Power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

St. Maarten Sailing Charters and snorkeling to Saint Martin

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

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So what makes it so popular? Stick a pin into any blue area on a world map, or locate any glistening ribbon of river, and the chances are you can get there by cruise ship. Despite the Costa Concordia disaster in January last year, in which 32 people died, the Passenger Shipping Association estimates that 1. Fewer than , by comparison, took a skiing holiday in Six more such ships are scheduled to go into operation in Certain destinations, such as Alaska, lend themselves to a seafaring experience; others can be reached only by ship.

Much of my time on board was spent sprawled face-down on the bowsprit net counting the dolphins below. Our ocean-cruises myth-buster may help you make up your mind.

The myths and the truth 1. The vagaries of the sea can never be underestimated: If you are predisposed to motion sickness, take precautions pressure bands, drugs or natural remedies. Smaller craft, including the converted clipper vessels although even these have deep draftsare best avoided if you really do turn green at the sight of a whitecap, although more often than not it is swell rather than waves that bothers most new sailors.

Steerage midship is the place to be.

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

Failing this, find an outside spot on the lower deck for that fixed point on the horizon. Consult a travel clinic or your GP: Increasing value for money and cruises of shorter duration are luring younger holidaymakers, including generations of families and children. During the summer on board Hurtigruten, which plies the Norwegian coastal ports, cruise passengers can mingle with students and people travelling to see friends and family.

Luxury gulets that appeal to grown-up backpackers now cruise the Turkish and Croatian coasts, and Voyages to Antiquity is working with Oxford and Cambridge universities in the hope of attracting students on board to explore the ancient civilisations of the Mediterranean.

Cruise holidays: a guide for first-timers - dispelling the myths - Telegraph

Of course there are bores on board ships, just as there are around hotel pools. As with skiing, the one-upmanship can be fierce, and keen cruisers with a penchant for bragging rights are to be avoided.

Seating at mealtimes is far less regimented than it used to be and there are far too many distractions both on land and on board to let such irritants spoil the fun. Cruises not only bridge the generation gap, they can also be a great leveller.

Keep an open mind: I once spent the best part of a week dining with an exceptionally well-travelled and entertaining retired farmer and his wife.

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

Seek advice from a specialist cruise agent: Ships are a breeding ground for germs Norovirus has been ubiquitous this winter. If the virus is increasingly common on cruise ships, that is partly a reflection of the growing popularity of cruising itself. Cruise lines, working with international health organisations, have developed protocols and isolation policies to avoid the spread of the virus.

Dr Richard Dawood, a specialist in travel medicine and contributor to Telegraph Travel, says: Hand sanitisers are everywhere, there has been a big upgrade in food handling, and medical surveillance, including high-level diagnostic testing, has increased on board. Follow advice given by your cruise line on how to reduce the risk of becoming ill or spreading infection, both on board and ashore.

Some lines excel at getting their passengers to the heart of the action, whether by calling at a port staging a once-in-a-lifetime event or by securing berthing rights alongside a World Heritage site. If destination is the key driver for your holiday, you must pick a ship that spends adequate time in your chosen ports. Some ports of call are little more than a cursory stop; at others the ship might stay three hours, or the best part of a day.

Cruise-and-stay packages and extended stays in port are increasingly popular. Azamara Club Cruises is offering a complimentary evening in port with options ranging from ballet in St Petersburg to a polo match in St Tropez; Regent Seven Seas includes a night in port at the beginning or end of a cruise in the price.

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You should know in advance that cabs in Nassau are not always in particularly great shape. The air conditioning may not work or the driver may not run it to save gas. The driver may stop to get gas on the way to your destination. Disney and Viator work with large tour companies that generally use nice, clean air-conditioned vans and minibuses. If the driver tries to change the agreed price, just repeat the price you agreed, hand them the money and get out.

At the cruise terminal, cabs are easy to get, but be aware that the cabs are not organized into a well-behaved line.

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

If you want to get a personal cab for just your party, you may want to walk outside the terminal and look for a licensed cab. The far end of Cable beach is about the same driving distance in the other direction. Allow plenty of time, and remember you have to get through port security.

All that said, Atlantis as a whole is pretty spectacular and a unique destination. There are several options for visiting the paid sections of Atlantis, including several Disney-sponsored excursions.

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

These prices were correct when gathered Februarybut are subject to change any time: The Atlantis Aquaventure day pass includes access to pretty much everything at Atlantis except the Dolphin adventures and the grounds and pools of the ultra-pricey Cove and Reef areas. It includes access to Aquaventure, pools, the beach, the Dig, the predator lagoons and the Royal Towers lobby.

Children 3 and under are FREE with a paying adult. Note that these may sell out, especially at peak times like spring break. This pass is also available in advance from BahamasDayPass.

Tour Times Daily:

The Discover Atlantis pass includes the Dig, the predator lagoons, and access to the Royal Towers lobby. We have never heard of these being sold out.

power big meet 2012 cruising excursions

The Atlantis Beach Day pass includes use of beach chairs and umbrellas, plus access to the Dig, predator lagoons, and the Royal Towers Lobby. Lunch is no longer included. We have heard of these selling out during spring break, and possibly other times, but perhaps not as often as the Aquaventure passes.

You can also walk outside and visit the Marina Village shopping center and the Paradise Shopping Plaza across the street, which features a local handcrafts area that is like the Straw Market in downtown Nassau, but with slightly less aggressive vendors. If you want to eat, many of the signature restaurants in Atlantis are only open for dinner, but there are quite a few restaurants open for lunch in the Marina Village, or you can walk through the conference center to the Beach Tower and eat at the Cave Grill without needing a day pass.

There will likely be several of them waiting, and there will be a posted flat rate to the cruise terminal. Whether you book the Disney tour or go on your own, our advice is to ignore the guided tour of the Dig and just head straight to Aquaventure as soon as you get your wristbands.

If you manage to get all settled before the slides open, you can walk around and check out the lay of the land and get yourself oriented. The best locker and towel area is the Hospitality Center. In some sections it can look that way, but then it can speed up and start knocking you around. Think carefully before sending small children on it, or walk around and take a look at the hairier sections.

Flip-flops or water shoes are highly recommended. The food and merchandise locations in Aquaventure do not accept cash. There is no central float and tube distribution location. Tubes are included in the price of Aquaventure, and you just grab any empty one as it floats by, or from any stack you see.

In a few cases you have to lug your own tube up the stairs to the top of a slide, and that will be obvious, as everyone will be carrying tubes up the stairs. To get to the other slides in the Power Tower you have to leave the Current and walk up some stairs. The food from the snack bars is pretty ordinary and similar to theme-park food. If you want something more interesting, there is a full-service restaurant in the water park area called Shark Bites that serves a few Bahamian specialties like conch salad, conch chowder, and johnnycake in addition to the usual burgers, salads and chicken strips.

If you have a lunch voucher it may only be good at certain restaurants, so check on that before you hike all the way over to the Beach Tower. Each room you book gives you up to four passes to Atlantis one for each person in the room. The hotel has a 3: However, if you check their web site regularly, you can sometimes snag deals in the off season, and they offer a small discount for AAA members.

If you book with another site like Expedia or Orbitz, you will very probably need to pay the surcharges when you check in.