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I was told that four people were killed. Later another figure came in that 10 people were killed, including children. Recently the Gbong Gwom Jos and the Emir of Wase embarked on a peace tour of the four local government areas most affected by the crisis to strengthen peace,yet the killings continue. Da Balack said the withdrawal of the soldiers would ensure the return of peace to the state.

He was said to be out of the state on official assignment. A source told the News Agency of Nigeria NAN that the gunmen came to the place and met the victims playing cards at about 4 p. When the NAN visited the hospital about 6. The incident drew the attention of scores of relations of the victims who trooped to the hospital to know the fate of their their relations.

A wife to one of the injured persons, Mrs. A father to one of the survivors, Mr. Two corpses, believed to be those of militants, were outside a police station yesterday, witness Aminu Hakuri said. Three people were killed on Wednesday when a bomb targeting the security forces exploded in central Maiduguri. Three foreigners were killed in two failed rescue attempts last year after being kidnapped in northern Nigeria. He said although his daughter was also among the victims conveyed to the centre, she was, however, safe.

A policeman told the NAN on condition of anonymity that residents of the area stopped security personnel from conveying the corpses to their respective homes. According to him, the people insisted that they must see either the Commissioner of Police or the governor of the state, Alhaji Ibrahim Dankwambo, before releasing the bodies.

Contacted, the Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Mohammed Sule, confirmed the incident. He said that he was wait- ing for the details of the incident from the Divisional Police Officer DPO in charge of the area. It is in one slum.

Meanwhile, the police have arrested one person in connection with the killings. Atajiri said that five persons were killed and seven others injured during the attack. He said the suspect was being interrogated by the police. Twelve of them had earlier been arraigned before Justice A. M Liman on separate charges bordering on obtaining money by false pretence.

They were subsequently granted bail. At the point of arrest, the suspected fraudsters, who had in their possession forty five 45 laptops of different make, twenty eight 28 telephone sets, eight 8 internet mobile modems and one Nissan car with registration number USL AG at the point of arrest includes: The first accused was ordered to pay a compensation of N,while the second accused has already restituted the victim in the course of investigation.

The convicts, both former staff of Intercontinental Bank Plc now Access Bank Plc were arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission on a six-count charge of conspiracy and misappropriation of funds. The security agents, however, arrested seven members of the gang -five men and two womenat the church during a raid.

Also seized were four motorcycles, one generating set, a dane gun, international passports of kidnap victims and assorted materials from the church turned shrine.

Four kidnapped persons were rescued during the operation. The four were kidnapped be- Nwanosike ONU, Awka tween Friday last week and Tuesday this week and taken to the church which serves as detention camp of the gang. Alexander Okeiyi, said preliminary investigation showed that the gang masterminded the February 2, abduction of the Rev. He said efforts were in top gear to arrest other members of the gang that escaped during the raid.

Some people were said to have paid N2. The raid also led to the recovery of a Nissan Sunny car, belonging to another victim, Princewill Emmanuel Abian, described as a tipper driver from Cross River state. Okeiyi said Abian was released by the gang on February 20, after paying N, Mike Onlememen, in Abuja yesterday, adding that this foreclosed the first phase of the efforts in the construction of the second Niger Bridge.

The minister reiterated the commitment of the Federal Government towards delivering the second Niger Bridge and to create a conducive environment for the private sector to move into road sector to deliver world-class roads to the Nigerian public. Rauf Aregbesola, against the declaration of Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola as the winner of the April governorship election by the Independent National Electoral Commission. Kunle Oyatomi, the party said the decision of the NJC had proved to the world that the call log published by the media at the tail end of Naron-led tribunal sitting was true.

The ACN said the decision of the NJC was not a surprise to it as it believes that truth will always triumph over lies regardless of time, adding that the NJC had through its decision restored the confidence which many people have lost in the judiciary.

He said Oyinlola and his men had been exposed as being fraudulent and building their administration on lies and falsehood. Basiru, who is Commissioner of Regional Integration and Special Duties in the Aregbesola cabinet, said the recommendation of the NJC has vindicated the petitioner's legal team's professional which Naron and Kalejaiye put to test with their "unholy interaction. Petitions flood National Assembly over alleged lopsided promotions in the Army O UR attention has been drawn to a pub lication on page 6 of The Nation News paper of 2nd Februarytitled: It portrayed our client as having retired the officers without the authorisation of the Nigerian Army Council.

In addition, the Newspaper alleged that the petitioners to the National Assembly on the matter, whose names it did not disclose, further stated that the recent promotions in the Nigeria Army were lopsided, in favour of the South East Zone of Nigeria. UM Danko and Col. FC Adaka as those affected. However, it is on record that Maj.

A Akinyemi and Col. FC Adaka applied for voluntary retirement, and their retirements were duly approved by the Nigerian Army Council, contrary to your publication. On the other hand, Brigadier-General UM Danko was retired on age ground by the Army Council in but was granted one year extension which has since lapsed. Contrary to the allegation in your publi- cation, all the retirements carried out by our client were approved by the Army Council. It is disheartening, to say the least, that a Newspaper that is supposed to let the reading public know the truth would be spreading falsehood without verifying the authenticity of the story it publishes.

FC Adaka Rtd who is currently working with the United Nations in South Sudan as a Judiciary Affairs Officer was so embarrassed by the falsehood that he wrote to his friends to dispel the rumour and to let people know that he retired voluntarily and that he was indeed happy to retire. All the documentary evidence of the statistics above is available and can be verified.

Furthermore on retirements, the Nigerian Army has age ceilings on ranks and every serving officer knows when he is to retire based on age.

Six months before the time, such officers are given letters to remind them of the impending retirement and are usually advised to apply for voluntary retirement.

Those who refuse to apply are retired compulsorily as it is a tradition that must be respected for the Army not to remain stagnant with unproductive officers. It is equally noteworthy that every officer would eventually retire to give room for the young to grow. Those who refuse to develop themselves drag their feet and attempt to pull the entire Army down when it is their time to go, as is the case currently.

On the issue of promotion, alleged by your paper to have been lopsided in favour of the South East, it is common knowledge that all promotions have promotion boards and still in order to ensure balance, each promotion board under Lt. General Ihejirika, has either all or almost all geo-political zones represented.

It is usually a collective decision where merit has remained the guiding principle. When officers are presented for promotion, their performance on courses, promotion examinations and personal evaluation reports are considered. Therefore, seniority is not the only criterion for promotion. As long as the officers who are presented are due for promotion, they will all be rated according to what they contributed in the advancement of the Nigerian Army and what they would likely contribute when promoted.

The people now complaining through anonymous petitions and false newspaper articles as this are mostly never do wells who are not used to merit and who have been getting their promotions on a platter of gold. The following table shows the breakdown of promotions to the rank of Major General in the Nigerian Army under the present Chief of Army Staff between to It is surprising to note that while the North got a total of 38 Major Generals under the current Chief of Army Staff, the South got The North obviously had more than the South.

This simply shows that the authors of these false articles are intolerant of other Nigerians and do not wish Nigeria well. In view of the foregoing, the above-referenced publication of your newspaper is reckless, false and calculated to damage the hard-earned reputation of our Client.

Goodluck Jonathan, to order the arrest of Mr. Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, finally expressed helplessness on the floor of the Senate: Maina the wanted had become Maina the fugitive. The whole saga started in November,when the Senate mandated its Joint Committee on Establishment, Public Service and States and Local Governments to conduct a public investigation into pension administration and management in the country in the last five years.

On June 20,the joint committee submitted its report to the Senate, stating among other findings and observations that Maina failed to appear before it to account for pension funds of the Customs, Immigration and Prisons Pensions Office CIPPO amounting to about N billion during the period. Maina spurned several other invita- Ogochukwu Ikeje ohgeeoh gmail.

His return brought relief on the one hand, and profound grief on the other. Chime's departure was on medical grounds, as everyone later came to know; so his return is good news.

In fact, as this piece shaped up, part of the story was that he was eager to pick up from where he left off.

Lima | Peru - wwx

I rejoice in the governor's recovery, knowing that life, even for the rich and privileged, is in the hands of God. But I am deeply troubled by the fact that Chime and his managers failed to use the opportunity of his return to correct the grave mistakes surrounding his departure over four months ago. One reason for this is that neither the governor nor his handlers realised they were in error in the first place. Leaving Enugu in the third week of September, the governor divulged little information beyond the fact that he was proceeding on his annual leave and that his deputy would govern the state in his absence.

There was no indication of where he was headed. There was no word on how long he would be away. Neither was anything said about his real mission, his health. That was wrong and it brought Enugu people no joy, neither did it do Chime himself any good whether as governor or politician. Such executive silence was in utter disregard and disrespect of the people who voted him into power. Enugu people and the entire country were clueless as to the state of their governor's tions to appear before the committee to respond to the grave allegations.

Obviously pushed to the wall, the Senate President issued a warrant for his arrest — an order that the Inspector-General of Police inexplicably failed to carry out. Yet, Maina not only freely granted media interviews impugning the integrity of the Senate; he made futile bids to get court order preventing his arrest as ordered by the Senate Presi- dent.

It is against this background that the senators felt Maina was enjoying protection from high quarters. The presidency, which claims to launch a war on corruption, did not show any form of indignation to this act of public outrage.

It must be put on record that Maina has been known to be cosy with the President, and has been seen on more than a few occasions with President Goodluck Jonathan at airports. Was that the reason for the tardiness from the President in ordering the IG to nab the suspect? Yet, by Friday last week, the presidency was singing a different tune. Maina may thus be disciplined for absconding from duty without leave, contrary to Public Service Rules No.

This scenario only underscores the degree of institutional decay in the country and the embarrassing impunity that has come to characterise the public service. Investigating the financial malfeasance is one thing, but allowing the man to be a fugitive when he should be in court answering questions on what he knows about the allegations betrays an executive branch out of sync with its duties and obligation to fight corruption.

We regret the mix-ups in that edition. Chime's hide and seek Our leaders' health secrecies damage our collective well-being well-being, just as they had no idea when he would be back home. Such behaviour of leaders suggests that the people they lead count for little and are not qualified to know their leaders' health status. This is in spite of the fact that those neglected people provide the money with which the leaders feed and fund their privileges.

It smacks of downright disregard. Chime's silence created a vacuum filled only by rumours and speculation, both unhealthy for the people, their governor and their state.

It was a grave error his administration failed to correct upon his return. The blunder of silence at departure would have been corrected on his return with full disclosure and a heart-felt apology.

Such humility would have appeased the people and rallied them behind him with prayers and thanksgiving. Also, such humble dispositions have a way of not just winning the people over but also helping the leader to realise his immortality.

For sometimes, leaders fall into error thinking they may possess some superhuman qualities. They imagine they cannot fall ill, but when they do, they think it best not to let lesser mortals know. This is erroneous and harmful, for we all have a headache or flu now and then. Our economic strengths may vary, as may also our options of where to seek remedy, but ailment is no respecter of persons or status. The sooner our leaders came to grips with this fact, the less secretive they would be about their state of well-being.

Brighton by Metroland East - Brighton Independent - Issuu

At the moment I feel just fine. I intend to live the remainder of the years God gives me on this earth doing the things I have always done I now begin the journey that will lead me into the sunset of my life.

I know that for America there will always be a bright dawn ahead. Thank you, my friends. May God always bless you. Goodwill messages flooded his California home. He was aged 83 then, but lived for 10 more Chime's blunder of silence at departure would have been corrected on his return with full disclosure and a heart-felt apology. Were Reagan a Nigerian, perhaps only his wife Nancy and one or two other people would have known what ailed one of America's most memorable commandersin-chief.

All over the world, the health status of national leaders is not such top secret, except in old Communist and totalitarian regimes. She has spoken of her concussion and blood clot near her brain. Chelsea, her daughter, has not held anything back. Neither has her father, President Bill Clinton who, himself, has well-known health issues of his own. On these shores, things are remarkably different but Chime's health secrets are nothing new. They only conform to an ugly standard set by even more powerful forces.

On November 23,then President Umaru Yar'Adua was flown out of the country and did not return until February 24, In the period, everything that should not happen to a country, happened to Nigeria. Amid concerns over his wellbeing, there were agitations as to the direction of the country, considering that no handover instructions were left. In fact, Yar'Adua's aides made such capital of the fact that the ailing president could run the country from anywhere in the world.

When his condition was very bad, his minders said it was splendid. Late last year, the whole country was enveloped in a cloud of needless controversies surrounding the health and whereabouts of First Lady Dame Patience Jonathan. When will our leaders demystify themselves and learn to value the people they lead? Let us distinguish the euro zone riots in GreeceSpain and Portugal from the ones against despots and tyrants in the Arab world that started in Tunisia and spread to Egypt and Libya and which at first successfully achieved the objective of removing the dictators but also created fresh problems of governance, security and stability in the process.

Again let me stress that both the euro zone austerity riots and the Arab street protests stem from how economic resources have been allocated and managed in the two environments.

In the euro zone the welfare state has spread itself thin on resources and must rethink its economic solution approach or die a slow and withering death. In the Arab world and most of the so called third world, the strategy of state survival is to wrest the resources of the state from a few hands that have cornered it and start a welfare state or a sem- blance of it and that is if those with the huge stolen resources allow such a change at all.

It is a tall order but that should be the direction of political change after decades of thievery and debauchery In effect then, we may be talking of two sides of the same coin if we say soaring welfare begets austerity and despotism begets poverty but that each must be experienced before lasting growth can be achieved to sustain prosperity.

That however is so much theory as events have shown in recent times both in the euro zone, the Middle East and Africa, that poor management of resources create tension that overheat the socio economic fabric of society and that is taxing direly the concept and practice of democracy globally. In Italy former PM Silvio Berlusconi has made a move against the general EU trend of governments solving debt and economic crisis through austerity measures and increased or new taxes.

His opponents and critics have denounced his letters on taxation as a bribe and have asked for him to be prosecuted. It is however the possibility of voters reacting positively to the attractive tax offer that fascinates me and leads me to examine the nature of political leadership in a democracy in the face of dwindling economic resources and the peculiarities of each political system.

Back to Berlusconi again, it is apparent that God is not finished with him yet, as Jesse Jackson once said of himself, as far as Italian politics is concerned. This is because here was a man written off for many vices and cases he faces involving sex with harlots and under aged girls when he left office last year. But now the polls show he is bouncing back and he even though his party may not win he may get enough votes to be a key kingmaker in ensuing political marriages that make governance a tedious exercise in Italy.

In addition while Berlusconi may have lost his charisma because of his many flirtations and dilet- tante he has his club AC Milan to always lure and dazzle Italians soccer loving and passionate to his side. However, this last week luck was on his side as his club AC Milan did the unbelievable by beating defending champions Barcelona in Milan by two goals to nothing. For more informaget it resolved. Our social media pages include Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, which allow us to publish stories, photos, videos and time-sensitive information at the speed of the Internet.

These avenues also provide two-way communication, allowing the audience to ask questions, make comments and request information. So, Airmen, supervisors, leaders: Take that first step, because your story starts with you. One wallet, one smartphone, one navigation system, one iPod Touch and one TomTom hands-free device.

Damage to private property was reported at Rhine Ordnance Barracks. Damage to government property was reported on Panzer Kaserne. Damage to private property and larceny of private property were reported in Landstuhl. Damage to private property was reported on Sembach Kaserne.

A loud noise complaint, drunk and disorderly conduct and communicating a threat were reported on Vogelweh Family Housing. Communication of a threat was reported on a school bus. Domestic assault, animal cruelty and damage to government property were reported on Vogelweh Family Housing.

Theft from an unsecured motor vehicle was reported in RamsteinMiesenbach. Damage to private property was reported in Landstuhl. Drunken driving was reported in Kaiserslautern. Damage to private property, disorderly conduct and drunkenness were reported in Landstuhl. Damage to private property, larceny of private property, disorderly conduct and drunkenness were reported in Kaiserslautern. Reckless endangerment was reported in Kaiserslautern. An assault was reported on Vogelweh Family Housing.

Damage to government property was reported on Daenner Kaserne. Thursday for annual inventory. The inside store will be closed and new ESSO cards will be unavailable. Inventory takes approximately 12 hours to complete, and then the store will re-open. The gas station will open only to dispense fuel during this time. Road construction Construction work for the installation of new driveways at the Ramstein Commissary parking lot will continue until Feb.

New driveway access to the commissary will be installed and removed in three overlapping phases. New York Avenue will be restricted to one lane at these locations adjacent to the commissary during these dates. Join the Fasching parade JAN. The Ramstein-Miesenbach Carnival Association Bruchkatze is looking for American bands, dancers, cheerleaders and individuals in unique costumes who would like to participate JAN. A patrol response and assistance rendered for missing persons was reported at Vogelweh Elementary School.

Larceny of government property was reported at the Pulaski Shoppette. Vehicle registration In an effort to meet manning requirements, the Kapaun Vehicle Registration will be at minimum manning for the next three to eight weeks. With less personnel to assist customers, longer wait times can be expected. Evolution is an intensive eight-week outpatient program available for active-duty service members from all armed services who are stationed in the European and African theaters.

The Evolution program helps service members deal emotionally and psychologically with their traumatic experiences, learn coping skills and increase healthy behaviors to reduce PTS symptoms.

Information may also be obtained through your servicing sexual assault response coordinator. New resources at libraries The Ramstein and Vogelweh libraries have increased their tech lineup. At both locations, free access to a number of tech resources are now available. Library cardholders can check out video games and accessories. Visitors can also capture memories with a digital video camera from the library.

Additionally, they can save photos and documents with an external hard drive. The Ramstein Library is located in Bldg. The Vogelweh Library is located in Bldg. These blueprints are used by every organization on base ranging from security forces to plumbing services, but are more frequently used by emergency services so they can locate an area and respond in a timely matter.

By measuring we ensure safety and improve preventive measures. The Airmen of the 86th CES use geographic information systems to map the entire KMC for the contractors who create blueprints for base development. This also helps to minimize the effects of explosive ordinance located in the depots.

Our job allows us to conduct operations and provide detailed maps and measurements for bases anywhere in the world.