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Stephanie Hamood '10 (NDP) is traveling the country with R&B legend Anita Baker. Read (NDP). At the June NDAA meeting, an election was held for a second language, and gymnastics at a private . favorite memory from Notre. memory of anyone who has ever attended Notre Dame Prep (NDP). in the NDP physical education department and Gym Meet faculty coordinator. NDP Field Hockey Captures Title! Notre Dame Prep rallies past Garrison Forest, , to repeat as IAAM A Conference field hockey champions. Click the headline .

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I am 17 years old. Mountain Secondary School and am in Grade I would just like to share one scary experience I had recently as a cyclist.

I had just crossed the Street overpass and was heading down Street. I was heading down the left sidewalk, when out of the corner of my eye, I spotted a woman in a black SUV coming out of the parking lot. As I approached an intersection where cars can exit out of the parking lot, I noticed that she was not stopping for me. As soon as I realized that I could not avoid making contact with her, I swerved to the right towards the roadhoping to lessen the impact. Thankfully, no cars were on that part of the road at that time.

As I checked myself out and made sure that everything was OK, a man who witnessed the event came out and helped me get off the road and clean myself up. He also tried to fix up the back part of my bicycle, unsuccessfully. The woman who hit me got out of her car and asked if I was alright. I had a severely cut left knee and a few other scrapes and bruises and I was not thinking straight at all.

I was still shocked by what had just happened. I half-knowingly said I was OK. She said the sun was in her eyes, and proceeded to drive off through another exit in the parking lot. I was wearing a helmet, keeping to the sidewalk, and did everything else that a good cyclist should do. The woman drive off without giving me her license plate number or phone number, and did not make an attempt to stay with me more than a minute. Later on that night, my family and I made a report to the Langley police station.

This was at 6: The police then told me to go to the Langley Memorial Hospital nearby to make sure that everything would be alright. I arrived at the Langley Memorial Hospital at 7: At the hospital, I was given a neck brace, and the nurses and doctors performed a few tests on me.

They told me that everything would work out fine and that I would be released from the hospital that night. It was not until 1 a. Friday morning that I was released from hospital, and I still feel soreness and stiffness.

I received a slight concussion and my left knee is damaged. I want to personally thank the witness to this accident for helping me to get off the road and helping clean me up and send me on my way. The second thing is I want to ask the woman who crashed into me, if she has the courage to do so, to contact the police about this accident.

The third thing is that I wish to urge drivers, cyclists and pedestrians to look all around you and be aware of all of your surroundings. Do not be distracted. I would not want this to happen to anyone else. That would be my greatest wish. Tyler Heppner, Langley Editor: Financial literacy is more important for Canadians now than ever before.

Being able to manage your personal finances is an essential life skill today, right up there with mastering the ABCs and learning to tie shoelaces. People without the knowledge and skills to manage their own personal finances often make poor financial choices, such as carrying a credit card balance every month. For Canadians who are not saving enough to live on after retirement, or those facing mortgage payments or student loans that squeeze their budgets, improved financial literacy can make a big difference in their lives.

People who develop their financial management skills have more self-confidence, better understand financial products and services and enjoy long-term financial well-being. FCAC has provided Canadian consumers with objective information about financial products and services since What sort of mindset would renege on urban growth boundaries, in order to appease a university district? Or are the vision and principles being contaminated by manipulated mindsets?

Planning issues may be difficult to track at first, but discrepancies always arise, as letter writer Doug McFee stated. The Aldergrove Star, Oct. A great many people love Fort Langley. I love Fort Langley. With other volunteers, we founded the Friends of the Fort. We built the Fort to Fort Trail.

Many people love Fort Langley and work for nothing, except the reward of keeping our village and its heritage maintained and preserved for our families and visitors. The generosity of Rich Coleman and the local Liberals is amazing. Wow, that is about 90 cents per person. The fundraising chair was pleased. No wonder our vets are having financial troubles, with attitudes like this. The estimate is that it will take 40 years to pay it off.

My calculation is different. A different approach to paying for this project is this. Bart Verhoef, Langley Times reserves the right to reject unsigned letters. Letters are edited for brevity, legality and taste. Change the World is an academic conference with students preparing essays and biographies and then presenting their ideas in speech format while in Taiwan. However, this is China and for Canada, this is perceived as a political hot potato.

There are concerns that will be looked at, political fallout being the main one, but there are other considerations.

First, does China have an ulterior motive, such as spying or picking up patents for free? A concern, but a minor one. I suspect their main ulterior motive would be the need for an abundant and steady supply of energy. Our laws and required permits should be able to protect us on all aspects of this industry whether we are dealing with the USA, China or anybody else.

If they are not adequate, it is as good a time as any to legislate them. Point of origin stamps on packaged meat. There have been many instances that have been costly to us and probably illegal on their part or at the very least definitely not in the spirit of free trade, but solved politically in their favour. Second, does it jeopardize our control of this resource sector? Maybe on the fifth or a tenth deal control of this particular resource becomes a factor but this one time is a comparatively small deal if we look at the entire size of the tar sands.

The fear appears to be a knee jerk reaction to this deal because it is China that is knocking at the door. If this starts the ball rolling for even more attempts at oil patch purchasing, then the dynamics change. Third, should we concern ourselves with the Chinese record on human rights? Yes, of course, we should. This should not impede our principles or our voice.

Even us, with our enlightened principles, our human rights record has at times been an embarrassment to ourselves. Our history has exposed some disturbing fallibilities.

Would we have any more credibility on this subject if we nixed this deal? They can buy oil anywhere but do not wish to put all their eggs in one basket. This is the weak link as far as we should be concerned. This is where we must extract how the game is to be played. In this economic climate where successful Canadian national well-being depends on trading as a lifeline and a constant supply of energy as a necessity for all, we need to look to Asia for trade expansion.

The culmination of this deal between Nexen and China will enhance our stock in all of Asia and open trading options other than the USA.

The world order is changing. China is a fact and is here to stay. Energy is a must for all. Environmental concerns are a challenge but we will manage them. Bottom line, we have energy. They are our mentors, teachers, grandparents and loved ones.

They are our volunteers and role models. They have contributed generously, building our families, communities, workplaces and country. On October 1, National Seniors Day, I encourage you to take time to celebrate local seniors and show appreciation for everything they do.

Find your own unique way to celebrate the seniors in your life. It can be as easy as a simple thank-you note. However, you choose to express your gratitude, the message that we value older Canadians will be heard — and appreciated.

Through their commitment to remain active, engaged and informed, seniors across the country are demonstrating to Canadians of all ages exactly what it means to age well. We all benefit from their ongoing contributions. We introduced pension income splitting, ushered in an automatic renewal of the Guaranteed Income Supplement GISand made significant investments in affordable housing for low-income seniors. In addition, we doubled the pension income credit, invested resources in preventing elder abuse, in all its forms, extended the Targeted Initiative for Older Workers, and eliminated the mandatory retirement age for federally regulated employees, giving seniors who want to remain active in the workforce the freedom to make that choice themselves.

I encourage you to visit seniors. Please feel free to contact my office if you have any concerns or issues you would like to discuss. You may contact my office toll free at or at or in Lac du Bonnet at Happy Anniversary to Me!

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