Record breakers powerlifting meet preparation

SPF Reebok Record Breakers Meet – Southern Powerlifting Federation

record breakers powerlifting meet preparation

Reflections from the Record Breakers Powerlifting Meet I went into preparing for the competition way too late and not really knowing. For Lee Winroth, soccer takes precedence over powerlifting; she sees She had lifted nearly three times her weight, shattering, unofficially, the current deadlift world record for women in He wanted to get her into an upcoming competition, where she Are the Rats Preparing to Jump Off the Trump Ship?. Powerlifting Andy Huang and Mason Cervantes have both been training in hard in preparation for this weekend's Reebok Record Breakers meet at CSA Gym.

That first morning, I bench pressed and deadlifted all pounds with ease. Fast forward 4 years.

record breakers powerlifting meet preparation

Finally I had access to the high school weightroom with full-size Olympic bars and plates. I took up powerlifting seriously a year later after some concussions knocked me out of basketball and football. I did a little local meet with no training leading up to it and broke the state records. At this time, my training was incredibly stupid. My training routine was a high volume, high intensity, high frequency, high band tension, high accessory work, high disregard for life, limb, and proper form monstrosity.

And with it, I managed to squat mid s, benchand deadlift not long after turning 16 at a bodyweight hovering around Combine that with the fact that I jumped right back into training full bore every time a PT gave me the green light, re-aggravating the injury within a couple weeks, and you wind up with a very frustrating year. Finally, I just gave up lifting for a while.

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I went from being a pretty good athlete to being a pretty good powerlifter, to being a lazy fat slob. I realized one day that I used to be able to run a 5 minute mile, but was having issues walking up stairs or standing up off the ground.

record breakers powerlifting meet preparation

I basically stopped eating, started doing a ton of cardio, and had a strength training routine consisting of only bodyweight pushups and pullups.

At the end of 4 months of less than calories per day, I was and could do 40 strict bodyweight pullups. From there, I started powerlifting again at ground zero. Ground zero was a pretty easy deadlift and bench and my memory is hazy on this one either a or squat. I got back to my old PRs pretty quickly — mid s squat, ish bench, ish deadlift.

After that, I took up a program of daily maxes for squat and bench.

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I put pounds on my squat and 30 on my bench in 12 weeks, leading up to my world record at The squat progress came from working up to a 10rm one week, 8rm the next, 5rm the next, and then starting over until I was pretty sure I was good for a big squat PR. The bench PR came after 3 months of not benching. I did some overhead work, and some weight dips for a few months, laid back down on the bench, and PRed 3 weeks later.

I was eating strict keto for most of my prep leading up toand a more carb-centric IIFYM approach for I used to want to pin the success on small factors. I added pounds to my squat doing daily maxes! But keep in mind I squatted with godawful form before my body had any idea of how to squat.

I also got a lot of mileage out of breathing paused squats for both squat and deadliftbut that only worked because I had another glaring weakness — super strong legs and a relatively weak torso. I just lifted weights, practiced the movements, addressed weaknesses, stayed healthy, and broke world records. I wanted to believe I was the strongest because I was so smart and worked so hard.

I think I understand training pretty well, and when my training is focused for a meet I do work very hard, but those are small factors compared the more salient issues.

My first day with a real weight set when I was 14, I hit numbers that some people work years for. In my first year of real incredibly stupid training, I hit bigger numbers than most people will in their entire life. The more I learned, the better I became at identifying weaknesses and staying healthy. The range of natural ability really becomes obvious when you start working with general population clients.

I do my best to be down to earth and approachable, though, so I get a lot of very average clients. I also get a lot of very gifted clients.

I put just as much time and effort into both groups. My sister-in-law pulled at 18 years old with the most basic program imaginable she only lifted 2 days per week, with relatively low volume because she was in-season focusing on volleyball. And they also make progress, slowly but surely. The game is the same, they work just as hard, but the results are dramatically different.

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We like to believe that anyone can be the best if they work hard enough. However, recently that idea has been, if not totally debunkedat least shaken significantly.

record breakers powerlifting meet preparation

Overall, it was a good day. I went into preparing for the competition way too late and not really knowing what to expect. I cut weight from lbs. I fasted for 56 hours before the weigh-ins which was a terrible idea. That Saturday while walking around and meeting all the instafamous people, I realized I messed up bad dehydrating myself.

As for the competition itself, I had a wonderful time! I still managed to get up easy on my 3rd attempt. Was disappointed there since I had pushed it passed where I would normally get stuck.

Deadlifts on the other hand felt amazing. I feel I could have probably gotten had I gotten aggressive with how much I was going up. I ended at The knurling on the deadlift bars was intense. Something I would have to get used to. Other than that, I can definitely see myself competing again, but next time taking it much more seriously.

This was my third powerlifting meet but the first one in two years. In the two weeks leading up to the meet I finally focussed on strength a bit. However, I grew out a beard to make up for a lack of training and it seems to have compensated for my lack of strength specific training.

I got a little loose and missed my second squat which forced me to be conservative with my third attempt. I was able to stay focussed and hit my third attempt for a small 1.

Reebok Record Breakers

This forced me to be a bit conservative on my second attempt, which I made. I was feeling uneasy about the deadlifts so I lowered my opener from kg to kg but apparently this never got communicated so I ended up unknowingly lifting kg. One thing to note about SPF meets is that the deadlift bar is much easier to grip than a standard barbell.

record breakers powerlifting meet preparation