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Counterparts of Friendship Is Magic characters[ edit ] See also: List of My Little Pony: In the first two lineups, Twilight is primarily the same princess character from Friendship Is Magic, transformed into a humanoid teenager after traveling from the pony-inhabited world of Equestria.

The Friendship Games lineup formally introduces the alternate universe counterpart of Twilight, a curious student at Crystal Prep Academy who transfers to Canterlot High School. She is distinguished as Sci-Twi in some merchandise and other depictions. Equestria Girls — Friendship Gamesand is later revealed to be an entity that haunts her in her nightmares and gives her severe anxiety of her previous actions in My Little Pony: Equestria Girls — Legend of Everfree.

Spike — In the Equestria Girls series, Spike the baby dragon is depicted as a dog with the ability to speak. Similar to Twilight, the character's Friendship Is Magic incarnation appears in the first two lineups, masquerading as a speechless animal. His alternate universe counterpart included in the Friendship Games lineup is "Sci-Twi's" ordinary pet dog who gains his speaking ability from Equestrian magic.

Applejack — A Canterlot High student who works on her family's farm. Fluttershy — Fluttershy's alternate universe counterpart is a Canterlot High student who is a volunteer worker at the local animal shelter. She is the first alternate version of the Mane Six that Princess Twilight encounters in the first film. Pinkie Pie — An eccentric and friendly Canterlot High student. Principal Celestia — The principal of Canterlot High. Like her counterpart from Equestria, she is Celestia's younger sister.

The Equestria Girls counterparts of the minor, supporting and background characters in Friendship Is Magic television series which some of them are popularized by the new My Little Pony fandom also make appearances in the films and shorts. The counterparts of Friendship Is Magic characters which had their toys released but did not make appearance in any of tie-in media include Queen Chrysalis, Sapphire Shores and Zecora.

In Dragonshydespite the other ponies' impatience with the exception of Pinkie Pie with Fluttershy, Applejack is willing to take the long way around the mountain with her in order to help her up. Applejack is also the first to notice Twilight Sparkle's glumness in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 1and she is the only one to apologize for not listening to her in A Canterlot Wedding - Part 2.

In Sleepless in Ponyville she is the only pony who notices that Scootaloo is abnormally nervous and jumpy. In Castle Sweet Castleshe is the one to suggest uprooting the Golden Oak Library 's roots and making a castle chandelier for Twilight. In Brotherhooves SocialApplejack attempts to talk to Big McIntosh about what put him in a sour mood before being called away.

In Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 1Applejack is the one to assure Twilight that they and their friends will always be connected through the Elements of Harmony. She is also the first to take Twilight's safety into consideration for Equestria's sake in Princess Twilight Sparkle - Part 2. On occasion, Applejack gets carried away with her empathy, especially with Apple Bloom.

Her overprotective nature comes into play again in the episode Somepony to Watch Over Me. In Fame and Misfortuneshe takes care of random ponies who have decided to live on the farmstead wanting to be part of the Apple family, despite the work and stress it causes for the main members. Applejack represents the element of honesty. Twilight Sparkle deduces this in Friendship is Magic, part 2explaining that Applejack demonstrated her honesty when they faced their challenges against Nightmare Moon.

Applejack finds it difficult to go against her natural honesty in Party of One when she has to lie about why she cannot attend Gummy 's after-birthday party. She sweats and grins nervously under Pinkie Pie 's scrutiny despite having the most credible excuse: Applejack hypnotized by Discord's spell.

In The Return of Harmony Part 1Applejack is the first pony to be hypnotized and brainwashed by Discordcausing her and her hat to turn into a greyer shade. Applejack becomes a compulsive liar, throwing hurtful and sarcastic jabs at her friends.

Initially, her lies are not particularly convincing or malicious, but they grow more ridiculous and harmful as the corruption intensifies. In one of her lies when, she tells Rarity that Twilight told her to split Tomand Rarity starts doing martial arts on her.

Twilight also bowls Applejack over when performing the memory spell right after Applejack asked, "Where you went when I was battlin' Discord? In The Last Roundupshe refuses to tell her friends why she abandoned Ponyville to work on a Dodge Junction cherry farm. She avoids telling the truth throughout the episode until the end, at which point she explains that she did not win first place nor any prize money in the Equestria Rodeo, so she got a job at the farm to earn money for Ponyville.

The rainbow leading Applejack to tell the truth. The limits of Applejack's honesty are put to the test in Leap of Faith. When Flim and Flam sell their placebo potion to Granny SmithApplejack endorses the product, while knowing it is a fake, because it visibly makes Granny Smith feel happier.

Once the placebo effect leads Granny Smith to attempt a dangerous dive, she turns honest about the product. Her honesty rubs off on Silver Shill for the product, who comes to realize he had been helping to deceive other ponies. Applejack's values of honesty are explored in detail in Where the Apple Lies. He was real friendly.

Had a great smile… We talked 'bout our different flying tricks. He was a pegasus, too. She didn't like where this story was going, but kept it silent.

This pegasus guy just seemed…too friendly. She decided to hear the full story before passing judgement, though. Said he was better than me! Anyways… I challenged him to a race. Right then and there! Rainbow was always so full of herself. Despite crashing into hundreds of things, the only way to really hurt Rainbow was through her feelings, Applejack thought.

He was pretty good, too. Applejack feigned a smile. I was booking it like no tomorrow! Zigzagging through trees, looping around clouds, dodging in and out of crowds!

Ha, that mare looked so frightened! Never thought a pony's eyes could get so big…" Rainbow laughed at her own antics. But he still took it pretty well. Even in defeat, he kept his chin high and complimented me on my style. Her nerves her no longer shaking and had long since calmed into a much more relaxed state. What she was about to hear, however, would change that… "He told me I was the best flier he ever saw.

She closed her eyes for a moment before finishing: Again, even though she wasn't actually doing anything, she stopped. She just sat for a while, processing what she had just heard. Her eyes widened at the implication of this. Had Rainbow found a guy that was into her? Was she too late? She had waited too long, and others began making their move.

Applejack's head snapped up. What did she say? She let him go? Why would she do that? Not that she was complaining, but… "You…you let him go? She could see her friend wasn't exactly following, so she elaborated.

Look, when somepony comes up to me, claiming to be better than me, I expect a challenge! Guy looked like an amateur Rainbow looked at her with a look that pressed for more. You deserve better than that, RD! You're a real friend. That's all she thought of her, a friend. Rainbow stared for a little bit.

Not at anywhere in particular, just into space… She blinked. She leaned back and stretched her forelegs. She stared down into the floor like it was a portal to another dimension. A dimension filled with boring stuff. Still a pretty interesting sight in itself, but as Rainbow would say…meh.

Think I'm gonna make myself scarce…" she sighed. She should be getting home, too. She had a family to worry about her. She shouldn't be out this late… But something stopped her. It was…a burning feeling in the back of her mind. She heard and experienced some things today that opened her doors in her head, doors that needed to be either explored or shut.

Rainbow Dash hopped off the barstool. She stumbled a tad, but got herself upright. Applejack gave a nod of recognition. She sighed and proceeded to find and consume a great deal of alcohol. To see one's self, either in a mirror or in their mind. A single pony does a lot in one day. Sometimes, things are forgotten. Sometimes, things are wished to be forgotten.

Whatever one pony may do in a single day, reflection is a must. It is a way to remember to events of the day and piece them all together. Sometimes, one may piece together two different events or thoughts in ways unthinkable the first time experienced to create entirely new thoughts. The long walk home gave Applejack plenty of time to do just this. Reflect the events of the day, of the night, and her mind. Her emotions and mind fought like two rabid Timberwolves.

Her head swelled with emotions and thoughts. She was still disappointed and saddened and worried. Most of these were because her wonderful 'date' actually turned out to be nothing more than a get together with her friends.

Yet some came from what she heard that night at the bar. While Rainbow may have thought she was just telling stories over drinks, she had actually told more. Oh so much more. The story, to Rainbow Dash, was about her victory over another pegasus who was too big for his britches. Applejack on the other hoof saw it as something more. To her, it was a reminder, a realization and motivation. The pegasus colt… He had flirted with Rainbow Dash. It was a cold splash of reality to Applejack. The reality that she wasn't the only one who had their eyes set on her beloved Rainbow Dash.

He had made a move on her before Applejack did. She had to make her move soon, or it would all be for naught. If only she wasn't so scared! This was all so stupid! This was Applejack, the toughest and hardest pony ever to come out of Ponyville. And here she was, confused and nervous over such a simple thing.

Ask Rainbow Dash to dinner. Was that so hard? When she thought Rainbow Dash was asking her out, she noticed how easy and carefree she was doing it. It came as simple as breathing for her. Then again, she wasn't asking her on a date, but rather a night out with friends. Maybe dating was something difficult for her too? Probably not, she said to herself. Rainbow Dash probably didn't care much about those kinds of social interactions Know she knew how Fluttershy felt when she was frightened over something so trivial.

The more Applejack thought, the more she began to wonder what would have happened if the pegasus stallion could live up to his words… What if he did give Rainbow a run for her money? What if she thought he was cool? What if she fell for him!? That could never happen. Rainbow Dash was still single, still available as far as Applejack knew.

But… what if another pony came along that could be as amazing and cool as Rainbow Dash wanted? The longer she dilly dallied with the daunting task of asking Rainbow out, the more likely some other mare would come along and take her away. No, Applejack needed to act quickly. Luck was in her favor though, when Rainbow turned him down because he didn't quite meet her standards.

Knowing Rainbow, she'd probably want somepony 'cool', but what did that even mean? Rainbow's definition of 'cool' was very…vague. Yeah, she was cool, wasn't she? She owned an entire farm, had an entire apple orchard and could make some real kick-flank cider!

Rainbow loved napping in the apple trees, and loved cider even more! Applejack herself was very honest, friendly, loyal, headstrong, competitive… Applejack could continue to use as many adjectives as she wanted, but try as she might, she could not bring herself to describe herself as 'cool'. Even if she did think she was cool, it wouldn't matter. Rainbow Dash would have to make the call. Well, even if she wasn't cool, Rainbow did care about her… That much she knew.

Even if she didn't show it or want to show it, deep down, Rainbow did care for Applejack and her well-being. The time she ran away from home after what happened at the Canterlot Rodeo, Rainbow was right there, fighting Applejack's own stubbornness to bring her friend home. She never gave up. Rainbow wanted to see her safe.

Then again, so did all of her friends.

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All her friends came to get her back. All her friends cared about her. Did that mean Rainbow cared no more than Rarity or Fluttershy or… "Ugh! This was all too much. Her head hurt from all the conflicting emotions and thoughts. She needed some rest. Her brain was done for today. She had had enough reflection for a long time. Perhaps she should go home and sleep on it. Figure it out tomorrow. And that's just what she did. The next day, Applejack felt a lot better. Her mind and her body were relaxed and rejuvenated, ready for a new day.

She whistled as she carried buckets in and out of the barn. Menial farm work always put her in a sense of routine. She always did her morning chores before the sun came up. She always did the same things every day: As she went about her chores, her mind went blank.

Nothing for a while… Just peace. Some ponies had their yoga, some did meditation, but Applejack had her work. Good ol' fashioned hard work. Menial repetitive work, her other constant. The alcohol from the previous night had no ill effects on her as she went on with her chores. No hangover as she worked was very good. Applejack considered herself to be lucky. Pinkie Pie probably was wiped out flat on the floor of her bedroom.

She would not want to be the pink pony in about five hours, when she would wake up with a wicked migraine that could split even a Dragon's thick skull in two. At least, Applejack prayed Pinkie would wake up in her room, and not the one of some strange stallion. Pinkie was with friends last night, but that mare really had an unquenchable thirst for partying, amongst other things… As assuring as Pinkie was that she was safe, AJ sometimes couldn't help but worry about her friend.

She sometimes worried about the Party Beast inside her, that unseen driving force behind her wild party addiction. It was just as strong as her normally cheery attitude, if not stronger. It made her do things that were…well, pretty wild. It sometimes drove her to do things she would often regret. Of course, Applejack had no idea if any of this was actually true or not. It was all theories and speculation about the crazy pink party pony.

As much as she hated gossip and rumors, she couldn't help but wonder about these theories. Were they only theories? When Applejack saw Pinkie, she was always so cheery and bright eyed. Sometimes a little too much… Whenever she went to her parties, there was always some wild or big thing going down. Pinkie was still happy, but she wore a new shade of crazy euphoria, like…just plain crazy. She had to do real crazy party things before she was satisfied.

As much as Pinkie wanted to do these wild and sometimes questionable things, it sometimes seemed like…she didn't. As much as Pinkie loved to have fun, some of the things she did where too wild, even for her! Whenever Pinkie was doing something really crazy and epic, she showed that she almost didn't want to do it. The orange farm pony had a certain knack for seeing the truth in ponies, and whenever she saw Pinkie Pie doing something over the top, she saw uncertainty and worry in her eyes.

Maybe it was the fact she was the element of honesty, but she could tell that Pinkie didn't want this. There was something else than just Pinkamena Diane pie in that funny little head of hers.

It was the one making her do these things. Maybe it was an urge. Some kind of feeling that took over at her parties. Some kind of voice, a whisper… Some sort of…Party Passenger? How long had she been daydreaming? Looking around her, she saw many empty buckets surrounding both her and the apple trees.

Applejack stopped and chuckled at herself. In the midst of her work groove, she had actually forgotten to stop and went right on to putting the buckets under the trees for when they were bucked, something not done until much later in the day. She knew nopony was round, but she still felt embarrassed and just plain silly. When she was in her moment, she really went off on some pretty wild tangents. Pinkie Pie's Party Addiction… Huh. She looked up and saw that the sun had already come up a little while ago.

She was late for breakfast. Leaving the rest of the buckets, for later, Applejack began walking back to the house. Applejack frowned as she walked. Memories of the previous night and her own thoughts on the matter rushed back to her. And her morning had started off so great. She had left all her worries and trouble behind her, and forgotten the real issue at the moment.

She had no time to be pandering off about Pinkie's partying habits; she had bigger things to think about. The main two being: She hadn't noticed before, but all the effort of non-stop working for two hours straight in the wee hours of the morning had taken a toll. She was already tired before breakfast. She hung up her hat as she wondered how the rest of the day could go wrong… Fluttershy arrived at the farm at around Right after the apple family would 'stop workin' and start eating', as Granny Smith put it.

The friendly little pegasus pony strolled up in a joyful saunter, carrying behind her cart full of empty buckets and pails. Applejack was resting at the picnic table out by the barn when at the time when the pink maned pony showed up. But the first thing that alerted the farm pony to Fluttershy's arrival was not her bright yellow appearance, nor her large cart, but the noise of said cart. The creaking and rattling of the buckets as the danced around in the wagon was rather loud.

The low rumble and creaking rose from the peaceful silence of the farm and did not go unnoticed. Looking over, AJ noticed she was in a rather cheery mood today. As a result, she was walking at a brisk pace, causing the cart to bounce around rather noisily. She stopped about 10 feet from the picnic bench. Applejack got up and walked over to her. No offense, but aren't ya usually busy with animals to feed?

She now looked rather worried. You see, I was feeding the newborn baby bunnies, when I noticed I didn't have enough applesauce for all of them. When I went to make more, I noticed I was all out of Apples.

I-I'll be happy to pay of course. I'd be glad to give ya apples, free of charge! I wouldn't want to impede…" "Don't worry 'bout it none. And these apples are going to a worthy cause. Ah think we can spare a few…" She winked.

Fluttershy nodded at this gracious offer, and accepted. Applejack couldn't help but think about all the times she told Fluttershy, and all her friends, that they could always get apples for free. As much as she loved Fluttershy, as a friendshe was sometimes annoyed with all the constant shyness and uncertainty of her.

Things would be a lot easier with her if she was more assertive and straightforward with her requests. Applejack recalled hearing about an upcoming assertiveness seminar, held next week. Maybe Fluttershy could learn a thing or two from it.

With a cart loaded full of apples, Fluttershy was pleased that all the baby bunnies would go to bed with full tummies tonight.

Applejack was sure to toss in a few extras, so they would have plenty. Maybe she really was the element of generosity, she jokingly thought. This really means a lot to me.

Food and beverage

She closed her eyes and tilted her head, giving her a soft smile. Even Applejack had to admit she looked cute. Well, amusing to say the least. She still thought her little Dashie was the cutest, especially when she blushed. Anything for a friend. Nopony said anything for a while. Both mares just stood in awkward silence. Applejack looked at Fluttershy, who was currently off looking at the apples in the buckets in the cart.

But apples were the last thing on Fluttershy's mind right now. The wind whistled gently through the air, breaking the silence like a quiet whisper. It went around Applejack's legs and through Fluttershy's long mane. The pink hair blew away from her face to reveal a rather happy looking Fluttershy.

Her eyes were full of sparkle. Her mouth was a constant soft smile. Such a dreamy state of mind she was in Whatever she was thinking of must have been wonderful. Applejack decided she had enough of this, and coughed audibly.

This seemed to get her attention. Startled, she looked back to Applejack. Blushing, she looked down at her hooves, hiding behind her mane. Just when Applejack thought they would go into another awkward phase of silence, Fluttershy spoke up. What a cheap shot.

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She went silent for a moment. It looked like they would have more quietness. The memories of the previous night hung in her mind like an old wound acting up: The embarrassment, the disappointment, the revelation, all the main parts of the night still hurt to remember, but were not as painful anymore.

It seemed as though how many times she tried, she could never forget the importance of those events. She began to think she would never be free from those thoughts, no matter how hard she tried. Was she being punished for something?

She had to say something. She couldn't just let the question hanging… She managed to work up a rather convincing smile. She was telling the truth after all.

The night was interesting, in the same way a walking in on a situation involving Spike, a gorilla disguised as Pinkie Pie and 60 pony-sized gelatin molds could be considered interesting: Fluttershy wasn't paying attention.

Instead, she had continued to focus on her dainty little hooves, hooves which were now drawing small pictures in the dirt. Applejack looked down at the doodles she was making. All of them were tiny hearts. She looked back to Fluttershy's face. Once again, she looked rather dopey. Half shut eyes, a drooly smile, staring off into space like in a dream Applejack knew this face all too well. It was familiar in that she knew both the look…and the feel. Now, Applejack wasn't the smartest apple on the tree, but she had both seen and experienced enough things in her lifetime to know the feeling that Fluttershy was feeling: Fluttershy was in love.

Could she really be…? Well, if she was, then good for her, right? It meant she had a special somepony. Well, at least, she had feeling for one. Applejack knew better than anypony that just because she was in love, did not mean she actually had somepony to be her own just yet. Most likely, Shy's situation was like her own. Knowing Fluttershy, she was probably in love with somepony, but too scared to ask them out.

In fact, Applejack saw this as an opportunity. This might be her chance to finally talk to somepony about her own problem. If she could get Fluttershy to open up about it, then they could talk. If anypony would understand her predicament, it would be her. Even if Fluttershy would be unable to help her, it would feel good to get this stupid thing off her chest. Her thoughts needed to be straightened out. The pressure of asking Rainbow out before somepony else did was…heavy. She was still looking down at the dirt doodles.

She didn't seem to hear the orange pony. Fluttershy was startled at most when she looked up. She looked straight into Applejack eyes. Even though she knew the answer, she still wanted the words to come from Fluttershy's mouth.

Everything is perfectly fine. Simply…" she looked off to the side, staring once again in a daydream, "…wonderful. Applejack decided now was a good time to push forward. This 'interrogation' of sorts came to a close much sooner than Applejack thought it would. Because she had eased Fluttershy into such a peaceful state of mind, Fluttershy let her guard down and let one thing slip: Without even thinking about where she was or who she was speaking to, Fluttershy spoke.

I have such a wonderful evening planned tonight; a date with-" Not a second after the accursed words escaped her lips, did Fluttershy realize what she had said. Fluttershy put a hoof over her mouth to stop herself from revealing too much, but the damage was done. Enough had fallen upon Applejack's keen ears to nearly give herself away completely.

Applejack just stood there, grinning from ear to ear. There it was, straight from the horse's mouth. Fluttershy had a special somepony. Not only that, but she had a date with them tonight!

Applejack felt any emotions at this confirmation: The excitement came from the knowledge of her friend, their own little Fluttershy, finally found herself a special somepony. Her pride swelled from already having a hunch about it.

Sort of an 'I called it' feeling. The other mix of emotions was…strange. As good as she felt, she also felt something else; something…dark and sad. Ignoring these other thoughts, Applejack went over to her friend. Applejack grinned from ear to ear.

Our little Fluttershy has found herself a special somepony! She felt happy for her friend. Her previous cheery attitude had vanished, its place taken up by uncertainty and nervousness.

Her cheeks were red hot. If there was ever a time when Fluttershy wished she could become invisible, now would be a good time. She didn't want to tell her. She didn't want Applejack to know like this. Her reaction suggested she didn't know about it. How much did she know? How much could she say? She didn't want this to be happening. He was supposed to… No. She wouldn't tell Applejack.

Not now… Not yet. She couldn't… She wouldn't… She couldn't do that to her. Applejack was not shocked at her response. She knew Fluttershy would be shy and nervous about this topic. It would be hard for the timid mare to speak out. But she knew Fluttershy could do it.

She just needed a little bit of a push. Even Applejack's pep talk didn't seem to be having an effect. She was lost in deep thought at the moment, deciding how to proceed. She hadn't planned for this. She leaned over sideway, looking beyond Applejack's face. Finally making up her mind, Fluttershy spoke. I think it'd be best if you asked him yourself…" Confused, Applejack turned around to see what Fluttershy was getting at.

She turned around to see…nothing. There was nothing of particular interest. Just the bench she had sat in when Fluttershy arrived and the trusty old barn- Wait!

She did see something. It was out of the corner of her eye, and it was only for an instant, but Applejack was sure she saw something; she caught a glimpse of someone going into the barn!

It must be Fluttershy's coltfriend! Intrigued, Applejack gave chase. Entering the barn, she quickly made a full observation of the barn. Big Mac held a bucket in his mouth.