Obama meet aung san suu kyi speech

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obama meet aung san suu kyi speech

Aung San Suu Kyi is a Burmese politician, diplomat, author, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate .. In November , it was reported that Aung San Suu Kyi would meet her political allies National League for . On 18 August, United States President Barack Obama asked the country's military leadership to set free all political. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma, who was once a prisoner in her own country, came to the Oval Office to meet with President Obama for the first time as an. Mr Obama met fellow Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ms Suu Kyi, who led Mr Obama told a packed audience for a speech at Yangon University.

The media were also prevented from visiting Aung San Suu Kyi, as occurred in when journalist Maurizio Giulianoafter photographing her, was stopped by customs officials who then confiscated all his films, tapes and some notes.

Aung San Suu Kyi proclaimed "a new dawn for the country".

obama meet aung san suu kyi speech

However, on 30 May in an incident similar to the attack on her, a government-sponsored mob attacked her caravan in the northern village of Depayinmurdering and wounding many of her supporters. The government imprisoned her at Insein Prison in Rangoon. After she underwent a hysterectomy in September[67] the government again placed her under house arrest in Rangoon.

Ismail resigned from his post the following year, partly because he was denied re-entry to Burma on several occasions. This was Aung San Suu Kyi's first appearance in state media in the four years since her current detention began.

obama meet aung san suu kyi speech

The accusation followed the defeat of a US-sponsored United Nations Security Council resolution condemning Burma as a threat to international security; the resolution was defeated because of strong opposition from China, which has strong ties with the military junta China later voted against the resolution, along with Russia and South Africa. The ruling junta made the official announcement on state TV and radio just hours after UN special envoy Ibrahim Gambari ended his second visit to Burma.

However, on departing from Burma, Ban Ki-moon said he was "disappointed" with the visit after junta leader Than Shwe refused permission for him to visit Aung San Suu Kyi, citing her ongoing trial.

Ban said he was "deeply disappointed that they have missed a very important opportunity".

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Placed under house arrest in Rangoon under martial law that allows for detention without charge or trial for three years. Released from house arrest. Placed under house arrest. Released after 19 months. Arrested following the Depayin massacreshe was held in secret detention for more than three months before being returned to house arrest.

House arrest extended by one year despite a direct appeal from U. Reached 12 years under house arrest, solidarity protests held at 12 cities around the world. House arrest extended for another year, which is illegal under both international law and Burma's own law.

House arrest extended for 18 more months because of "violation" arising from the May trespass incident. Webb negotiated the release of John Yettaw, the man who trespassed in Suu Kyi's home, resulting in her arrest and conviction with three years' hard labour. On 3 Mayan American man, identified as John Yettaw, swam across Inya Lake to her house uninvited and was arrested when he made his return trip three days later.

obama meet aung san suu kyi speech

Aung San Suu Kyi was later taken to Insein Prisonwhere she could have faced up to five years confinement for the intrusion. The defence was allowed to call only one witness out of fourwhile the prosecution was permitted to call 14 witnesses. This sentence was commuted by the military rulers to further house arrest of 18 months. Than Shwe and later with Suu Kyi. During the visit, Webb negotiated Yettaw's release and deportation from Burma.

However, her appeal against the August sentence was rejected by a Burmese court on 2 October Although the court accepted the argument that the constitution, under which she had been charged, was null and void, it also said the provisions of the security law, under which she has been kept under house arrest, remained in force.

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The verdict effectively meant that she would be unable to participate in the elections scheduled to take place in — the first in Burma in two decades. Her lawyer stated that her legal team would pursue a new appeal within 60 days. More recently, there has been growing criticism of her detention by Burma's neighbours in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, particularly from Indonesia, [] Thailand, [] the Philippines [] [] and Singapore. President ever to travel there, I could see the enormous potential that was about to be unleashed, and nobody represented that better than Aung San Suu Kyi.

So we are very hopeful about the future. I would encourage Americans who have the opportunity at some point to travel to Burma, to do so. It is a beautiful country with a rich culture and wonderful people. So we look forward to partnering with you, State Counsellor, on a whole range of issues. And if you would have predicted five years ago that Aung San Suu Kyi would now be here sitting as the newly elected representative of her country, many people would have been skeptical.

But now we have to go ahead. And our party always said the most important thing was national reconciliation and peace. In my country, fighting has been going on for decades, ever since we became an independent nation. There was always fighting going on at some time, or someplace or the other. There are officially ethnic groups in our country, and to keep them all united and keep them all to one purpose is not an easy matter. But we think that we can do that. We think that we can do that because what all of us want is a truly democratic, federal union — a union in which we can create true strength of our diversity, in which we can celebrate our diversity as a greater resource, a greater richness.

We are trying to do that now, and we are grateful to all our friends — of course, the United States is more than included — who have been helping us in this process.

But unity also means prosperity, because people, when they have to fight over limited resources forget that standing together is important. So we want to develop our material resources. We want to make sure that our people are better off materially in order to strengthen our political initiatives. Kofi Annan, to look into matters in the Rakhine State. Communal strife is not something that we can ignore. So this is one of the first initiatives we have taken, forming this commission to look into communal strife and tensions within the Rakhine State.

We want everybody who is a citizen of our country to be entitled to the full rights of citizens.

Remarks by President Obama and State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma

And we want to make sure that everybody who is entitled to citizenship is accorded citizenship as quickly and as fairly as possible.

And this is what we are trying to do in Rakhine. And we hope that the world will recognize that we are sincere in trying to bring together different communities in what is a very poor state with tremendous potential.

If we can all come together, help them to develop the potential and to eliminate the poverty that so destroys the unity, I think it would be helping not just one country, but the world at large, by proving that divisions can be overcome, that we can create unity out of diversity, that we can put aside suspicion and misunderstandings, and come to an agreement so that we can all do this together.