Paraski world meet 2013

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paraski world meet 2013

Graeme Windsor, President IPC opening the 64th Plenary Meeting with the ususal call . He then proposed the move from Grosny to Chebovsky for the World Cup and Next Michael Egger presented the amended report for Para Ski. Landing on top of the Jungfrau (11, feet mean sea level) after the Para-Ski World Meet in Switzerland. Flying over the crevasses and having the Eiger in the . 9th FAI World Junior Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing Championships 16th FAI World Para-Ski Championships Kolomna, Russia, FAI 7th World Cup in Canopy Piloting & FAI 3rd European Championships in Canopy Piloting:

As there was no-one against the proposal it received unanimous support.

paraski world meet 2013

A total of 37 countries had provided data for the report which was circulated in CD format to all delegations. Doris Merz, Switzerland, raised the question as to why Buzz has no access to bank account statements.

Buzz explained that this is at the insistence of the FAI of complete control from the top to the bottom. However things are beginning to move. Buzz further confirmed that from now on all costs connected with obtaining a visa up to a maximum of Euros will be included in the Reimbursement Policy Document. When put to the vote this received unanimous support. Buzz then asked for committee chairs to give him their expenditure lists so that he can prepare a budget to be shown for the coming year, which will be shown tomorrow.

Would like to expand the definitiions to invistage further record categories to New records — 2 performance records 1 Absolute longest feefall time to the opening of the parachute or m above the ground. Have been working on how to judge this and they now have a working proposal using a grid. Use of a drogue would not be allowed under 1.

Competitions — will investigate the various competitions around the world and gather information to come up with a proposal for Composition of the working group — Ronald would like to stand down as chair, and he presented his new panel.

Unanimous approval from the floor to include these new definitions and records in the sporting code. He thanked those delegates who had responded to his request for a response to the Ranking Lists. He would propose to work with Para-Ski committee to produce listings. Further he would also look to introduce individual based ranking lists for the future — probably utilising para-ski as a test event.

Any proposed Competition Rules and changes to the Sporting Code would be presented at the time they made those presentations for approval. The bid from iFly Austin to host a world cup in would be presented to the Plenary after all the rules and regulations have been accepted.

Graeme thanked Gillian for all her work and the fact that we can bring young juniors into our sport. They wish, for the sake of the competitors that they can display their sport on an IPC level. The Austrian delegate proposed acceptance of this new discipline into the IPC family.

This was then put to the vote by the plenary. There was one abstention and none against acceptance from the floor. The rules were then accepted unanimously. The group would like to propose Elisabet Mikaelsson as chair of the new committee. There have been a few changes made from the original bid presented on the agenda.

They have included all re-jumps and practice jumps — taken on board the fuel price risk themselves and also free transport from the airport to dropzone. They would schedule events to reduce the total time of attendance. Finally they would solicit grants and corporate sponsorship with the goal of subsidising all junior competitor entry fees.

Graeme thanked Skydive Chicago for taking the comments from the open meeting on board and rethinking the original bid to reduce costs for competitors. A few questions from the floor and a secret ballot was called for. He spoke about his presentation about and reported on the poor attendance at the World Cup and European Championships during However he was looking forward to the World Championships for in Banja Luka and he hoped that many nations would attend.

The proposed changes in the rules were approved unanimously. The committee then presented the bids for the coming competitions. There is a bid for Bulgaria for the European Championships and as it was late in arriving, having handed over the deposit to Buzz and support for accepting the bid for consideration, and then total support for the competition to be held in Bulgaria in Gunter also confirmed the Mondial which had been accepted previously.

No other future bids were put forward. Mark Szulmayer then reported for the Formation Skydiving Committee. At the open meeting the committee wanted to work on bringing the FS and VFS competition rules into one document and the work on this would continue during the year for presentation However the rules for Indoor skydiving have been produced as a single document. Gillian Rayner pointed out that there was no Junior category and asked that the committee rethink and include this in the rules.

Mark apologised and said yes they would. The few minor rule changes were then presented for approval. Unanimous approval from the floor. The committee also supported the venue change for the World Championships as outlined in the open meeting and this was approved unanimously by the plenary.

She commenced with paying tribute to Barry McAuley and all the work he had done for the committee and the discipline. She also thanked InTime and OmniSkore for their work in providing judging systems for this discipline.

Lindy then moved on to the presentation of the proposed rules changes. As there were no comments on the proposals they were put to the floor for a vote — resulting in a unanimous agreement to accept them. He then moved on to the few proposed changes in the competition rules. As Annex 38 is an agenda item he asked the USA if they were willing to withdraw their proposal — which was not supported by the committee or go ahead and ask if the plenary agrees to accept the proposals. The committee accepts the venue change forand at the moment there is no bid on the table for For we will all be in Chicago.

Three items; work of the committee, future competitions and rule changes. He thanked all the work of his committee and as Buzz Bennett is stepping down a special thank you for all his work over the years.

The number of competitors for Tanya, Russia has now increased to The weather this year is very bad for the World Cup Series For there is a bid from Germany and the committee supports this bid. The vote when unanimously in support of the German bid. There were no questions about the rule changes. The Plenary voted to accept the unanimously. Michael Eggar then called for bids for and Also a good competition, well run, in Kolomna.

Reports on both competitions are contained in the agenda. Both bids are acceptable by the committee and the suggestion is that the Plenary votes either for USA or Russia. Proposed by Graeme to adopt the changes in the competition rules.

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One vote against acceptance, but the balance in support so they are carried. We then moved to a secret ballot on which venue will host the World Championships in Canopy Piloting One vote against and one abstention so the bid has been accepted. Graeme then called for the delegate from the UAE to make a short announcement. Helmut Schlect drew attention of the plenary to his position as an observer due to the late submission by his NAC the UAE in submitting his role as delegate.

We had a lot of competitors but that was to be expected as it took place at Skydive Dubai — all chairs have been asked to provide feedback so that for the next time we can improve the presentation of our sport.

This moved Graeme on to the Strategic Plan - we had a coffee break whilst the overhead projection system was sorted. At the plenary last year it ended in a hurry — one of the issues was that the Canopy Piloting rules were left to the Bureau to approve and finalise. They have now been finalised and Graeme thanked Alberto and his committee for their work and asked all delegates to review them as they were included in the Agenda.

After a short coffee break Graeme then talked about the Strategic Plan which was agreed in and has only been slightly modified since then. I will publish the revised Strategic Plan on this website. Graeme went through the changes and the reasons why. Liam spoke about the small number of returns and the fact that the difficulty is that he does not receive year on year reports from the same countries, so there is no way to see a pattern developing.

He also then spoke about the lack of use of the Safety Database which had been created for countries to use, under a password, so that any incident is reported immediately but this is not being utilised. Patrice Girardin, France Delegate spoke very strongly about using the information highway - social media - whatever to make immediate enquiries about any accident, as it happens, to build information. Gillian Winter followed up with a short video presentation initiatiated by the French Parachute Federation, to host a European competition that allows physically disabled people to skydive and compete against others, as a tandem passenger.

paraski world meet 2013

Gustavo said it is important to share information on all incidents as well as fatalities. He then thanked delegates for their contributions. She has to wait for the September statement to know exactly what has been paid out by the FAI.

She can authorise payments but if these are in Euros she can set up the payment, although it still has to be authorised also by FAI personnel - any other currency has to go through Western Union and this can only be authorised by two FAI personnel. So it is difficult for Doris to keep proper records of what is being paid out and when it is and also to know when the payments are actually made. Doris then went through the Profit and Loss Account which she was able to prepare from the September statement, giving explanations along the way.

She then asked for questions and there were a couple which she was able to answer. She promised that her presentation would match the discipline name and be fast! She confirmed that they had been successful competitions during and was looking forward to being at the Mondial in Chicago.

She also spoke about the development of other recording devices, but these will be tested fully to ensure they calibrate to the same standard as those currently used. They have also improved the Analysis software.

Para Alpine Skiing - Competition & events schedule

Providing there is a good internet connection on the competition site they can publish instant results, which are appreciated by competitors. Markus then confirmed that he has a meeting on the 2nd February and should be able to report after that.

Marylou spoke with great enthusiasm about the work she is doing to promote IPETA and parachuting - that her aim is to get competitors the recognition they deserve as given to athletes in other sports. She was encouraged with the interest she had received in several instances that were still being persued. Alvero then spoke passionately about the prospects for IPETA and the potential this presents for parachuting.

He used the example of the International Automobile Association and Bernie Eccleston who had taken over F1 Motor racing and who now tells the IAA what rules to make as they had lost control of their sport. Alvero answered that the FAI was in the very early stages of thinking about the creation of a multi-event series, which would not be in conflict with the aims of IPETA. There were few changes other than the wish of the committee to return to the 2-way Female Team.

He asked for bids for the future, as there was nothing on the agenda for or and he appealed to delegates to consider this discipline.

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He hoped to be able to announce the possibility of new bids. Rina Gallo then presented the rule changes that the committee had been discussing and put the proposals up, there were no questions from the floor. She did say that the committee were discussing the French Proposal to remove the "throw-away round" and this discussion was still ongoing. The landing area they had intended to use for Canopy Formations and Style was no longer available - it is now a cornfield.

He has the opportunity to use an alternate airfield which is 12 miles away. He then showed the changes he proposed as a result of this alternate field and which he believed, as an ex-competitor would give a better World competition.