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San Benito County Fair – Horse Shows: Bolado Park Event Center. .. than a month after the United States' first large Air Meet near Los Angeles in . The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce prepared land at the Arizona from popular Sandy Neck in Barnstable to Race Point and Herring Cove. Bob McIntyre Twilight Cross-Country Invitational Meet Barnstable Fairgrounds 2 Merged 5K Boys' Results From Twilight Invitational! Oct http://track catchsomeair.usero. com http://tokyo-

They are charming and extremely knowledgeable about the past, present and future of the Peninsula. Many of them have grown up to become grand urban centers. But fortunately, many of them are still thriving and waiting for you to see what they have to offer.

One of the most beautiful small towns to visit in the U. Albany and its surrounding areas summon travelers from every corner of the world to experience grand rivers and majestic mountains. From the misty farm valley, engaging heritage sites and trending culinary scene it never fails to charm, providing stories to tell and memories to hold dear. It Americana at its best.

Places to get to know local history and culture: The Albany Historic District also known as Monteith Historic District is home to four historic districts and more than historic buildings. You can easily walk the district or drive it in your car. The Monteith district contains a number of churches. It was built in and showcases unique stained glass windows and Carpenter Gothic details. Its spire is the highest point in Albany.

Be inspired by the many Victorian homes and the Monteith House which is recognized as the most authentically restored pioneer era home in Oregon. Do not miss the Albany Historic Carousel and Museum. A 10 year grass roots project has finally come to fruition with 52 locally crafted and sponsored animals set atop a donated Dentzel Carousel mechanism.

Animals were designed by each sponsor and represent one of a kind dragons, unicorns, cats, zebras, dogs and a seven foot tall giraffe. The spectacular one of a kind carousel is housed in a custom two story wood building. Tourists can ride on the carousel, buy souvenirs, catch a bite to eat and see animal carving demonstrations year round.

Carousel Workshop Local restaurants where visitors can find unique menus and regional pampering: Be ready to taste love on a plate created by a family whose entire members are all gluten intolerant. The food is authentic, the service is amazing and the Chicken Paprikas is a signature dish not to be missed. Absolutely enjoy the killer desserts. This would be that restaurant. Beautiful scenes in nature: After 3 years of safety and structural upgrades, Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site is now open to the public.

The adjustable dam has been installed allowing the Mill to do milling demonstrations year round and it also allows for fish passage. The removal of Sodom Dam, the removal of Shearer Dam and finally the construction of the adjustable dam have allowed the Calapooia River to once again be freeflowing, yet the function and appearance at Thompson's Mills is preserved for tourists to experience. Private tours are available or take the well planned self-tour.

Make three tasty stops for unique brews done right. A pioneer manufacturer of artisanal old world-style cider, the company is one of the largest makers of hard cider in the Pacific Northwest. Chances to taste locally made adult beverages: The Willamette Valley is known for its entrepreneurial spirt. This can be seen in its unique beer, wine, cider and spirits, starting with Marks Ridge Winery nestled on a acre site in the picturesque Cascade Foothills region of the Willamette Valley.

In the same center is Nectar Creek Honeywine, a welcome surprise to the mead market. This is not your sickly sweet mead of old. It is light, clean and definitely refreshing. You can find many of the meads in Whole Foods Markets. Up the street a ways is Vivacity Fine Spirits creating small batch, award winning vodka, gins, liqueur and rum using a bit of modern innovation to make its beverages while working alongside time treasured techniques.

Vivacity released its first bottle in and now has a premium line up of 5 spirits. Be sure to try the Turkish coffee. Sip slowly to savor the complex intensity. Vivacity Fine Spirits uses locally roasted coffee and freshly ground cardamom pods and cinnamon sticks in the mix.

The result is an intoxicating liqueur that will be especially favored by coffee lovers. Certainly worth the visit to this tiny distillery and its innovative offerings.

The term Americana has been largely associated with nostalgia of an idealized life in small towns and small cities in America. You can find that spirit going on in Albany, Oregon all right. The golden hillsides roll down into the vast ranch grasslands that shimmer lightly in the afternoon breezes, and lay low as the foundation for rustic barns and stately oak trees, and as the running ground for coyotes and local wildlife.

The region has become a popular yearround destination with outdoor activities such as bird watching and hiking, golf and tennis, as well as a wonderful wine tasting trail, a delicious selection of dining options, boutique shopping, historic parks and museums, and a full calendar of events, fairs and festivals, and parades.

Just remember, this is a season of change, so expect the occasional midday power surge of hot sunshine. And, be sure to take plenty of water with you, slather on that sunscreen, wear layers and put on sensible walking shoes. From scrambling through caves and climbing up mountains, to stepping back into the past in a charming historic downtown district, here are four fabulous San Benito County walking destinations, each offering a unique set of experiences. The park boasts beautiful and diverse habitats that range from shaded oak woodlands and chaparral scrub, to open grasslands, rugged canyons, cool caves and stunning rock spires.

Home to over bird species, including the magnificent California condor, the park is a popular destination for birders, especially during the fall migration season. There are trails for all fitness levels, and some are wheelchair accessible. Here one can tour historic homes and buildings and see a collection of historic vehicles, farm and household implements, and the rose garden.

Another trail and picnic opportunity is at Bolado Park Event Center. Continued on Next Page… Video: Of course, at the end of your Hollister walking adventure you may want to add in a little boutique shopping, or savor a bite and a sip at one of the many downtown restaurants that range from farm-to-table fare to Mexican and American cuisine.

Hiking opportunities abound with Anza Trail that roughly follows the footsteps of the historic Juan Bautista de Anza Expedition, as well as Fremont Peak, a state park known for its expansive views, grasslands and astronomy facilities.

For San Benito County travel information including trails, events, dining and lodging opportunities, shops, parks and museums, visit www. Historic Downtown Hollister Video: He is the author of Palomino and the Dream Machine: My enhancement of parks, facilities, and recreation programs in San Benito County, California. This picturesque region makes for an ideal travel destination with outdoor activities, a wine tasting trail, a delectable selection of dining options, boutique shopping, historic parks and museums, and a fun calendar of events!

Mexican Independence Day Parade: Annual parade starts at Ruben Rodriquez, Come downtown Hollister to celebrate and remember the courageous men and women of the armed forces who protect and serve our country.

Contact Frankie Gallagher, Ghost walk and paranormal activities. Bolado Park Event Center. San Benito County Fair: San Benito Olive Festival: Foodies and Families are all invited to enjoy local agriculture and culinary delights at the San Benito County Historical Park. Rana sierra occupies the northern and central Sierra Nevada south to the vicinity of Mather Pass Fresno Countywhereas Rana muscosa occupies the Sierra Nevada south of this area.

Mountain yellow-legged frogs are threatened by non-native predators and a disease caused by amphibian chytrid fungus that is responsible for the decline or extinction of more than amphibian species worldwide. Amphibian chytrid fungus has been present in Asia, South America, and Africa for approximately a century, but has spread to almost every continent in recent decades, likely due to the worldwide exportation of amphibians. Fish and Wildlife Service partnered for a third year in efforts to recover endangered mountain yellowlegged frog populations in the wild.

Tadpoles were emergency-airlifted from remote park locations and transported to said zoos to be cleared of disease, raised into frogs, immunized, and released back into their natal lakes in hopes of restoring their dwindling populations in the wild.

Declines were first recognized during the s and have accelerated markedly since the s. The realization that these patterns would rapidly place these species at risk of extinction led to Endangered listings for both species under the U.

Endangered Species Act, since The program involves collecting diseased tadpoles from wild populations, clearing them of disease upon arrival at zoos, growing them into healthy juvenile frogs, and inoculating the frogs to boost their immune response to the fungus before reintroducing them to their population sites.

The program looks to continue and succeed as other groups of tadpoles are salvaged and brought to zoos for more head-starting. When released, these frogs will be better able to fight future chytrid infections.

It might seem like a lot to go through, but letting populations completely die out is not a good option. Fish and Wildlife Service and zoos is trying to help to save a native California species and give it the opportunity to thrive and repopulate in the wild. Seeing flourishing frogs in healthy habitats is the ultimate goal of the rescue for recovery, so future generations are able to experience and learn about these animals first-hand.

For up-to-date event and travel information, visit www. Come to Exeter and vote for your favorite! Annual Old-Fashioned Halloween Carnival: Olde-fashioned Carnival with food, crafts, games, a spook house, a jail, contests, rides, face painting, and parade. Three Rivers Historical Society Museum. Enjoy a day of food, fun, and fabulous art. Featuring a different theme each time, it is held on the 1st Saturday of every month, and specials are promoted throughout the town.

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Watch artist demonstrations, eat good food and listen to local musicians or entertainers. Children will also be making their own raven masks. Contact Peter Sodhy at Raven Masquerade Progressive Dinner: Contact artist Nadi Spencer Servers from local restaurants compete for prizes and bragging rights!

October is for Lovers: Sequoia Symphony at Visalia Fox Theatre. Taste the Arts Festival: Presented by the Arts Consortium, in downtown Visalia. Central California Pickle Ball Tournament: Downtown Visalia at 7pm. Wings Over The Valley: How is this possible? Nestled within a little inland corridor in Encinitas, the Garden gets to enjoy the mild and coastal Big Blend Radio interview with Julian Duval, climate of Southern California, while sustaining a Executive Director of diverse topography that provides a wide variety San Diego Botanic Garden.

The trail walking in a garden to know it. Looking for ocean Yes, you can take a garden walk around the views? From water-wise two things are important to you: Both the California Gardenscapes gardens share tips on sustainability as well as and Landscape for Fire Safety exhibits are understanding local cultural heritage and natural important and informative walks to take.

There is something wonderful waiting for visitors here. No matter which area of the garden you are in, whether you are young or young at heart, with others or walking alone, you will want to visit again.

For more information, including special events and guided tours, visit www. Fall Plant Sale Oct. Family Fall Festival Oct. This past summer ofSouthern Arizona was blessed with a phenomenal monsoon season, and the Refuge certainly enjoyed its fair share of the soaking rainstorms. We visited the Refuge in late summer, and what a sight! The grasslands were lush and green, the wildflowers were in spectacular bloom, and the ponds and wetland areas were transformed into cool, refreshing watering stations for birds and wildlife.

Dragonflies and butterflies were dancing all over the place, baby Spadefoot toads were hopping around, and the birds were chirping, whistling and cackling with joy. The even better news is that it looks like the water will maintain its drinking hole position through to the end of fall, making it a perfect landing place for resident and migrating waterfowl and shorebirds.

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Aguirre Lake is named after Don Pedro Aguirre, who ranched the area back in the s. The lake is a result of a low dam he built to capture the rain for his livestock and crops. The region went through droughts and floods, but you can still see some of the ranch buildings. Josh Smith, Wildlife Refuge Specialist, talks about the monsoon season, trails, fall visitor experience, and the restoration and conservation efforts at Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

From kingbirds to vermillion flycatchers, kingfishers to ibis, the Refuge provides home to over bird species along with 58 mammal species including mule deer, pronghorn antelope and javelina. The best time to see both birds and wildlife is at dawn and dusk, but still be sure to bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen and good walking shoes.

Boasting magnificent views of the stately Baboquivari Peak, Aguirre Lake Trail is made up of two flat and mowed trail loops.

The 2-mile loop is accessible from the Visitor Center, located at the Refuge Headquarters, in Sasabe. There is parking at both trailheads, and a restroom at the Visitor Center.

There are also two shaded picnic areas to relax and enjoy the scenery and bird chatter. This part of the Refuge features the Altar Valley grassland habitat, as well as a small pond where you might see waterfowl.

One of the highlights is Pronghorn Drive, a 10 mile dirt road that loops around the grasslands, providing opportunity to hopefully catch a glimpse of the resident pronghorn.

Bob McIntyre Twilight Cross-Country Invitational Meet

You can enjoy nature walks through riparian corridors, scenic dirt road drives through rolling grasslands, along with miles of back country hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding trails, and even primitive style camping under the stars. For more information including the guided bird walks at the Cienega Trail and hikes in Brown Canyon both start in November and run through Aprilcall or visit https: Best known for his depictions of the traditional Native American and Hispanic cultures of the region, the western cowboy was a less common but enduring theme for the artist.

Square Dancing from is the only cowboy painting featuring cowgirls, but the template for his idealized cowboy is seen in the composition he painted over and over again, a view from behind of a lone mounted rider gazing into the distance. It was designed and built from the ground up by Ted DeGrazia who achieved worldwide acclaim for his colorful paintings of native cultures of the Sonoran desert.

These crazy souls of the air battled wind and weather conditions in opencockpit machines that lacked the power and instruments of modern-day airplanes. Landing on rough, poorly-cleared, too-short landing strips or on brush-filled vacant lots, airmen faced earth-bound aero-fanatics who rushed the plane as it landed in hopes of grabbing a piece of history. Similar performances soon followed in Tucson and Douglas and the flying game was on in the Territory!

The next year, eastbound pioneer aviator Robert G. Fowler piloted the first plane to fly into Arizona. Rodgers in Tucson, the only place in the nation where both initial transcontinental fliers stood on the ground at the same time. Following these historic events, seven years would elapse before an airplane again flew into the Territory and landed.

The Phoenix Chamber of Commerce prepared land at the Arizona Territorial Fairgrounds at 19th Avenue and McDowell Road, which proved too short by military standards, almost resulting in Smith crashing his plane into an irrigation ditch. Following its successful landing and welcoming festivities the squadron soared on to execute the first flight across the country in military formation. In addition, stunt pilots, including the Victory Loan Circus, thrilled entertainment-starved crowds in a series of aerial displays.

One, Lieutenant Frank Luke, Jr. The other, Ralph A. Wear and tear on their Douglas World Cruisers forced the first airmen to circle the globe to alter their flight path in and land in Tucson.

This put the small town on the map with Tokyo, Vienna, and London. The deaths of Samuel Howard Davis and Oscar Monthan Mon-tan in airplane accidents prompted Tucson to name a succession of airfields in their honor. PAGE 47 Thus began an array of flights into Arizona as the state took its place as an aviation leader. The Gulf-to-Pacific Squadron soon followed, also mapping early airmail routes and capturing the first aerial photos of the Grand Canyon.

All motorcycles welcome - no slicks or wheelie bars. Iron Horsemen Motorcycle Club July Info; or July Stan's H-D Proceeds to benefit Town of Batavia Fire Department. Winner needs not to be present. Registration begins at 6pm. All bikes and cars are welcome. Info; July Chris July Brought to you by by MX ; July Great scenery and food!

For more info, call At The Great Topsfield Fairgrounds; Canton, CT, call John for details July After how can you refuse? Riders July Endurance race Boston to NY. Historic Road Tour to celebrate the first motorcycle endurance race in America Meet at the Train Station, 11am, July Call August 1: Hill Climb sponsored by Ridge Runner Promotions.

Leaves at 10am Sharp! Bike Show, Food, Raffles, Vendors. Dogs and bikers living together in peace. New London, CT August 4: Leave Thomaston Bowling Lanes at Up The Maine Coast. The ride is the adventure! Sturgis, South Dakota; August Ride In Bike Show. Rachel's Poker Run for Cerebral Palsy. Register from 10am - 11am at Jodi's Place. Call or toll freeor www. Vintage Motorcycle Day Greenwich, RI August Trophies, door prizes, and food at end of the ride. WesFred or Dave at ; or www.

Good times, Music and food. On Route 6 in Chaplin, CT. Grab the melted butter and get out here! Moroney's Wednesday Evening Dinner Ride.

The troops leaves Food, live music, raffles, vendors. Presented by Quaboag Riders MC. Call August Gates open at noon, T. The Saturday Evening Putt. Sat pm, Sun pm. Food and drink provided, West Main St. Enjoy the natural beauty of Ashely Falls, MA. To benefit Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, reg Bike show, music, food and beverage, vendors, Door prize is Triumph Daytona.