Oki international school sports meet

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oki international school sports meet

20 October ·. OKI international school kiribathgoda annual sports meet / Image may contain: 4 people, people smiling, people standing and text. OKI Pre-School Sports meet Biyagama branch International schools which prepared the students for the examinations conducted by To day in Sri Lanka there is another group of schools who call them Classroom facilities available Extra curricular activities (sports , drama, . Kurunegala OKI International School, Wattala OKI international school.

Even though these universities recognized the local Advanced Level qualification, they preferred the entry qualifications such as London advanced level. This requirement of the rich, educated parents created the first wave of demand for the international education in Sri Lanka. The demand was duly met by the business community by opening up good quality international schools such as Colombo International School, and Asian International School etc.

This initial success prompted other business minded educated entrepreneurs to come into the field of providing international school education. However as time passed by, the quantity of the education providers gradually increased while the stark opposite began to take place incase of quality of this education.

However a considerable number of these schools are unable to retain most of these students especially in secondary tire of education such as in Advanced Level. This has affected the popularity of most of these schools and in turn has paved the way to erosion of quality of the education provided by them.

Due to ethical reasons it is not possible to reveal the names of the schools from which the data were gathered. However their District, City and student populations are given in the following table. Administrative staff, Teachers and Students of schools 1.

oki international school sports meet

To verify and examine the factors which affect the ability to sustain the student population at secondary level in international schools, from the perspective of the parents, teachers and the school management and 2. To recommend the alternative measures to enhance the retention of students. They are as follows: Transferability of the student's education across international schools. A moving population higher than in state schools or public schools. A transient and multinational teacher population.

Usually English or bilingual as the language of instruction There seems to be a great confusion among all stake holders about the definition of what an International School should be.

International Schools could be described as schools which prepare there students to take up examinations and acquire qualifications offered by various internationally recognised examining bodies. To day in Sri Lanka there is another group of schools who call them International Schools without teaching for foreign syllabuses. They teach students for local examinations under national curriculum in English language.

oki international school sports meet

The basis why they call themselves international schools is not clear. Even though these schools teach the national curriculum, they are not recognized by the Education Ministry of Government of Sri Lanka. The students of these schools have to apply for national examinations as private candidates. Therefore a great care should be exercised in identifying what is an International School in Sri Lanka and what do they teach to the children of the nation.

A list of all international schools as published by Association of International Schools in Sri Lanka is given in the annexure one. Then the relevant literature on the study of retention of students in schools is presented and discussed. It would be helpful to consider different missions that International Schools have set up for themselves. More than schools in over countries are part of the Cambridge learning community. Cambridge programs and qualifications are progressive and flexible, helping schools develop successful students.

Cambridge qualifications provide opportunities by providing learners with a globally accepted qualification. Cambridge offers rigorous and flexible assessment, leading to international qualifications which are recognised worldwide. Edexcel International is another provider of International qualifications and most of the Sri Lanka International Schools follow their curriculum and teach students to obtain this qualification. InThey delivered 8.

Their entire vocational portfolio had over one million registrations across 45 countries. It is appropriate at this juncture to develop an understanding abut the qualifications awarded by these two leading education providers. The GCE traditionally comprised two levels: Few years later this was followed by countries such as Sri Lanka who have based their education on the UK model. It was intended to cater for the increased range of subjects available to pupils since the raising of the school leaving age from 14 to 15 in There was also an advanced ordinary level AO-levelwhich was at a higher standard than O-Levels but designed for more mature candidates.

These were often in addition to O-Levels in subjects that the student was particularly adept at.

OKI International School | Annual Sports meet

A higher special paper Special Paper S-level was available to A-Level candidates who showed particular prowess in a subject, scoring a distinction in this paper meant that the candidate was in the top 0.

GCE A-Levels were retained. Grades were originally numbers 1 to 9, with 1 to 6 considered pass grades. However, later, letters were brought in, similar to those adopted later for GCSEs.

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The SPM is taken by all fifth-year secondary school students in Malaysia. The STPM is taken by students after a two-year sixth form course. The STPM is accepted for admission to universities worldwide. Pakistan Pakistan also runs the GCE education level.

oki international school sports meet

Some of Pakistan's top schools offers this course. A Pakistani student currently holds the world record for attaining the highest number of "A's" in A-Level. After that, they have the option to go on to a junior college for two years in preparation for the A- Levels or study a vocational trade and earn a diploma at a polytechnic or technical school.

Increasingly, students who perform well in school are given the option to bypass the O-levels and take the A-Levels, in a scheme dubbed the integrated programme also known as the through-train programme.

They are conducted on an island-wide examination centres on same time.

"O.K.I. International School Annual Sports Meet- 2017"

Examination entrance is restricted by a minimal number of formal school going years and laboratory field work. Instead of Advanced Level, they have introduced a foundation year programme. The teaching methods and continuous internal assessments offered to students are focused towards university preparation. The MUFY syllabus is divided into two semesters with examinations at the end of each semester. Internal assessments also significantly contribute towards final grades.

Ken Rigby 2. Dronkers states his research results showed that parents of different socio economic backgrounds found different school attributes to be important to them. Issue Brief of United States National Centre for Education Statistics June This report highlights the fact that teacher turnover in private schools is associated with factors such as low level of administrative support from the management, less chances to input into school decisions, and insufficient salary.

Active Engagement--The amount of time students are actively engaged in relevant instructional tasks must increase. Experience of success--If students do not experience success, their motivation quickly disappears. Content coverage and opportunity to learn--The more content is covered, the greater the potential for student learning. Grouping for instruction--Students achieve the most when they are engaged in learning activities supervised directly by teachers.

Scaffolded instruction--Students benefit from a carefully and systematically sequenced series of prompted content, materials, tasks and teacher support. Addressing forms of knowledge--Teachers should address all forms of knowledge, declarative basic facts and vocabulary ; procedural knowledge steps used to solve problemsand conditional when and where to use certain strategies.

Organizing knowledge--Moving from easier skills to more difficult skills helps students make progress. Teaching strategically--Teaching students strategies that can be applied across various settings and situations helps them hone their skills. Explicit instruction--Teachers can make instruction explicit by clearly stating the goals of the lesson, structuring the lesson in an obvious format and presenting content in a direct fashion. Teaching sameness--Purposively designing instruction to help students recognize patterns and organize knowledge can help students learn.

Interviews A sample of 20 international schools, 8 from Gampaha District and 12 from Colombo District were selected on random basis.

From each of these schools respondents will be selected on the following basis using simple random method. Staff 10 10 Total 40 20 60 Secondary data were collected from BOI administrative reports and other relevant resources. Data were analyzed in Excel data analysis package and interpreted accordingly.

oki international school sports meet

The more favorable the Socio Economic background of the parents of the children of international schools higher will be the ability to Sustain the students at secondary level in international schools b. If Quality of teaching in International Schools is high ,their ability to sustain students at secondary level in international schools will be high c.

The more advanced the management of resources higher will be the retention of students d. Tax payers or not 2. Availability of science laboratory Pay level of teachers 4.

oki international school sports meet

Religion has not been overlooked as it is the cornerstone of a spiritual foundation. And a sound personality is founded on the wisdom entrenched in the four great established religions. The custodians of school are extremely particular of the competency of the teaching staff. They have not only to be qualified in their respective domain, but also play the part of role models. This then is the foundational stage of the future personality.

Any kind of traumatic experience can make or mar the future personality. Thus the school affords counselling to the parents as well as child concerned to overcome such searing, disabling experiences. This scenario is replicated in the Middle School and Upper School with modifications. The school is equipped with a first class library and a state-of-the-art science laboratory. It is the international school in Sri Lanka to be owned. Since the school started init has welcomed students from over 74 different countries.

The teachers who are from over 14 different countries have degrees from universities throughout the world, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College, Harvard, Elizabeth Moir School uses the British education system. Football is probably currently the strongest sport, the Under 19 Team has been International Schools Champion several times and has beaten many of the top national schools as well.

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In Basketball they have squads for both boys and girls throughout both schools, and they compete with schools and clubs in Sri Lanka as well as in Malaysia. From an early age, students are encouraged to participate in the Performing and Creative Arts, there are very popular and successful programs in Singing, Instrumental Music, Drama, Mime, Dance, Debating and Art. There are daily Assemblies at both schools, and students get regular practice speaking into a mic and performing in front of an audience, the Senior School Choir is frequently invited to perform at the Royal College Choirs Festival and also for the Edexcel Awards Ceremony at the BMICH 5.

It is one of Sri Lankas most prestigious private schools, founded by Mr.