Mortals meet percabeth fanfiction

People meet Percabeth Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet percabeth fanfiction

Instead of the cliche Mortals meet the seven, It's going to be Piper Mclean sir, I am Annabeth Chase and this is my boyfriend, Percy Jackson. The start of DOK: Caroline. MY OWN FANFICTION ACOUNNTTT I'M SOOOO EXCITED! DK did the mortals meet DEMIGODS but I'll do. A story about a mortal or demigod meeting percabeth, seeing percabeth moments and/or knowing things relating to percabeth.

I was going to ask him out today, after school. He always turned down girls because he had a 'girlfriend'.

I think, no know, that he's rejecting them for me. I decieded that I should just talk to him. And if it worked out sooo much, then I might be able to ask him right now. So I made my way to his table. Avery, Joe and Jack. I gave them my best winning smile and sat down next to Percy. Jack smirked, "I'm sorry, but that seat is reserved for someone else.

I got a little angry. Who did this underling think he was? I was about to tell him exactly what was on my mind when the whole cafateria fell silent. I turned towards the door and was instinatly jelous.

mortals meet percabeth fanfiction

At the door stood a beautiful girl. The annoying part was that she didn't look concerned at all. She had honey blonde hair. You couldn't get a dye that color so it must've been natural. She had steely gray eyes analizing your every move. And had the same tan as Percy. I cleared my throat, and they both jumped apart.

mortals meet percabeth fanfiction

Annabeth Chase, not knowing what to say! Who are 'the Seven'? And how do they know one another?

After school, Percy led Annabeth over to us and said, "Guys, this is Annabeth, my girlfriend. I wondered, but my main thought was: Can I break them up? That's how I remember it. How long have you known each other?

Even the rest of Ca-" he slammed his hand over his mouth before he could finish his sentence. Percy always went on and on about this summer camp and how it was the best part of the year because he got to meet his friends.

I wanted to be part of the camp, but whenever I asked, Percy got red and said that it was only for kids with ADHD and dyslexia, both of which he has.

Mortals Meet Percabeth Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Why do you have to date her? Percy looked stunned for a moment, as did everyone else, before he said gently, "It's because I love her, Macey. I only see you as a friend. I see Annabeth as my best friend, my girlfriend, my everything. When I see her, I see home. Maybe me and Percy weren't meant to be.

Mortals Meeting Our Fave Ship: Percabeth | FanFiction

Annabeth and I sat down at an empty table and took up the plate that they call food. Just as I was about to eat, a boy and a girl came up to our table. The grl was wearing tons of makeup while the boy looked like he was her bodyguard.

The demigod who lived -- Percy Jackson & Harry Potter crossover trailer

Not the kind of protective way Like the love kindbut his body gestures signals that this girl was sort of like his prize and don't-come-near-her-way.

The girl said with her head looking down on us, like a king would look on a servant way. As she came closer, you could actually see that she isn't actually pretty, but looks only OK because if all the makeup she piled on herself. The boy next spoke ' Yeah, you little things,' he sneered in which I suppose to be a cool way.

Gesturing with one of her hands to both her and the boy.