My coptic church so great to meet

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my coptic church so great to meet

St. Bemwa explains, "I will teach you my brothers of what went on during one of these days. hurry speedily to the inner wilderness where you will meet St. Karas and take So I left my church and headed out in the wilderness alone in great joy while I . Designed and Maintained by St. Mark Coptic Church, Jersey City, NJ. There are many accounts of his life in Coptic, Greek, and Latin, differing in numerous To him Peter, succeeding at the helm of the Church, was by all the clergy and So great was their impiety that they even upturned from their foundations the . I know, indeed, that under their breath the tribunes whisper of my death with. Nov 22, does anyone know where i can find the song? goes my coptic church so great u spread the christian faith and etc. please help.

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The original manuscript still exists in the library of St. Mary Monastery, known as Dair al-Muharraq in Egypt. There is an English translation published by Sir E. Budge in London, titled: In addition, there are copies of the manuscript in other languages, such as Coptic and Ethiopian. Although, there are other historical references for the trip, but since St. The manuscript of St. Theophilus talked about the last place the Holy Family lived in Egypt before returning to Israel.

They stayed in this place for over six months. This place is exactly in the middle of Egyptbetween north and south, as Isaiah prophesied. After the resurrection of our Lord, St. Mary gave the Apostles some details about the trip to Egypt. Mary that He will go now to consecrate the place where they stayed last in Egypt.

In the place, Christ Himself took water and consecrated an altar and a church. This was the first church to be consecrated in the whole world, and also the only church in the world to get consecrated by the hands of the Lord Jesus Christ Himself. This incident fulfilled the prophecy: This was the altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egyptthe New Testament altar, from which great deep spring of spirituality would water all who are thirst to the living water of the Son of God.

The consecration of this altar was not mentioned only in the manuscript of St. Theophilus, but was mentioned also in many other references [4] Then, before leaving that place, the Savior says the following: In this place a church will be built, and have a devoted altar to the Lord where people from everywhere will come and offer sacrifices and gifts. The angel of peace will bless every person who comes to this place and worships in sincerity.

Then, this statement explicitly refers to the faith of the Coptic Orthodox Church. So, the Lord Himself says that the Coptic Orthodox Church has and it will continue to have the authentic faith until the second coming of our Lord. A statement never said about any other church in the world. Dear reader who is seeking the authentic faith in the Twenty-First century where there are thousands of Christian denominations, each claims to have the true faith, you have heard it from the mouth of the Lord Himself.

If it comes from Him, then this is the full truth, and in it there are full directions to everyone who listens. In writing this icon I entered into the window of Theotokos, and my wife saw this change in my life, in my heart. The Yaroslavl icon of the Mother of God.

My heart had been softened; Mary is the softener of hearts. My heart has been so hard, and she saw this, and I was entering into this. All I wanted to do was to write icons. The Yaroslavl Mother of God icon had a seemingly simple design, but my second icon was from the School of Crete sixteenth century.

It was much more complex. It was of Jesus appearing before Mary Magdalene by the tomb. Mary Magdalene meeting Christ This icon has a lot of mountains and vegetation. I remember that in that icon, there was a cave that needed to be painted black. I wanted it to be very black, and I just kept applying layers. The way icons are written is different from traditional painting. When you paint, you first paint light and then you add dark highlights.

Icons really brought me to the Church, as I loved them even more. As I worshipped, I wanted to worship in an Orthodox setting. In we moved from Massachusets to Arizona for my job. When we moved to Arizona it reminded me a lot of Egypt, and I love the desert. At the time, I had been struggling with worship and involvement in my Evangelical church. It was just too casual for me. Both my wife and I were feeling these same feelings.

my coptic church so great to meet

He lived across the street from MBI and right next to an Orthodox church. The name of this church was Christ the Savior Orthodox Church.

my coptic church so great to meet

So, in I was with my friend and I asked him what church was next door. When he said that it was Orthodox, I was so surprised. I looked at the front of the building, and there was a sign about Orthodoxy, detailing the historical and theological line of Orthodoxy and how Catholicism had added to Orthodoxy and Protestants had subtracted from Orthodoxy. I found this very interesting, as I had never heard this concept. Sunday of Orthodoxy procession. They turned out to be the children of the priest, Fr.

We talked with Fr. John and he invited us to attend the Divine Liturgy the next day. I had been to over fifty Orthodox churches and monasteries in the Middle East: I went to the service, and it was Russian style with almost no furniture or pews, just beautiful carpets where everyone stood. As they started the chanting in English, I felt like a veil had been lifted from my eyes!

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I realized that after all these years I had found true worship! It was as if I were in Heaven. I felt like I had come home. After the service we went out to lunch with an MBI student but I could barely talk, as all sounds seemed so intense after that time of worship during the Divine Liturgy. When I went to my MBI reunion it was wonderful to see old classmates, but especially to meet two who had become Orthodox.

One was Lynette Holm Hoppe. She and her husband Nathan had become Orthodox in graduate school and were some of the first missionaries sent to Albania by the Orthodox Christian Missions of America.

Lynette wrote a history of the resurrection of the Albanian Church in Albania, post-communism. Unfortunately she had cancer and six month later she reposed. What a gift it was to learn more about her journey to Orthodoxy! I read it on the plane home, and for the first time I realized that Protestants could become Orthodox. Peter had been with an Evangelical Protestant parachurch organization called Campus Crusade for Christwho I was very familiar with.

He shared the journey of a few families who sought to return to the first century Church, and ended up becoming Orthodox. When I got back to Arizona and I shared with my wife that I had had this spiritual awakening, and that when I was at the Orthodox service I felt as though I had come home, she said: But I am not interested.

I ended up finding an Antiochian Orthodox mission called St. Ignatius in MesaArizona. I thought that the Antiochian church would have some Arabs that I could speak to. I was welcomed whole-heartedly by Fr. James Coles and his wife, Khouria Karen and their family.

He and his wife were converts from the Episcopal Protestant faith. I started to attend classes about Orthodoxy and would attend the services I could.

my coptic church so great to meet

I continued to attend my Protestant church, but invited my wife to attend St. She came a few times to Vespers and even part of a Pascha service but she said that they were too long and the services were so foreign.

We had visited Coptic Orthodox churches in Egypt, where men sit on the left and women on the right. It seemed to fit in ancient Egypt, but not in modern day America. The first Pascha service I attended went into the early morning, and when I got home, my wife asked what had taken me so long.

She also said that her feet hurt standing for so long in a service. It was a gift to me as it combined my love of higher education and my passion for the people of the Middle East. Marys, an Antiochian Orthodox Church, just a few blocks away. I would go to the Antiochian service and sneak back into my Protestant church for Sunday services. I did this for about a year and a half. Sinai and the Gulf of Aqaba At this point we had a problem in our faith journeys.

I wanted to become Orthodox, but my wife was not interested.

my coptic church so great to meet

I was less and less satisfied with the Protestant church. My son, Jonathan now Ignatius describes it well. The way to describe it is like wading in shallow waters instead of deep sea-diving. In Egypt, there are two large bodies of water. There is the Suez Canal that is around feet deep, and on the other side of Sinai is the Gulf of Aqaba that is around 4, feet deep.

It is part of the Great Rift Valley. On the surface they both appear the same but the depths are vastly different. As I started reading more Orthodox books, I felt like I was diving deeper and deeper into faith.

My oldest daughter Annie lived a few blocks away and told me about it. Once a year this parish would have a large yard sale and many students would come and buy clothing and furniture. One Saturday I was walking down the street, when I saw two men struggling to carry a large couch that they had just bought. I offered to help them and they told me where they had bought it. I then went to the church where I met Fr.

Meeting with Head of Coptic Church, His Holiness Pope Tawadros II

Patrick Tishel, the archpriest of this parish. When I met him he had been in conversation with a young hipster about faith. Father Patrick and the people of the parish were very welcoming. At one point my wife said: She commented that one can have too many icons! So I made the decision to stop going to the Orthodox church as it was creating a rift in our marriage.

For two years I stopped attending any Orthodox churches. We have five children born on three continents. When our middle son Micah got married in Chicago, we were so happy for him and his new bride, Lauren.

Unfortunately, after their wedding her father learned that he had various cancers in his body and would die within five months. During this time my wife and I had a serious talk and asked each other what we would do differently if we only had a few months to live. She was surprised that that was my last wish. I told her that I wanted to finish my life journey Orthodox. We continued going to our Protestant church but felt progressively dissatisfied with the structure and casualness of it.

She told me one day that she thought we need to go to Holy Resurrection and see where God would lead us.