Oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

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oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

Updated May 19, at AM ; Posted May 18, at AM Mo Farah wins the 5, at the Oxy High Performance meet, but In this Flotrack video, Cain appears overwhelmed by what she just has accomplished. Apr 17, FloTrack Staff Currently, Running Warehouse is working with Flotrack determine which race will be the “RW Oxy High Performance Meet. USATF Oxy High Performance Meet set for Friday Loaded fields set for Shanghai The meet will be webcast live by Flotrack via a subscription starting at p.m. stop of the Diamond League series in Shanghai on Saturday, May

Over the years, Payton Jordan has evolved into one of the top track and field meets in the country. Hundreds of high school, college, and professional national and international compete under the lights in California. The women's m and m saw world leading marks from Sally Kipyego The race also included a Canadian national record Simon Bairu - The women's m featured U.

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Olympians who tested the minute barrier. The race was won by miler specialist Shannon Rowbury in Colorado's Jenny Barringer set the collegiate record in the m with her winning time of Stanford's own Chris Derrick set the American junior record in the m with a time of Flanagan outkicked New Zealand's Kim Smith In the men's m, Bernard Lagat No rules, just race. Athletes who participate in the road race are granted entry to the meet and are actually participate in the meet through the YOUR Athletes program.

oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

The schedule for the meet includes the men's m, women's m, men's mile, women's mile, and men's 2-mile. The start list is being updated, but the current list includes the elite athletes, Olympians, and rising stars. You can get to know the athletes HERE. The, Steeplechase, and One of the biggest mistakes brands, or events, make nowadays is trying to be all things to all people. The fact is that a single traditional track meet is actually playing to several audiences with sprinters, jumpers, throwers, and distance runners all on display.

The distance fan really is a discrete tribe, so why not create an event just for them? I love that Oxy does this. The organizers of this event--Rose Monday, Frank Gagliano, and Jon Marcus--have done an incredible job building it thus far. I commend them for creating such a great meet in such an intimate venue. The value of their foundational work isn't lost on me.

But neither is the opportunity to take Oxy to the next level. Currently, Oxy is the equivalent of holding a PGA Tour event, with Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy, at a local municipal course with a miniscule gallery of insider spectators and almost no media coverage.

Is this America's best track meet? by Peter Abraham, note by Larry Eder

Hard to imagine, right? Well, in track and field it's commonplace. But that's also the opportunity here. Outside of the Olympic Trials or a big city marathon, I can't think of a better way to bring distance running to a new audience.

oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

Not only is this event already great and getting better, but it's in Los Angeles, the fittest big city in America. If Rose and her team want to grow Oxy to it's rightful place as America's best track meet and to be clear, they may notthey require some significant upgrades.

oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

Oxy needs to mature along with its potential. Here's my point plan to build this meet into a world-class event: While Oxy has benefitted from the quaint environs of the 2,seat Jack Kemp Stadium, this venue is at capacity and there's no real estate to add temporary seating.

A move to Drake, with its 12, seats, would allow the race to scale upward for years, with plenty of parking and amenities. Currently, the Occidental meet does almost no media or press whatsoever.

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That needs to change. I'd add a small media team starting a month or so in advance of the event with PR, social media, and video content. Create a real social media profile: Proper hashtag usage, including a hashtag chalked onto the infield so all of the spectators can get on the same page.

Then they need a professional social media staff the night of the race to be constantly tweeting, posting to facebook, sending out photos and video, etc. This approach is critical for any live event nowadays. It's hard to imagine any event without even a basic website, but Oxy currently doesn't have one. It took me 10 minutes on Google to find even their basic page on the Occidental College site.

oxy high performance meet 2013 flotrack

This can be built in a few weeks for a couple thousand dollars. It should incorporate all of the social media channels and be updated on a daily basis in the weeks leading up to the event.

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Great video content before, during, and after the meet. Flotrack did a good job with live video of this year's event, but it could be even better.

This is inexpensive and effective storytelling. Shoot some preview pieces in advance and get them out with press releases. Then do a really nice live streaming production with RunnerSpace or Flotrack, and immediately night of event cut a highlight video and send it around with a wrap-up press release.

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A comprehensive PR strategy. They need to get local and national media excited about this event. A friend of mine is a local news anchor in LA and a committed marathoner and triathlete. He'd love to cover Occidental, but I'm guessing no one bothered to tell him about it. I follow running media obsessively, and I saw absolutely no coverage at all of Occidental before or after the event outside of Flotrack and the usual diehard tweeters.