Nadigar sangam sarathkumar press meet

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nadigar sangam sarathkumar press meet

The Nadigar Sangam elections have, above all, been a war of words. There were more words this Wednesday, as Sarath Kumar, the. Sarathkumar Press Meet on Nadigar Sangam's Land Deal with SPI Cinemas - Thanthi TV Catch us LIVE @ Follow us. Nadigar Sangam Elections Sarath Kumar team's Manifesto Actor Sarath Kumar answers to all the controversies raised by actor Vishal and.

After this period, the Sangam will be richer by Rs. The Sangam will also get a fully furnished square-foot office space along with Rs. Commenting on the accusations of nepotism, specifically about shielding his brother-in-law Radha Ravi after he was caught on camera abusing fellow actors, Mr.

I have known Radha Ravi since I was in my college. He became my brother-in-law only recently.

Sarath Kumar rebuts allegations - The Hindu

He was my friend even before that. But they [Vishal and others] wanted him to go to Tiruchi and apologise. Sarath Kumar criticised the actors, who had engineered a rebellion against the current office-bearers, of not even passing through Habibullah Road, where the Nadigar Sangam is located.

When asked if he was confident about winning the election, Mr. Sarath Kumar said that he is no doubt that he would win it. Sarath's promise Members, who have been in the Nadigar Sangam for more than 20 years, will get a sqft house built by Nadigar Sangam.

Nadigar Sangam will petition the government to increase pension from Rs.

nadigar sangam sarathkumar press meet

Vijayakanth retained presidency of the Nadigar Sangam after defeating Devi by to votes in December Chandran were made Vice Presidents. It was among the first of a series of protests against the Sri Lankan Civil War that occurred the following year across the world.

Sarathkumar was elected unopposed in Junewith Vagai Chandrasekhar joining the incumbent team as a treasurer.

  • Sarathkumar and his team meet the press regarding Nadigar Sangam election
  • Sarathkumar and his team meet the press regarding Nadigar Sangam election
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General secretary Radha Ravi filed a defamation complaint to Chennai Police, resulting in the arrest of the newspaper's editor B.

Ramcondemned Lenin's arrest as only being done to appease film stars and demanded his release. NagarChennai and construct a new one. A year, month land lease agreement was signed by Sarathkumar on 25 November to Sathyam Cinemas now known as SPI Cinemaswho planned commercial developments, including a multiplex and office space.

Sarathkumar Press Meet on Nadigar Sangam's Land Deal with SPI Cinemas - Thanthi TV

Kaalai replaced Manorama as a Vice President. Murugan alleged that the initial leasing of land by Ravi was done illegally and unilaterally without consulting the nine-member board of trustees or seeking approval from the rest of the association before deciding to lease.

Murugan also claimed that the land rent set for SPI Cinemas was far less than market value and alleged that both Sarathkumar and Ravi were involved in a conflict of interest due to the fact that the two were brothers-in-law, accusing them of trying to take full control of the trust. Sarathkumar justified his acts claiming that leasing the land would generate income for the association, which would be used to assist members in need.

nadigar sangam sarathkumar press meet

Vishal insisted that the lease to SPI Cinemas be cancelled and that the association should construct its own building.

Comedy actor Kumarimuthu was expelled from the Nadigar Sangam over allegations of speaking negatively about the association, after he questioned the intent behind the land lease and building demolition. I just want all younger actors to join this good cause, and that too, I had clearly said, 'under the leadership of Sarathkumar only'.

Along with the two were S.


Kannan who contested for treasurer, while Silambarasan and Vijayakumar ran for vice presidents. Their opposition, collectively named the Pandavar team after the Pandava from the Mahabharatawas led by Vishal running for secretary, Nassar running for president, Karthi running for treasurer, and both Karunas and Ponvannan running for vice presidents.

nadigar sangam sarathkumar press meet

While both teams vowed to commence the construction of the new building, Sarathkumar promised increased pension from the state government, houses for those with over 20 year memberships, and workshops for aspiring actors. Suryah[46] S. Thanu[47] Shaam[48] Mumtaj[48] and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar were among the group of actors supporting Sarathkumar. Silambarasan labelled Vishal as "someone new coming in and breaking the film fraternity.