Pen pals meet after decades man

2 people who've been pen pals for 42 years meet for the 1st time - ABC News

pen pals meet after decades man

After 57 years, international pen pals meet in person for the first time Even though the assignment ended, over the next six decades they kept. Nexus Pen Pal Program. JPG man w pen pal SDC the Nexus Pen Pal Program, uniting children and adults through letter writing for more than a decade ! Bald Eagle Children Singing to the Adult Pen Pals at the May Meet & Greet. Finally: Oklahoma, Arizona pen pals meet after 48 years of . about Himebaugh because of their decades of exchanging letters, but, . I just know I was so excited after 48 years that we were finally meeting in person after all.

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  • A correspondence that began decades ago ripens into an enduring friendship
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pen pals meet after decades man

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pen pals meet after decades man