Nannaku prematho success meet sukumar ray

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nannaku prematho success meet sukumar ray

Who sets up a high security meeting complete with metal detector at the entrance . and would help capitalise on the success of other Telugu films with new markets. Nannaku Prematho treads the line between mass action shtick and a Sukumar falls back on the hero saving heroine from a completely. COM Yes, I am very happy with the film's success and I am glad the film (I'm not After Nannaku Prematho, Rakul 78 isingstarBoollywood WWW. Pictures DIRECTED BY Abhishek Kapoor STAR CASTING Aditya Roy Kapur .. Director Sukumar Music Devi Sri Prasad Cast & Crew N. T. Rama Rao Jr. Nannaku Prematho () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more #Director #Sukumar who is considered as Christopher Nolan of Indian cinema . Years pass, his three sons grow up to be successful in life. . especially setting intelligent traps for heroine and making her meet him often was fresh. .. DVD & Blu-ray.

We get to see Raghava in shock after a very traumatic incident, and his ensuing grief. This is a film where the hero is often seen simply sitting and thinking. He can dial a conflict down to a terse conversation as well as firing up at the villainous Basi Reddy. He has goals and makes his decisions in light of the objective. At key times people tell him that the man that prevents a war is a great man.

Raghava also believes the man that wants peace has to have the strength to win a war.

nannaku prematho success meet sukumar ray

The hero must win, but maybe not in exactly the way usually predicted in this style of film. Aravindha might be a bit princessy but as she says to Raghava, nobody is only what they appear to be. She tells him straight up what she expects from a partner. When he considers the example of his own parents it makes him realise that he needs to change if he wants to be with Avi. He still decides to go win his war but promises once that is over, he will concentrate on her from that moment onwards.

Which is a bit of an each way bet but as this film is kind of about compromise and negotiation it is fitting. Pooja Hegde is stunning, and while Avi is perfectly happy to get by on looks when it suits her, she has a sharp mind and a healthy dose of self-awareness.

They have a nice rapport and I liked that the film took the time to show them talking, helping each other with little things, and feeling their feelings. Jagapathi Babu is quite the villain de jour in Telugu films.

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I loathed Basi Reddy but kind of loved the boots and all commitment to making him despicable. Sunil was effective as the decent guy who helped Raghava out, mercifully not bogging the plot down in Comedy Uncle mode. Naresh and Srinivasa Reddy were tedious and time consuming. Rao Ramesh and Subhalekha Sudhakar added another element as the crafty career politicians who have drifted away from representing the people and were caught up in winning for the sake of winning.

And many That Guys flew across the screen, bleeding, screaming, crying, and suffering for their art. Eesha Rebba also had a tiny role with not much to say for herself, but her expressions were perfect for an irritated younger sister.

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Supriya Pathak and Sithara both deliver some strong dialogue on the folly of men indulging in constant bloodshed and who pays the price. Easwari Rao and Devayani play silent wives of warring men, but both can pack a punch without saying a word. Which is just as well since Trivikram silences them just at the moment when they should have been heard.

It is telling that when the hero is delivering a big speech about what he learned from the women in his life that none of the women, who are all present, gets to speak for herself.

Spoilers Nannaku Prematho brings together in my opinion the best Telugu actor in the industry at the moment and easily one of the best directors in Tollywood. The NTR and Sukumar combo is deadly on paper, this is because neither has Sukumar ever came close to making a bad film neither has NTR ever given a bad performance. So they fit like a glove on a hand. So as you can see like others I also had mammoth expectations with Nannaku Prematho.

Nannaku Prematho

Sukumar as he is know for now,made sure the film was up to international standards. The sets, the locations, the clothing, cars etc all the production values were top notch. The films biggest asset however is the films hero NTR, who is shown in a completely new light,he totally commands the film, Sukumar made this ultra massy hero into a sophisticated man convincingly on screen.

But the films not without its blemishes which I will get into later. Story wise Abhiram,whose father is in deathbed and has only 30 days of life left, takes the revenge on Krishnamurthy,who cheated his father in the past.

nannaku prematho success meet sukumar ray

He gives him a run for of his money by trapping his daughter Divyanka. To take a look into the flashback, Krishnamurthy cheats his close friend and Abhiram's father, Ramesh Chandra Prasad, due to which Ramesh Chandra Prasad changes his name and identity and lives a normal life, away from his people.

The last wish Ramesh asks his son is to get back his lost identity and that's when Abhiram decided to give nightmares to Krishnamurthy. How Abhiram frames Krishnamurthy, who is a brainy, forms the rest of the story. Acting wise you get to see NTR in a completely different light all together.

nannaku prematho success meet sukumar ray

He is classy, sophisticated, and his whole aura is very class appealing. He plays the intelligent Abhi masterfully, he is one the hugest reasons why NP is enjoyable. Rakul Preet Singh adds nice glamour, she looks amazing, and it was nice to see her dub her own telugu lines. Jagapati Babu is completely menacing and savvy, and he is slowly becoming the best villain in Tollywood.

Rajendra Prasad is ever dependable, the veteran shows some good emotional depth. To get straight to the point were Nannaku Prematho falters is in having such a lengthy love story that takes up most the first half, its enjoyable but bogs down the intelligent revenge drama at times.

It needed to be edited out a bit, and the films pacing for a thriller is too slow at times. The film needs more of a slick pace, were things move extremely fast. For example I am able to point out that Abhi being extremely intelligent is not really explained in the film except that he was a supposed chest master, so the whole sciencing things in slow mo in a fight felt far fetched.

The viewers would not he able to pick up these faults if the pace is fast. But this is were the minuses end, and the applauding starts.