Nnamdi kanu friends meet brothers wife

Open Letter to Nnamdi Kanu: 'Nigeria is Already Burning''- by Okoye Paul - INFORMATION NIGERIA

nnamdi kanu friends meet brothers wife

Nnamdi Kanu brainwashed my brother, says man whose relation was p> In his social media lamentation which friends and other sympathisers but that he left his successful business to go to Umuahia “to meet his death. Apr 28, Nnamdi Kanu's sister expressed joy over the imminent release of her brother and hope have risen among his family members, friends and associates. a few minutes ago after all conditions were met by the IPOB leader. Nnamdi Kanu Alive, Plans To Make Live Broad Cast On Sunday! said its leader during the life broadcast tell Biafrans, friends of Biafra and the world . He said that Kanu will not meet his followers when he returns to Nigeria because of Atiku. Kanu to change strategy and embrace the hands of genuine Igbo brothers and .

nnamdi kanu friends meet brothers wife

Every session of the Assembly of the Union is properly documented in the form of press releases, and records of decisions and resolutions of the assembly, speeches made at the meetings, photos taken at the event, recorded videos, etc. The African Union Commission, another organ of the AU, maintains a Flickr page with pictures of past events and it was interesting to find there Press Release No 24 for the 24th Session, which reported the one minute silence observed in the memory of the late Zambian president thus: You may also wish to know that at the last when the YouTube Channel of the African Union Commission was visited, the video of the opening ceremony of the 28th Session had not yet been uploaded, and the site is updated from time to time at the discretion of the Commission.

All the speeches made at the 28th summit are available here and of paramount importance is the speech of the Chadian presidentin French, at the opening ceremony. More conclusively, the press release for the 28th Summitwhich summarises all the events that took place at the opening of the Ordinary session, contains no information whatsoever with regard to the call to observe a one minute silence for the Nigerian president.

One may wish to note that whereas the reports of the naijanewsplus.

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First, they were copying an earlier post made by another website in to be soon seen ; second, they were ignorant of the fact that the Chadian president had completed his tenure as chairperson of the Assembly of Head of States of the Union. If one still wishes to make further enquiries on this issue, the Press Release also provides the name, phone number and e-mail address of the head of the Information Division of the African Union Commission, who can be contacted for further enquiries or confirmation.

The report was couched as follows: Conclusion Similar to the story of the condolence message by the queen, in the case of the alleged call of a one-minute silence by the African Union, we also see a website which, for all intents and purposes, can pass for a pornographic site and a blog page that is so unprofessional in its copy-and-paste jobs, being the primary conduits for spreading such misinformation of monumental proportions.


We see the attempt to use the name and personality of the past president of South Africa, Jacob Zuma to clothe this deception, with a semblance of authority, and then the attempt to pervert the records of events at the African Union Summit.

And since History as a subject was not in our curriculum, I simply grew with a single story of the events surrounding the events of I was made to believe that the rest of Nigeria ganged up against my people and nearly sent them into extinction.

nnamdi kanu friends meet brothers wife

That was after a massive pogrom was carried out against us. I was taught that we are being marginalized and hated by all, except those of our kind.

Nnamdi Kanu and Buhari’s Purported Death: The Facts and Fiction (2), By Nonso Robert Attoh

I can still remember how enraged I usually was when I was told tales of how Nigerian troops invaded Biafra land and the smiles that crossed my lips when the stories changed to victories recorded by the under-armed Biafran army which had civilians as its core. I can also remember vividly how I fantasized about becoming like General Ojukwu, the super hero who tried to take his people out of their Egypt.

I am going to take my people out of Egypt into the promise land. Many years after, most of the views I held then have changed, not drastically though, maybe I should say my views have now been modified.

I have read extensively and have heard various accounts of what happened and of course, I can see how things have been going on.

nnamdi kanu friends meet brothers wife

I have made friends with those from other ethnic extractions and I must say, they are not actually the devil I was meant to believe they were. In fact, two of my best friends in school are both of Yoruba and Hausa extraction, and they have been nothing but good friends turned brothers to me, and every passing day, I bless the day I met them.

This obviously implies that Nnamdi Kanu did not come from a poor background, his father was a king and hence they were well to do if not downright rich.

I can’t wait to hug, kiss and back my brother - Nnamdi Kanu’s sister gushes about his bail

For his education, he started with Library Avenue Primary School for his primary education and went on to Government College Umuahia for his secondary education. And for his university education he first went to the University of Nigeria but he did not complete his education there, after two years if studying there he moved to London Guildhall University now known as London Metropolitan University to study Political Economics.

He is married to Uchechi Okwu Kanu. IPOB has only one weapon with which to fight Nigeria, and that is civil disobedience not armed conflict.

Joe Igbokwe Replies Nnamdi Kanu Calling Him”A Slave Residing In Lagos” – Sayitwell – SIW

He later gained admission to the University of Nigeria Nsukka UNNwhere he could not finish due to incessant strikes before he left for London to complete his tertiary education. He is a political activist based in the United Kingdom and before his arrest was the director of London-based radio station, Radio Biafra. In the early part ofhe visited and made the first broadcast of Radio Biafra from Nigeria. Nnamdi Kanu said delegates at National Conference should negotiate for a secession of Biafra or face the wrath of the Igbo people.

He said in as much as he respects the freedom of people to converge and speak their minds, the right of the people of south-eastern Nigeria to form their own nation should also be respected.