also includes various applications of optical coherence tomography.

She says the department also taught her how to quickly learn new technologies and how to work both individually as well as in a team. Complementing these alumni accomplishments, Dr. Ranjan Singh, a Ph. The program recognizes graduate students for outstanding research accomplishments based on their thesis or dissertation.

Each year the university only chooses a few. This School continues to grow while the students, faculty and alumni continue Singh first started working under Zhang is While pursuing to work on more cutting edge research, all collectively enhancing his Ph. Singh has had 27 articles published in highly ranked peer- Stephanie Taylor reviewed journals, Zhang says. His publications have been cited more than times by researchers and scientists around the world. Zhang trusts his students and respects their ideas, allowing them freedom to do what they want, which Singh says makes him an outstanding professor.

In the area of photonics, OSU is one of the top 20 or 30 colleges in the country, Singh says. American students will have the opportunity to learn about the Mexican culture, with cooking and dancing classes. Keith Teague visited Tianjin University. Teague second from left ; Dr. Weili Zhang first from left. T he School of Electrical and Computer Engineering continues to strengthen its program and maintain a strong international connection around the world.

Martin Hagan, also a professor Dr. The connection with IPN is based on research involving fieldprogrammable gate arrays. Last summer, 60 students and faculty from Puebla came to OSU for a university-led program. Now, we are planning on having the same class in Puebla next summer. I think our students would enjoy it. Zhang said students from China have come to OSU as either visiting students or graduate students.

Simultaneously he was an independent software development consultant specializing in intelligent systems. In his most recent research Viktor modelled levels of personal knowledge, with particular focus on the highest level of knowledge, for which he conducted 20 in-depth research interviews, including 17 with Nobel Laureates.

He is also a Fellow at the Centre for Distance Education at the University of London International Programmes where he leads work within the research strategy group and chairs the annual Research and Innovation in Distance and Elearning Conference. He has worked on a range of national and European projects that have included: More recently he has been working on digital competences and digital fluency, mobile learning, digital publishing models, open educational resources and educational analytics.

Her research field is eLearning and the evaluation of its quality. D students she works on the problem of approaches to personalised learning in different situations at school, LLL, extracurricular activities etc. Her primary research interests are methods, tools and processes in the development, implementation and evaluation of IT supported learning and teaching processes.

Of particular interest is the use of digital video conferencing and methods that support creative and reflective learning processes, as various co-production tools.

Areas of interest and publication: He is the author of circa 15 refereed articles published in books, academic conferences and academic journals. His research interests include educational informatics and the management and use of information technology in complex organisations, with particular emphasis on structures, cultures, work practices, behaviour, and change.

Biographies of Presenting Authors Sally Abey, since working with the University of Plymouth, has developed an interest in the use of mobile devices in the area of teaching and learning. She is registered as a PhD student to carry out action research into the placement area. Paulo Alves — Ph. The research interests include: He is interested in the impact of ICT on education and society and its optimization in the light of Humanistic values, and in structuring theoretical and practical change processes in education.

She is head of the Information Systems Department and was a member of the university scientific board for 12 years E-Learning is one of her main areas of research. Wendy Barber is the Director of the B. Barber is a passionate advocate for teacher education, teaches Authentic Assessment and Adult Education, and Psychological Foundations in Digital Technology. His clinical background includes clinical nurse specialist of community psychiatry, clinical manager of community mental health teams, early intervention and assertive outreach teams.

Raymond has developed a Mental Health Wellbeing pack at Coventry University which has been integrated into the pastoral care of Facility of Health and Life Science student nurses. His main research topics are related to data warehouse design, implementation and tuning, ETL services, and distributed multidimensional structures processing.

A published composer and pianist, research focuses on university music performance inter-arts collaboration, assessment, interpretation and the artist as academic.

The five authors are a grant team researching the roles of ePortfolio and the creative arts in four Australian universities. Farida Bouarab-Dahmani is a senior lecturer in computer science in the computer science department of Tizi Ouzou University, Algeria.

She has a doctorate and HDR in knowledge representation and evaluation process for e-learning. Her research is largely related to computer science use in the education field such as: He teaches the English language focused on informatics.

He also studies a PhD programme aiming at promoting and enhancing e-learning environment for language education. Margaret Bruce has been enthusiastically involved in podiatric education for more than 25 years, mostly spent at the University of Plymouth. She has been engaged in the development, organisation and delivery of the curriculum and am focused on supporting learning in practice.

Her research revolves around media, ICT and visual culture, with a particular emphasis on university education, teacher training and primary school. In this field she explores innovative designs of educational settings, in particular video and telepresence.

She is one of the co-founders of Danish research in Visual Culture in education. D graduated from the Faculty of Arts at Masaryk University with specializations in pedagogy, English and Russian language. Currently she works as a senior lecturer at the University of Defence. In she completed her Ph.

Barbara Class is pedagogical advisor in distance learning issues at the University of Geneva, Interpreting Department since Her research interests include using technology for pedagogical purposes, tutoring support, active and collaborative learning in blended settings.

His fields are artificial intelligence and data mining. He is the head of the e-learning centre at Wismar University. He is passionate about the use of technology in education and has received awards for embedding the use of technology in his teaching and learning.

Prior to doctoral studies, he worked as an instructional designer at the University of Barcelona and the Online Business School; he has been xii teaching in online courses for 10 years. She teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in various areas of Applied Linguistics and is currently conducting research on technology and language pedagogy, teacher cognition, and collaborative intercultural communication.

Jakob Diel is working as scientific assistant at the e-learning centre at the University of Applied Sciences in Wismar, Germany. In this context he is developing and organizing online courses and the practical implementation of video based eassessments. Foluke Eze is running a doctorate programme in the faculty of Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Previously, she had taught further and general mathematics at both junior and senior secondary school for 2years. He is now professor in the division of business information systems at Berlin School of Economics and Law.

She also has working experience in programs of adult education and European Projects. She is interested in methods to foster student learning, critical thinking and communication skills. Michelle has received several teaching awards including an Excellence in Life Sciences Award: Research interests include Web 2.

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Jan has been employed as the university information system developer for more than 6 years. He is experienced in database systems and perl programming and his research interests include machine learning, data mining, especially educational data mining, and visual analytics. She has published several books including a chapter on E-learning in Nurse Education and has developed interactive E-learning resources on Infection Prevention and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for pre-registration student nurses.

She researches, advises and supervises in the fields of e-learning strategy, Technology Enhanced Learning and reflective learning. Baylie Hart Clarida is a first year PhD student at Bournemouth University in the UK, studying strategies for digital inclusion focusing on diverse students. His research is concerned with mobile systems, RFID-technology, knowledge management and e-learning. He founded several international operating IT-enterprises concerning media technology and software development.

His main research activity is focused on technological competencies and out of school activities. Jozef Hvorecky graduated PhD. He is also Honorary Lecturer of the University of Liverpool. His research interests cover introductory programming courses, university management, and knowledge management.

Her research focuses on e-learning and science teaching methodologies. He is working in the areas of algebra, use of ICT in mathematics education and game theory.