Montreal air meet 1910 dime

montreal air meet 1910 dime

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The first major U. The key participants included Glenn Curtiss the American hero who had won the prestigious Gordon Bennett Cup race at ReimsCharles Hamilton a future American daredevil aviatorLincoln Beachey who was still flying dirigibles at that time, but who would become America's greatest early exhibition pilotand Louis Paulhan a Frenchman who had started working in a military balloon factory and eventually taught himself to fly.

Paulhan dominated the Dominguez meet. First, he set a new flight endurance record by carrying a passenger almost miles kilometers in his Farman biplane in 1 hour, 49 minutes. Then he went on to achieve a new altitude mark of approximately 4, feet 1, meters.

He also performed several aerial feats during the week, and near the end of the show, carried U. Army Lieutenant Paul Beck aloft to perform one of the first aerial bomb dropping tests, using weights to simulate the bombs.

Although the Frenchman dominated the Los Angeles meet, spectators could celebrate at least a couple of American victories. Glenn Curtiss set a new air speed record of approximately 55 miles per hour 89 kilometers per hourand took home the prize for the best quick start. The Dominguez Air Meet was highly successful.

Spectator turnout numbered somewhere between a quarter and a half-million people. The Los Angeles Times called it "one of the greatest public events in the history of the West. Although Beachey had begun the meet as a dirigible pilot, by its end, he had been so inspired by the airplane pilots that he approached Glenn Curtiss and asked Curtiss to teach him to fly.

Within a year, Beachey would become America's leading exhibition airplane aviator. Both the Wright brothers and the Glenn Curtiss exhibition teams made good showings, but it was the Englishman Claude Grahame-White, who had become an aviator after being inspired by Louis Bleriot's historic English Channel flight, who ruled the show.

Grahame-White won several contests at the Massachusetts show, including the speed race, and won the prizes for the most accurate landing and the shortest take off. He also gave a bombing demonstration by dropping plaster-of-Paris duds on a mock warship.

montreal air meet 1910 dime

The most prestigious event he won was the mile race from Squantum, Massachusetts, around Boston Light, and back. The Massachusetts show stands out as important not only because it was the first major air meet in the eastern United States and gave many New Englanders their first real glimpse of an airplane, but also because it inspired Harriet Quimbyone of America's most important early women aviators, to pursue her pilot's license.

Sadly however, while the Harvard-Boston meet originally inspired Quimby to pursue flying, the same venue would take her life two years later. The last major U. Events ranged from competitions for the best altitude, speed, and distance, to contests for the most precise landing and the best mechanic.

More than two dozen of the world's top aviators attended the New York meet.

montreal air meet 1910 dime

After receiving a promise of participation from Glenn CurtissKnabenshue contacted Los Angeles promoter Dick Ferris, who in turn mobilized local businesses and formed an organizing committee.

A field near Santa Anita Park was considered, but physical obstructions such as tall trees led the aviators to search elsewhere. By Decemberthey selected Dominguez Field atop a small hill that had been developed by Manuel Dominguez on land once part of Rancho San Pedroan early Spanish land grant.

Once the site was finalised, promotion of the meet began and grandstands with a capacity of between 50, and 60, [7] were erected.

The First U.S. Airshows--the American Air Meets of

An aviators' camp was also constructed nearby. The passenger platform at the local Pacific Electric Railway station was expanded to accommodate visitors to the rural site who might travel from downtown Los Angeles. Organizers invited pilots of monoplanesbiplanesballoonsand dirigibles.

montreal air meet 1910 dime

To reinforce the event's "international" billing, French aviator Louis Paulhana notable from the Reims meet, was invited. Paulhan was guaranteed a small sum of money as encouragement to attend.

Los Angeles International Air Meet at Dominguez Field - Wikipedia

Cash prizes were allotted for competitive events in altitude, speed, and endurance. Participants[ edit ] The aviators who took part in the events. Glenn Curtiss and Louis Paulhan can be seen towards the right side. Ward Curtiss team Dec 31, First flight in Hawaii Bud Mars Curtiss team The demand for seeing aeroplanes in flight was high, and fantastic sums were paid for even marginal demonstrations. Often the Wright and Curtiss teams, plus other aerial exhibition teams were flying at the same air meet.

1910 Air Meets and Exhibition Flyers Prove Man Can Fly

The crowds loved the competition between the teams, which included a very real element of mortal danger. These were courageous individuals who experimented with the limits of aeroplane design at a time when designers were still struggling to understand load limits and other aeronautical engineering problems.

montreal air meet 1910 dime

Inevitably, accidents occurred as the flyers vied to see who could fly the fastest, farthest, and highest. The French army adopted the Bleriot for pilot training. On the exhibition circuit, the "need for speed" lead many daring pilots to put more powerful engines in their Bleriots, leading to numerous fatalities from in-flight wing failure.

Bleriots weren't the only airplanes coming apart under the stress of exhibition flying. Six of the nine members of the Wright exhibition team died in crashes in andas did many others. Aeroplane fatalities by year - 1 - 4 - 28 - 61 In spite of the alarming and often gruesome fatalities with the pilots sitting right out in the open, their last horrid seconds were witnessed by thousands the air meets kept on going strong through and In November the Wright Brothers disbanded their exhibition team, after the fatal crashes of their two most popular pilots, Ralph Johnston and Arch Hoxsey.

Curtiss trained pilot Lincoln Beachey continued on to become most accomplished and popular of all of the exhibition aviators - but he too paid the ultimate price in March when his aircraft's wings unexpectedly snapped off and he crashed into San Francisco Bay. But in an Air Meet was the most exciting show in town! From coast to coast Americans flocked to these aerial carnivals to get their first glimpse of a "flying machine".