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Boys Track and Field State Championships. Championships by Year Championships by School Championships by Coach . State Boys Track and Field Platte County, (44 pts) .. Chuck Ford Baseball · Basketball · Cross Country · Football · Golf · Soccer · Softball · Swimming and Diving · Tennis · Track &. Executive Director Football, cross country, track and field, camps and clinics, all- star On September 17, , the NCAA released the numbers and percentages of . Appeals Meeting Dates Board of Directors Meeting Dates March 6, MSHSAA . NORTHWEST KEN EATON Mound City Troy Ford Penney Mike Ziesel. Missouri MSHSAA Outdoor State ChampionshipsMay 18, to May 26, Lincoln 6, Ford, Hali, 12, Affton, , (m), +, 1 Christian 34 5) Liberal 30 6) Sturgeon 29 7) Knox County 8) Mound City 25 9) King . 16) O'Hara 14 16) St. Pius X (K.C.) 14 18) Clinton 13 19) McCluer South-Berkeley 12 19).

Students should discuss participation and the exception with the school coach and athletic administrator. This will be the 21st year for this particular program in our state. Attention is called to the fact the plan does not include liability insurance for member schools nor does it include a waiver of lawsuit provision. Therefore, school administrators are urged to check your present school district liability insurance policy to make sure participant liability is not excluded in that policy.

The premium for this coverage is paid by the member school supplementary service fees. This is an unduplicated count in that a student who participated in two or more sports is counted only once.

This fee is the same for junior and senior high schools. Benefit highlights for covered losses are as follows: Benefit Highlights for Covered Losses are as follows: Family counseling, training and travel in connection with care and rehabilitation of catastrophically injured student; loss of earnings of parents due to catastrophically injured student.

These By-Laws do not allow for any exceptions to this requirement. A MSHSAA Participation Certificate, or something similar, is to be completed prior to the first practice session and should be readily available during all practices and events. This will serve as a back-up for school personnel and prevent having the participants and physicians complete the participation certificates again.

It should be noted that any school physical issued on or after February 1, is valid for the school year. By-Laws and include tryouts as a recognized event for sideline cheer and dance teams. The mission of this organization is to strive for the attainment of all positive objectives and attributes of middle and high school interscholastic athletics.

The association focuses on the image and effectiveness of coaches to improve, preserve, and promote the integrity of the Missouri interscholastic athletic programs. The goal of the Missouri Coaches Association is to improve interscholastic coaching as a profession in the state of Missouri, as it relates to all aspects of coaching. Application for membership, either school or individual, shall be made to the Missouri Coaches Association in care of the Treasurer.

The appropriate membership dues shall accompany the application. School Membership per coach: Includes all active coaches from your school, minimum head coaches Individual Membership: The membership year will begin September 1 of the current school year and last until August 31 of the following year. Membership in the MOCA shall be terminated at the end of the membership year.

Membership shall commence with the receipt of payment of the annual dues by September 1 of each year. Guidance Counselors Play Key Role in Communicating Eligibility Rules It is important that all counselors be fully knowledgeable of the essential eligibility requirements students must meet to represent the school and participate in interscholastic activities. Counselors are frequently asked by students to advise them on matters dealing with the preparation of, or changes in their class schedules.

In doing so, counselors should be sure that they do not advise a course of action which will result in students forfeiting their eligibility to compete in interscholastic athletics or activities through violation of MSHSAA rules of eligibility, e. Counselors should discuss eligibility requirements with all students.

Member school principals should emphasize to all guidance counselors the importance of having copies of MSHSAA eligibility requirements on file at all times in the guidance offices. This on-line review will provide an electronic cover view of important by-laws students, parents, counselors, coaches and administrators need to know.

They should be separate from either of the participating teams with toilet and shower facilities readily available. No unauthorized personnel are to be admitted to the officials locker room before, during or after the contest. This includes friends of the officiating crew. The host school or site manager is directly respons ble for the safety and security of all game officials before, during, and after all interscholastic contests including the parking lot.

Part of the duties of the game officials are to arrive on time at the site at least an hour before game timecooperate with school officials and not admit any of their associates or friends to their locker room. A cooperative effort between school officials and game officials will pave the way for a smooth contest and help avoid undesirable incidents.

Contracting game officials is an extremely important responsibility. School administrators and coaches must be certain that each official is duly registered for the current year in that particular sport. The registration year is from July 1 to June The final responsibility of making certain that game officials are registered rests with the host school. This responsibility cannot be delegated to an officials association or to an assignor.

A contract shall be with the individual official, not between the school and the officials association. The MSHSAA staff realizes that game officials may be contracted a year in advance and may certainly be registered for that year; however, the problem arises when the official then fails to renew for the current year and honors the contract, but is not registered.

Be certain that officials you use are legally registered. If an official has overlooked the fact that he or she has not renewed or registered for this year, he or she should contact the MSHSAA immediately. Both Officials and Schools Need To Honor Contracts A player who is ejected from a contest for unsportsmanlike conduct shall at a minimum be prohibited from playing in the next interscholastic contest at that same level.

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Furthermore; they provided the numbers of the high school athletes that eventually make it to professional sports team in these same sports: In addition to getting an education, these students are also getting the external motivation of those around them that if they want to succeed they have to get a scholarship or win at everything they do. This is a dangerous view of what sports do for a student. I understand about winning. I want to win at everything I do just as much now as I have in the past, but realize that is not life.

Coach Ehrmann makes the following statement, there is not a more flawed measure of a child s value than sports. The playing fields are uneven; genetics skew the results in favor of the proper body type for each sport; dedication and determination can do only so much.

And yet some parents and coaches use performance as the measure of a child s worth. That is not what high school sports are for, and views like this are why parents want coaches fired. These views are why kids quit playing because it is not fun to play anymore.

Students need to have the intrinsic motivation to do their best, and have fun while playing sports and doing the work to make themselves better. As stated earlier, I was unaware of my use of positive coaching when I was still coaching at the high school level. It was always my belief that it was important to teach students to work hard, commit to be there for their teammates, build relationships with others, and strive to do the best they could every time they attempted to do something in sports and life.

Those are many of the principles taught in positive coaching. I have written before and spoken about the benefits and fantastic parts of being a coach, teacher and administrator. One of these benefits is all the great people I have had the opportunity to meet, know, and work with. Those relationships are what positive coaching is about. It is asking coaches to be a Transformational Coach as opposed to a Transactional Coach. I stole those two words from Coach Ehrmann, but he believes, as I do, that a coach can leave a lasting impact on a student-athlete which can be positive or negative.

I am not saying I have always been that transformational coach and I know I have made plenty of mistakes while coaching students and I hope that my kids knew I cared about them as a person and I wanted them to find success in life. Unfortunately, many of us myself included coach how we were coached when we were growing up and if we were not around a transformational coach, it is difficult to know how to apply positive coaching skills we have never experienced. I truly believe that coaches, teachers and administrators have the opportunity to make a tremendous impact on our students.

All of these different positions are coaches of our kids. Ehrmann states, While our social ills are plentiful, I believe that coaches have the power, platform, and position to be the linchpins in individual and social transformation player by player, team by team, teachable moment by teachable moment.

To hear that may be overwhelming, but it is simple. You care about the kids, you hold them to high expectations, you never give up on them even when they may give up on themselvesand you let them know all of this.

Kids can read if someone is not sincere and does not care about them. So, if you cannot do the things suggested then you should consider why you are in education? Are you in it for your glory or to help kids grow, learn and be the best person they can be? Our school has applied and been approved to participate in a cooperative sponsorship in baseball. Our school board now wants to void the sponsorship and enter into a cooperative sponsorship with another school in baseball.

May our school do this? By-Law provides that two schools may mutually dissolve a cooperative sponsorship but such decision may not occur unilaterally.

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Further, if a school ends a cooperative sponsorship it may not enter into another cooperative sponsorship in that sport until the next two-year cycle. Therefore, your school cannot enter into an agreement with another school. School A wants to co-op with the Class 1 school on the other side of the K-8 district which is not contiguous to School A due to the K-8 district.

May this occur since there is a Class 2 district which is contiguous to School A? Yes, provided cooperatively sponsoring the program s with the contiguous class 2 school is not an option as all co-ops must be with mutual approval of both school districts. Your school or the class 2 school is not required to It is permissible for a local school to give a student-athlete permission to miss swimming practice in order to compete in a non-school swim meet, per By-Law c A small Class 1, Grades member school, has a junior high basketball season with a team comprised of grades Following the junior high season, the school wants to have a cooperative sponsorship agreement with a neighboring member school in girls basketball to include the ninth graders moving up to the cooperative sponsorship high school team after the junior high season is over.

Would this be allowed under By-Law 1. Yes, provided the ninth graders do not exceed the week participation limit, quarter and tournament limitations. One of our swimmers has approached our principal requesting to miss this upcoming Friday school swimming practice to travel to Oklahoma for a non-school swimming meet on Saturday.

Our team has practice on Friday and does not compete until Tuesday. Would it be acceptable for our principal and coach to approve this request? This is not a replacement of school practice and is considered as a case by case request as permitted in the by-law a to be addressed by the local school administration. This decision rests with the school. In the posting of our open facility our softball coach stated Any girl wanting to play softball may come to the open facility.

Is this a proper posting? The wanting to play softball implies future team membership. It is acceptable to say Open facility for softball play. Fair Grove High School b.

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Niangua High School 2. Higbee High School c. Recommended allowing eighth grade students to participate in high school conditioning programs at the high school in which the junior high school is a feeder school to the high school. Item Referred to Area Meetings 2. Recommended increasing the number of allowable quarters of play in regular season football from 50 to Item Referred to Area Meetings 3.

Recommended allowing high school students during the school year outside of the sport season to assist coaches in instructing and mentoring elementary students in athletics.

Hickman High School 2. Potosi High School b. Marquette High School 2. Russellville High School c. Athletic Directors Advisory Committee Summary 4. Recommended moving the first allowable practice date one week earlier in the fall. Recommended allowing summer school classes to count toward regaining academic eligibility. There have been some recent issues with inaccurate information being provided on transfer forms by non-public schools, primarily in regard to citizenship issues.

Schools need to be educated on the importance of accurate information. When inaccurate information is provided intentionally or carelessly, schools should be subject to penalties. Webster Groves High School d.

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Dixon High School 2. Cardinal Ritter High School e. Lafayette Wildwood High School f. Great trip for kids to experience for both schools. Willing to travel first year or we can stipend and pay for hotel rooms for your stay.

We play at Kentucky Wesleyan College, turfed field and very nice visitor locker rooms. If interested please contact: John Edge or john. Lighthouse Christian is looking for to fill the following dates: Hearings of student eligibility shall be closed as matters involving the eligibility status of students where personally identifiable private information from a student s educational record will be reviewed or discussed.

Member schools from the Central and St. Louis districts and Region 2 will elect Board members for four-year terms. The South Central District will fill a one-year. Primary nomination ballots will be ed to member schools in the three districts and Region 2 on February 11 and must be received in the MSHSAA office no later than March 4. The names The investigative committee from each of the eight MSHSAA board districts shall consist of one public school administrator, one nonpublic school administrator, and one at-large school representative.

Each year, one of the members will rotate off the committee and a replacement shall be voted on by the membership. Only selfnominations for the appropriate category for replacement members can be accepted public member will need to be replaced by a public school nominee, nonpublic member will need to be replaced by a nonpublic school nominee, and an at-large member can of the three persons receiving the highest number of votes in the primary election in each district and region will appear on the final ballot unless there is a tie for the third highest position.

In such cases, only the names of the persons receiving the two highest number of votes will be placed on the final ballot. All ballots are sent to the attention of the school principal Investigative Committee Elections be a nominee from either public or nonpublic schools.

Each district s nomination ballot will list the specified membership category to be voted on for the respective district for the current year.

Please be certain to participate in these elections. The proposed amendments and background information will be distributed to member schools the last week in March.

The Annual Ballot will be on-line the first week in April. All ballots are required to be finalized on-line by the school principal no later than May 1. Included as a part of the recommended parental permission statement is a statement acknowledging that the parents consent for the student to accompany the team on trips.

It further acknowledges that in case of a medical emergency where the parents cannot be reached, the school official with supervisory responsibility for the individual student or group of students on the trip is authorized to obtain emergency medical assistance through a physician or hospital of the supervisors choice which would be considered reasonably necessary for the welfare of the student. While the parental permission form is required of all athletes, MSHSAA By-Laws do not require them for students participating in nonathletic activities or for students who serve in a support capacity for an athletic team such as statistician, manager, etc.

However, the MSHSAA has been advised of a medical emergency that arose involving a student who was accompanying an athletic team to videotape games. Unfortunately, the school in question did not have a parental consent form signed for the student which authorized the school supervisor to obtain emergency medical care.

Luckily, the school was able to contact the parents and obtain this permission by telephone after a significant delay. Because of this experience, it is strongly recommended that school administrators require that signed parental permission statements be on file for all students who travel as a part of an official school party to participate in any type of interschool activity. This will authorize school representatives to seek medical help in emergency situations.

These signed statements should accompany the school supervisor on every school trip. It may be of further assistance to have these forms notarized. This restriction applies to a booster club as well as to school coaches. As far as the restriction on athletes is concerned, it would be permissible for several members of a school team to assemble themselves for the purpose of collectively undertaking work projects such as a car wash, a bake sale or other similar type of activities to earn money which could be applied toward camp fees.

Under such circumstances all money earned shall go directly to the student to be used at his or her discretion. If the students assemble themselves collectively there can be no requirement that the money earned must go toward the payment of camp fees.

Students cannot be assembled through coordination of the school, booster club, or coach nor can they identify themselves as the school athletic team with the purpose of raising money to attend a sport camp. Each committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding matters relating to the sport or activity concerned. Some of these are in the form of regulations for the administration of district and state events which become effective when approved by the Board of Directors.

Others involve proposals to amend the Constitution and By-Laws which must be put to a vote of the schools when accepted by the Board. The record shows that approximately percent of the recommendations of these committees are approved by the Board and have resulted in significant changes in the MSHSAA program. This is the Board of Director s procedure for allowing coaches and those involved at the grass roots level to make contributions.

The only concern of the Board is that the recommended changes are acceptable to school administrators and do not adversely affect other activities. The names of advisory committee members are contained in the manuals published for the sport or activity concerned. Coaches, music directors, and speech directors who desire to have changes considered should contact the person on the particular advisory committee from his or her district.