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phantom brave we meet again classes online

What Was Your 1st Great Online Gaming Experience? ($25aC) i - Deserted Quarry. .. After it ends you will find yourself on the world map again. . Afterwards examine your mailbox for the next scene. o| Episode 3: "Meeting Putty" |o return to the same map and defeat all the enemies for a new class. It will cover Phantom Classes, Items, Dungeons, Titles, Leveling Phantom Brave PC . the body after knock out) you will have to sacrifice an item to bring them back. Now we equip that bottlemail with a grass type item and watch the . It is also an extremely affective way to gather and stack mana on a. Updated re-releases were released for the Wii titled We Meet Again, with a new titled The Hermuda Triangle, as well as an MMORPG, Phantom Brave Online. It was . Dem Bones: The Cerberus generic class, which doubles as being a dog.

This game has examples of: All of the Other Reindeer: Yes, they're that bad. Unlike many examples, though, they do eventually realize that Marona is their only hope for survival and that they should be nice to her, though. The fact that she eventually makes friends with an anthropomorphic shark in a Hawaiian T-Shirt who decides to beat up anyone who badmouths her helps.

All There in the Manual: Why on Earth did Sulphur come back as a bonus boss? So chances are he's just plain dead now. Which makes the overly complicated in-story plan to get rid of him rather tragic, since it resulted in a couple of Heroic Sacrifice. Although Lujei did heal Walnut for giggles too. AND the Unlosing Ranger. And Then John Was a Zombie: After Sulphur kills her lover, Scarlet goes to the Netherworld to kill demons until she awakens her power. Marona and crew Time Travel back to prevent her from becoming a demon; but Scarlet still gains the Burgundy power.

Marona is one of the few Nippon Ichi heroes who hasn't turned into a demon. The elder of Terra Firma looks to be the only person in the island who doesn't mind Marona, until he pays her a really meager amount of money by lying about the expenses of the island and laughs under his breath how he would never dare pay a person like her a lot of money.

Canary rips off Marona by giving her a gold membership card for his Animal Wrongs Group for retrieving Putty to his side. Putty then takes the card and warps it away from existence, which is enough to piss him off and reveal his real nature. Any of the dead people found scattered in all the levels of Frigidia may turn on Marona and attack her team despite being revived by her. The elder of Desert Island seemingly doesn't know about Marona's infamous reputation, but at the end of the day, he refuses to pay for her services because she stopped a possessed Bijou instead of the real Raphael, brushing it off as an accident of his part.

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Raphael, disgusted by his treatment to Marona, decides to really rain hell on the island. The SPD reduction from early-game Axes is minimal and doesn't hamper a physical character all that much. However, as you get further into the game, better Axes result in even worse SPD reductions; to the point that someone with the latest Axe may not even be able to act. In a game in which SPD determines Turn Order, this turns hardy physical characters into paper-weights.

This becomes a requirement for Another Marona, as enemy formations and HP-buffed enemies demand a team faster than their enemies to compensate; forcing even brawlers to make do with daggers and such for a very long time. Back for the Finale: Pretty much everyone you ever meet comes back to either help Marona directly or offer support. Even the Zombie Milon from Forestia, who you probably forgot as soon as the Episode was over, sends in an inspirational letter.

Being as big as a dragon helps. Ash and Marona pretend to be defeated by Laharl in order to get him to leave them alone. Suffice to say, they're not at all very convincing Bad Powers, Good People: Marona is the most kind-hearted necromancer ever, yet she gets ridiculed by many people she tries to help.

Sprout's sword, Shiva, is enormous.

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Marona, Carona, and Castile. Some of the cuter enemies have them as well. Sienna at the end of chapter Surprisingly Walnut also fits this trope, although he was cleaning up his own mess to an extent. It wouldn't be Nippon Ichi without absurdly overpowered bonus bosses hundreds of times stronger than the plotline final boss.

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In a mild subversion of the norm, Baal is not the final Bonus Boss and you can, in fact, recruit him. At a certain point, you are given the choice to open a bottle by the Putties.

Doing so will release Laharl from it. Due to the world's Evil Power Vacuumhe tries to appoint himself ruler and tries to make the protagonists his Vassals. Bottomless Pit Rescue Service: Marona, Ash, and major enemies will teleport back to the field when thrown out, instead of being automatically defeated. Also, any phantom who's currently taking their turn, and the final enemy on the field, no matter who it might be.

Also, the No O. Breaking the Fourth Wall: If you create any humanoid who doesn't do a specific task and talk to them, they may randomly say how awesome a Phantom Brave anime would be. Marona shows hints of this as the story progresses, but it never goes further than that. Marona's affinity for phantoms causes her a lot of grief, but you'd think someone with the reputation for summoning an army of the undead would be the very last person you'd want to openly rip off after they completed a job for you.

Anyone even remotely important to the story calls their next attack, even when they're about to kill you. As explained in Awesome, but Impractical above, Phantoms given Axes over a long period of time will become slow to the point that they may not even be able to take a turn at all, making Axes a much riskier investment than other weapons.

Newly created characters have an initial cap of levels Ash scolds her from time to time for constantly helping the ungrateful. The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard: Take a closer inspection at Turn Order. If one of your patented strategies is to attack an enemy that will move first, there's a good chance that, even if that enemy is K. That's only one of the ways the computer cheats.

Enemy characters stay in play permanently during battle, while your summoned ghosts fade away after about three turns and can't be resummoned. Also, until mastering a weapon, you seem to deal roughly damage except with magic, like the healer's Shockmeanwhile enemies deal in early game.

Meaning the tutorial battle is impossible for just Marona, and since much of the party can't be counted on as steady characters, you're kinda screwed with just Marona. Subverted under "Protection" which had you skipped the tutorial, you might miss. It seems though that virtually every enemy has this when attacked by most of the party besides the healer and Ash though.

The "cute" characters in the game are crippled, yelled at by angry villagers, are the angry villagers themselves, are harmless fools who get possessed by fragments of demonic souls There's a thousand other things, and if not for the graphics and the music this would probably be a Crapsack World.

Cutlass Between the Teeth: Four-legged characters use this by default, because they obviously have no arms. Compared to other Nippon Ichi games, like Disgaeathis one is much more serious. There's almost no slapstick or Black Comedy. Marona can and the enemies willby attacking the "body" of one of her phantoms, Soul Kill them. She can still reconstitute it by sacrificing an object and with a certain item, make the soul stronger.

However; after helping Castille's family on an assignment, Marona grows close to Castille and they become friends.

phantom brave we meet again classes online

Marona leaves Putty; a mischievous nature spirit found on an earlier assignment, with Castille to keep her company when Marona is unable to do so. As the game progresses, signs of Sulphur returning to Ivoire in full force become more apparent. Earthquakes increase in frequency and monsters plague the land, with lesser forms of Sulphur known as Wraiths appearing to attack Ash and Marona several times. At one point Marona and her rival Walnut are forced to team up, and it is revealed that Walnut is Castile's older brother who's been stealing money from Marona and other Chromas in an effort to pay for Castile's hospital bills so that she can be cured of the sickness that keeps her bedridden.

Ash and Marona meet more people who are aware of the signs signalling Sulpher's return and are making preparations to meet Sulpher in battle, if necessary. Among these individuals are Raphael; a renowned knight known as one of the Nine Swords of Ivoire, and the dreary Sprout; a renegade soldier whose family was killed by Sulphur many years earlier. While Sprout seems to side with Ash in this fight, he is hellbent on the destruction of Sulphur at all costs, no matter the means used.

As preparations for the final battle are made, Ash and Marona return to the Isle of Evil and find Raphael is possessed by Sulphur, and so Marona's team of phantoms is forced to engage Raphael in a duel. After Raphael is too injured to continue and comes back to his senses, he entrusts Ash with Heliotrope; his sacred sword, for use in their battle against Sulphur. At the center of the island lies a portal from which Sulphur is entering the world, and upon the heroes' arrival to this point they expect to engage in combat with Sulphur immediately.

However they are intercepted by Sprout. Having gone mad from the dark power that he has stolen from the countless minions of Sulphur that he has killed and by Sulphur's increased influence in the area, Sprout attacks Ash and Marona. When he loses to Ash he kills himself with his sword; Shiva, in an attempt to kill Sulphur within him, but his sacrifice is in vain as Sulphur successfully materializes anyway. Ash and Marona finally battle it out with Sulphur, but in spite of the duo's best efforts, Sulphur is merely weakened and is still attempting to enter into Ivoire.

At that point Walnut appears and says farewell to Castile, sacrificing his own life to sever the portal between Ivoire and Sulphur's domain and effectively save the world. Gameplay[ edit ] Phantom Brave is a tactical role-playing game with battles that take place on an isometric board. Marona dispatches her phantom allies by confining them to objects on the field, such as trees, grass, rocks, and flowers.

Different objects grant different stat bonuses to the characters that are confined to them, making it advantageous to confine certain characters to certain things. A soldier, for example, often benefits from the stat bonuses found on a rock because of his physical combat abilities, whereas a witch works better when summoned out of a flower or another object that increases its magical abilities.

Up to 14 phantoms can be dispatched during any given battle, but the phantoms can only be confined to the physical world for a particular number of turns. The number of turns that a character can stay confined is based upon their class. For example, a witch can stay on the field for three turns, while a soldier lasts eight.

phantom brave we meet again classes online

While a high confine is desirable for continuous use of the character, a low confine number is actually advantageous if the player intends to either reuse the item to confine another phantom or take items back from the battlefield permanently, or for bomber units. Depending on their class, each phantom has a certain chance of acquiring the item he is confined to, bringing it back to Phantom Isle when the battle is won.

A typical battle sequence; Ash is attempting to attack an Amazon with the "Subtle" title. Phantom Brave has a gridless system in which each character can move a certain number of dm in each turn.

The terrain also has traction and pliability characteristics, which affect how long characters continue to slide along after they stop moving and how high they bounce when the character jumps down from a ledge. On slippery surfaces, it is possible to make the characters "ice skate" by moving very short distances consuming few dm and letting them slide to their destination. In addition, the hold and throw system inherited from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness allows characters to pick up and throw objects and even other characters including allies toward a desired location.

Unlike most tactical role-playing games, the border of the battle maps do not have barriers around their edges. Most characters and objects can be thrown off, hit off, fall off, or slip off of the field of battle and sent O. Characters and objects that are O. When an enemy is O. B'd, the level of each of the remaining enemies rises by one, so the player can trade a large force of weak enemies for a smaller number of stronger ones.

If the enemy's HP is reduced to zero before it is thrown out of the stage, its allies will not be granted a level up. The last enemy on the map cannot be thrown O. All characters and weapons accumulate "mana" a magical currency for increasing a character or weapon's abilities whenever they kill an enemy. This mana can be spent to fuse two characters together, an item into a character, or an item to an item.

Fusion increases the level cap of the beneficiary by the level of the consumed item or character. By spending mana, the player can improve equipment percentages stat bonuses given to characters who equip the item or character and confine percentages bonuses to characters confined in the item on the fieldand even transfer skills to the beneficiary.

In Phantom Brave, weapons have a much greater effect on a character's stats than their natural affinity. The maximum obtainable character level is While on Phantom Isle, a character class called Dungeon Monk can be asked to create a random dungeon.

Some characteristics of the dungeon can be seen before creation, including the type and general number of enemies present, the floor conditions, and if the use of equipped weapons is restricted or not. Dungeons also have titles, which are applied to every enemy in the dungeon. As the floors of the dungeon are cleared, the title of the dungeon will improve. These titles can later be removed and placed on player characters or weapons to alter their stats.

Random dungeons can also be retitled. A popular leveling trick is to give a random dungeon the "failure" title, allowing the player to beat hordes of high level enemies easily. Random dungeons tend to take the form of a linear series of floors, although occasionally a floor may have a special named layout for example, "Self-Styled God" floors have a stronger enemy in the center of a terraced layout.

These floors occur randomly and confer an extra bonus upon completion. Unlike in Disgaea, where to descend to the next floor one may merely move a character to a certain panel, in Phantom Brave one must defeat all the enemies present to continue. To leave a random dungeon, one must either clear every floor, or use a Dungeon Monk's Return skill, which costs money proportional to the current depth.

While between battles, Marona can return to her home; Phantom Island, where she can summon create new phantoms to aid her in future battles. The player starts off by being able to create characters from a limited selection of classes, but each class of enemy that is defeated in battle is added to the selection of phantoms the player may summon.

Summoning phantoms requires only a nominal fee, but new phantoms always join at level 1 no matter when they are summoned. Marona's phantoms populate the island, and the player can converse with them. Many classes have a special utility on the island; Merchants sell items, Healers can recover the damage that units have sustained Fusionists can combine characters and items, Witches allow the player to reorder a character or weapon's spells and skills, and Blacksmiths combine mana with weapons to either level them up or to awaken latent skills hidden in the weapon.

Phantom Isle hides several secret items and character classes, such as the Changebook, which allows the player to switch the character they explore the map with. Phantom Brave has a series of extra maps following the main storyline. These post-game maps offer more powerful enemies and feature cameos by some members of the cast of the Disgaea games as enemies.

After defeating these characters they will join the player's pool of playable characters as "phantom doubles". While the first couple of extra maps can be completed immediately after the main story, the later extra maps are very difficult and require a large amount of time invested into the game to be spent leveling characters and fusing weapons before they can be completed.