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pokemon movie 8 we will meet again

Pokemon DVD Lot of 8 Rare Soft Cover Movie 3 Lucario & the Mystery of Mew. eBay .. Pokémon - We Will Meet Again Nintendo Sega, Mystery, Soundtrack. This is the best ending theme of all Pokémon movies. It has the nice, 5 We Will Meet Again We Will Meet Again 8 We're Coming Home We're Coming Home. The English dub of the movie premiered in the US for the first time at the so Aaron leaves on his Pidgeot to meet up with Lucario, but is attacked by a rival group of Aaron tells Lucario that he is leaving and will not be coming back, and when .. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

They follow and one shoots another beam. He jumps to the face of a cliff, and one Houndoom uses Iron Tail. Lucario dodges, but this time it was very close, and the dust from the crash got in his eyes and temporarily blinded him. He jumps to the side and tries to rub the dust out, but the Houndoom again shoot a beam.

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Luckily, Lucario uses his aura to sense it and jumped out of the way. He is still blinded, and he has nowhere to go. All three Houndoom lower their heads, and release a gigantic flamethrower. Lucario senses it, and does an acrobatic leap into the air, does a few flips, and lands in the middle of two of the Houndoom. Using his aura, he makes two aura balls from his hands and launches them at the two Houndoom. He then raises both hands and doses a big ball at the last Houndoom.

Then it goes back to the castle. Sir Aaron says "But your highness, there will be no survivors. The staff signalled Pidgeot and Aaron jumped on top of it.

They fly through the fog to the oncoming armies. Skarmory from the armies attack Sir Aaron and Pidgeot in the air. Pidgeot took a few hits, but managed to get Sir Aaron safely on the ground.

Then Pidgeot flew away. He turns and sees an oncoming army, with Lucario running toward Sir Aaron. Using his aura, Lucario finds Sir Aaron. He stops on a ledge underneath Lucario being sealed away in Sir Aaron's scepter him.

Sir Aaron turns around and says to Lucario "Don't call me that. I'm no longer your;master. I've abandoned the queen and the kingdom. He runs after him, Sir Aaron turns around and throws his scepter at Lucario. As Sir Aaron runs away, Lucario sees through the diamond in the top of the septar "Why master? It then shows the tree of beginning, and you start to hear a sound, like a siren. It then goes to the castle. It then zooms in on the tree of beginning, and the crystals start to glow.

It goes into one of the tunnels, and you're at the mouth. Then you see Ho-Oh land on a rock, and it was actually Mew. Mew flies down away from view. Then you see the armies again. Aaron's Pidgeot flies back to the castle and hands Queen Rin Aaron's scepter. She takes it and Pidgeot flies away. She looks at the scepter "Sir Aaron". She watches in the distance the tree of life, and it glows green.

Then, all the crystals in the kingdom glow green. She looks around and is in awe at the sight. Then, green pulsations go from the tree of beginning, spreading everywhere. The armies stop and stare at the glow from the tree.

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Rin then realizes that Aaron saved the kingdom and starts to cry. The wise knight, realizing there was only one hope for the kingdom, had gone to the Tree of Beginningthe home of Mew. The terrible forces that threatened her kingdom were suddenly transformed. All at once, anger and hatred changed into understanding and hope. That very night there is a royal ball and Ash is rewarded the hero's chair and the privilege to hold Sir Aaron's staff throughout the dance.

The well disguised Jessie and James of Team Rocket join the dance too, but Meowth runs off to follow Kidd who reveals herself to be an adventurer who is trying enter the Tree of Beginning. Just as Mew joins in the fun, Kidd's two Weavile attack them.

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Max breaks into the room and upon finding out what happened, runs down to inform the others. Down below, in the ballroom, Ash poses as Sir Aaron and the fireworks are shot off.

At that very moment, Lucario is released and senses Sir Aaron's aura which he find it mistaken. Lucario believes that Sir Aaron abandoned the queen long ago. Suddenly, Max runs in and informs the rest that Pikachu and Meowth have been taken by a Mew.

Team Rocket hears him and are saddened by Meowth's disappearance. Lady Ilene, the present queen says Mew has a tradition of showing up at the palace and taking things back to its' home at the Tree of Beginning.

Ash and the others go in Kidd's car, with the help of Lucario, while Ashes follows them in air with his Charizard. Team Rocket hop along by cramping themselves into Kidd's trunk.

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On their journey, they find a time flower which allows the finder to look at the images of the past, and they meet a Bonsly that hitches a ride with them along the way. That night, Ash tells the others how much he and Pikachu have been through, like when a flock of wild Spearow attacked him and Pikachu leaped in and Thunder Shocked them to the ground. In her hair she wore a large pink bow styled to look like her regular bandanna. Max was dressed as a prince with a red and yellow beret and a green cape.

Tomo was dressed as a hunter and he wore a green shirt with green blue trousers, a pair of black boots and a brown hat. They dressed up Pikachu and Growlithe too; Pikachu was dressed as a jester and Growlithe had a brown hat and a little brown cape. Then once everyone was ready they headed off for the battle tournament. Unfortunately for the gang Team Rocket had turned up too; not to just enjoy the festival, but to also to steal all the pokemon they could from all the trainers who arrived at Cameran Palace.

Jessie dressed up as a queen, James dressed up as a king and Meowth dressed up in a suit of armour. Then they left the room. Right now it was time for the battle tournament to begin. The battle stadium was a medieval theme battle arena with hundreds of balconies, where those who weren't battling stood to watch. Just then the referee announced the arrival of the queen of Cameran Palace.

The ruler of Rota now was a queen named Queen Ilene and she was a descendant of Queen Rin; in fact she looked exactly like her ancestor despite being 2, years apart. Queen Ilene and her maid Jenny were standing on the separate top balcony, and she had a pokemon called Mime Jr with her. Mime Jr was the pre-evolved form of Mr Mime and it loved to mime anything that someone was doing. The battle tournament now started and Ash was up first.

His first opponent used a Breloom and Ash of course used Pikachu. All the battles in the tournament were one on one pokemon battles. Pikachu gave Breloom a real shock with his thunderbolt, even though he destroyed his jester costume, and then tackled it hard with quick attack. Queen Ilene and Jenny saw that Ash was a strong trainer. All the trainers that were participating in the tournament were eager to win and earn the title as the new hero of the year. And there were lots of hard good pokemon battles going on.

The battles went on until at last it was the final battle round. Ash and Pikachu made it to the final round and his last opponent, who dressed as a knight in shining armor, used a pokemon called Weavile. Weavile was the evolved form of Sneasel. The Weavile turned out to be very strong, especially with the moves shadow ball, blizzard and slash.

But Pikachu managed to knock it out with thunderbolt and focus punch. So Ash was the winner of the pokemon battle tournament. Ash was about to run over to Pikachu to hug him, but then an Aipom ran over to Pikachu first. Just then Ash's eyes opened in wonder. Ash was right; Mew had watched the pokemon tournament too in the disguise of Aipom and he congratulated Pikachu.

Ash couldn't understand yet why a Mew was here. Just then his opponent came up and took off the helmet. It was a woman named Kidd. Ash didn't say anything about Mew; otherwise someone in the arena would try to capture Mew.

After the battle tournament was over it was now time for the grand ball of the festival. Queen Ilene presented Sir Aaron's staff to Ash, as he was the new hero of the year.

Ash was in awestruck to see Sir Aaron's staff and he was happy to hold it. Just then when he looked at the crystal he thought he heard someone say 'why? What the voice was was really Lucario who was still trapped in the staff. But no one knew that yet. Soon the ballroom dancing had begun and May and Brock was dancing with different partners. May was with a man named Freddy and Brock was dancing with Kidd. Kidd had changed into a different costume and was dressed as a lady-in-waiting.

Max and Tomo weren't dancing and were getting something to eat from the buffet table with Pikachu, Growlithe and the Aipom disguised Mew. Ash, being the new hero, had to stay sitting on the throne chair and look proud like a real hero. May decided to release her pokemon Combusken, Squirtle, Munchlax, Bulbasaur and Starmie to enjoy them-selves.

Seeing May's pokemon made Ash asked Jenny if he could release his pokemon. So Ash quickly released his Grovyle, Crawdaunt, Swellow, Larvitar and Phanpy to enjoy the party, and then went back on the throne. Jessie and James who were about to dance told Meowth to keep an eye on the pokemon. Once Jessie and James went off dancing, Meowth headed over to the buffet table for something to eat. While everyone was enjoying themselves at the ball, the Aipom led the gang's pokemon out of the ball room.

Meowth saw them leave the ballroom, and decided to follow them. But he was not the only one watching them; Kidd was watching them too. The truth is Kidd was really some spy-researcher and she was trying to locate Mew to research it. She worked with a man named Banks, who did computer work and he stayed at the building organization he and Kidd worked for.

Kidd opened a window to start searching for Mew. What she didn't know was Meowth saw everything she did and planned to follow her. In the ballroom Max and Tomo noticed the pokemon were missing. They spotted Munchlax walking away with a big bowl of fruit, and decided to follow it.

What the pokemon were doing was the Aipom-disguised Mew led the pokemon to an attic room in the palace, where lots of toys were kept. There was a doll house, a music box, a Suicune rocking horse, a wooden train and lots of big bouncy balls, and the pokemon began playing with the toys at once. Suddenly a crash came from the window; it was Meowth. Meowth had tried to follow Kidd, but he ended up nearly falling off the roof of the palace and somehow ended up crashing through the window of the attic room.

The pokemon were surprised to see Meowth and Mew transformed back into his real form. When Meowth woke up he was surprised to see the pokemon and Mew.

Suddenly two pokemon named Weavile entered the room; Weavile was the evolved form of Sneasel and the two Weaviles belonged to Kidd. Kidd had told them to put a tracking device on Mew; unfortunately things didn't go according to plan. As soon as the Weaviles saw the other pokemon, they began attacking with blizzard and shadow ball. The pokemon, except Pikachu, Meowth and Mew got frozen by the blizzard attacks. Pikachu tried to fight back with thunderbolt, but he got hurt in the process.

Meowth held onto Pikachu as he and Mew tried to get away from the Weaviles. Meowth got onto Mew's back after Mew transformed into a Pidgeot and Mew, Pikachu and Meowth flew away together, heading for the tree of beginning. Kidd was not happy what her Weaviles did; she wanted them to tag Mew, not attack it.

Max and Tomo, who followed Munchlax all the way to the attic, heard and saw what had happened through the door keyhole. Back at the ball, Ash couldn't stop staring at Sir Aaron's staff and he swore that he heard a voice coming from it. Just then Queen Ilene told everyone that it was time for the fireworks to begin.

Jenny told Ash to do the pose of Sir Aaron. There was a painting of Sir Aaron on the wall next to where Ash was standing, and Ash did the same pose of Sir Aaron in the painting. There was another painting of Sir Aaron on the wall, but this one had him with his Pidgeot.

pokemon movie 8 we will meet again

But there was none of him with Lucario. Suddenly the crystal on the staff started to glow. He was right; Lucario came out of the sky. He remembered Lucario from Sir Aaron's story.

Lucario was still a bit blind because of the dirt that got in his eyes 2, years ago. He saw everyone with his aura, and then he saw Ash in a blue of light and thought he was Sir Aaron.

Lucario started to open his eyes again; the dirt from his eyes loosened. Then he saw Ash in front of him, got confused and ran off. Queen Ilene was surprised by this. Lucario ran around the palace and noticed the fireworks. Lucario didn't know that he wasn't in his time anymore. He ran over to a room where a display of old things like watches and jewelry were. In his memory the display room used to be a room where he and Lucario slept in when they lived at the castle. Lucario couldn't believe that his and Sir Aaron's bedroom was changed now.

She told Lucario that Queen Rin was her ancestors and he had been asleep in Sir Aaron's staff for 2, years. Lucario couldn't believe of what Queen Ilene said.

Suddenly Ash saw something on the wall of the room; it was a painting of his psychic ancestor Celeste. The others stared at it. Ash explained to May and Max about Celeste when they first saw Ash's psychic power. Ash used his psychic power to remove all the paintings in the room off the walls and placed them back on again.

pokemon movie 8 we will meet again

Queen Ilene, Jenny and Lucario were surprised by that. He told everyone about the blue light he saw with his eyes shut at Granite Cave and the Weather Institute in Hoenn. Everyone went back to the ballroom; all the guests had left by now. Queen Ilene asked Lucario what had happened at the battle 2, years ago. Lucario explained about the war with the red and green armies, and about Sir Aaron sealing him into the staff and abandoning the castle. Everyone was surprised to hear that especially Ash.

Queen Ilene said to Lucario that he was welcome to stay at Cameran Palace as long as he wanted and Lucario accepted the offer. Truth was he had nowhere else to go now; especially since he now knew that everyone he knew from 2, years ago was dead. Queen Ilene turned to Ash. Queen Ilene explained that Celeste was around at the same time Sir Aaron was around.

Ash and Lucario couldn't believe their ears. The gang and Lucario were surprised with that. Everyone was surprised to hear especially Ash, because he never knew this until now. Lucario felt the same way. Suddenly Max and Tomo ran into the room with the pokemon. Tomo and Max were surprised to see Lucario and were more surprised to learn that it was Sir Aaron's Lucario, after Brock told them everything. He explained that Mew had the power to transform into any pokemon.

Queen Ilene and Jenny explained that Mew lived in the tree of beginning and that he loved to visit Cameran to take toys to play with. But of course he never returned the toys it took. Queen Ilene showed the gang where the tree of beginning was on the balcony. Lucario accepted the quest. Kidd said that she was coming too. Ash asked Kidd, cautiously, if she wasn't going to catch Mew, but Kidd explained that she was only going to solve the mysteries of the tree of beginning.

Those words made Ash feel a lot better, knowing that Kidd wasn't here to catch Mew. Later that night Lucario was looking at the portrait of Sir Aaron, when Ash turned up.

Ash was in his normal clothes now. Lucario asked Ash if he was Pikachu's master. Just like you and Sir Aaron were friends". Lucario didn't like the word friend and said he was only helping Ash on Queen Ilene's orders. Ash didn't like Lucario's attitude; it seemed that Lucario was starting to hold a grudge on Sir Aaron because he still believed that Sir Aaron abandoned him. Next day Kidd, the gang and Lucario set off for the tree of beginning to find Pikachu.

Kidd had a humvee with her to make the journey go quick. But they were not the only ones going to the tree of beginning; Jessie and James had heard about Meowth being kidnapped by Mew, and they decided to follow the gang to get Meowth back and of course try to capture Mew; they hitched a ride into the boot of Kidd's humvee.

The day was very foggy and it was hard to see anything, but Lucario's aura helped them find the way through the fog. Kidd had heard about aura and told the others what it was and about aura guardians who could use the power of aura.

Lizardon Valley! Until We Meet Again!!

The gang told Kidd last night about what they found out about Celeste and Sir Aaron. And then the blue light appeared in my eyes, even though they were closed, and it showed me surroundings of the cave. And it was because of that that Tomo and I were able to find Steven Stone in the cave". Ash knew that he had a lot to learn about aura.

Later that day Kidd and the gang stopped to have lunch. Lucario had something to eat too, but he ate berries that grew in the area. Suddenly the gang got a little intruder; a small brown and green pokemon that looked like a little tree.

This pokemon was a Bonsly, the pre-evolved form of Sudowoodo and it was hungry. Lucario gave the Bonsly some berries. At the tree of beginning Pikachu had been resting in a bed of leaves to recover, while Mew watched over him.

Meowth was napping too. Just then Pikachu woke up and he felt better at last. Mew showed Meowth and Pikachu all the toys he had collected from Cameran palace over the years. Mew had collected toy blocks, pokemon soft dolls, pokemon toys that spun, toys that jumped out of boxes, musical boxes instruments, whistles and other toys. Meowth was impressed with the collection.

Mew also showed them some tunnels in the tree, where bubbles of energy flowed around, and last of all it showed them the view of the whole area of the tree.

Meowth and Pikachu were impressed with how big and beautiful the whole area of Rota was. Back with the gang, the gang stopped at a valley full of geysers and hot springs. They couldn't go anywhere because of the geysers so they decided to relax in the hot springs with some of their pokemon. Bonsly had followed the gang, but it couldn't go into the springs because it was a rock type.

So it stayed with Phanpy and Larvitar. Even though Ash was enjoying the hot spring he was still thinking about Pikachu, and hoping he was all right. Lucario was in thought too; he was remembering his past. He remembered when he first felt what a hot spring was like with Sir Aaron. Tomo and Max called out to Lucario to join the hot spring with them, but Lucario refused. Ash stared at Lucario; he saw Lucario's memory of the hot spring with his psychic power, and he felt that Lucario's grudge was starting to grow because of his memories.

Just then May called out to Ash and asked him what that was; there was some sort of weird flower on the cliff above them. Ash climbed up the cliff to see what it was, taking care to be careful. What the thing was a purple-blue crystal formation that looked like a flower. Ash climbed back down the cliff and told May what it was. Kidd explained that time flowers were crystal flowers that grew in Rota and they had the ability to record past events.

That night Kidd and the gang were sitting around a camp fire, and Kidd was asking Ash some questions. She wanted to know how Ash first activated his psychic power and she wanted to know how Ash met Pikachu.

Ash explained about how he first bent the spoon with telekinesis at the Saffron Gym. So now time and growth had revealed your aura power now". Lucario was listening to the conversation and he remembered when Celeste demonstrated her psychic powers to him and Sir Aaron. Ash then talked about the day that he and Pikachu met. Prof Oak told me that it was bad tempered, but I wanted to check out Pikachu so I released him from the pokeball.

At first Pikachu was sensitive when he first saw me, because as you know pokemon do get sensitive when they see strangers. So I told him that if he didn't want to be my partner then I wouldn't force him, but then Pikachu jumped onto my shoulder with a smile and accepted me at once".

Lucario started to remember more about Sir Aaron when they practiced their aura together, and about when Sir Aaron used the word trust. Ash started to get really cross about Lucario's attitude now. But you don't know what really happened when Sir Aaron sealed you into the staff, and you don't even know why he did it. So don't go thinking that Sir Aaron abandoned you!

And don't start holding grudges on us either! Ash walked off in a huff and so did Lucario. May decided to talk to Ash. May could see that Ash really want to find out about the real story with Sir Aaron, and decided not to argue with Ash more.