Meet your straw man illusion

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meet your straw man illusion

Be sure and check out Part 2 of “Killing Your STRAWMAN 2: A Free Man's Chronicle” . remaining under the illusion (or blind faith) that the government or .. When you do meet these people, you develop a friendship and a. Some very silly entertainment talks about you "selling your soul". You don't have a soul - you Anyway, back to Your Strawman. Life on Earth is rather like a. In , the governors of all the states met to discuss the "emergency" declared by The first step is to "Capture the Straw Man," by filing a UCC-1 financing.

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The main use of strawman theory is in escaping and denying debts, liabilities and legal responsibility. Sovereign citizen's movements and freemen on the land also extend this concept to law and legal responsibilities by claiming that it is only their strawman that is required to adhere to statutory laws such as paying taxes, having licences and obeying traffic laws.

Meet Your Strawman!

They also claim that all legal proceedings in courts are taken against your strawman rather than you as a person and that when one appears in court they appear not as themselves but as representing their strawman. The justification for this is their false notion that governments cannot force anybody to do anything against their will. They therefore create a strawman which being their own creation they are free to boss about at will.

meet your straw man illusion

Woo peddlers believe that by separating oneself from their strawman or refusing to be identified as their strawman they can escape their various liabilities and responsibilities such as paying their debts or obeying laws they don't like. This is typically done by denying they are a person and the same thing as their strawman or by writing their name in various bizarre ways such as the following: John of the family Smith John of Smith John: Smith John commonly known as By doing this they are refusing to represent the strawman.

meet your straw man illusion

Surnames are also typically referred to as part of the legal fiction and advocates will often insist that they don't have a surname but rather a family name. Some woos believe that the strawman is created by the government when a birth certificate is filed. Debunking[ edit ] It should be noted that there is a legal principle known as Idem sonans Latin for "sounding the same" which states that similar sounding names are just as valid in referring to a person.

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The relevant UK precedent is R v Davis The strawman belief seems to stem from a misunderstanding of the concept of legal person-hood. In actual legal theory there is a difference between what is known as a 'natural person' which is a human being, i.

meet your straw man illusion

This led to the idea that individuals had a separate legal personality now called a "strawman". One of them is a physical, tangible human being, and the other is the legal person, often referred to as a legal fiction.

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When a baby is born in the U. Hence, every newborn's rights are split between those held by the flesh-and-blood baby and the corporate shell account. As the child grows, most legal documents will contain capital letters, which means that his state-issued driver's license, his marriage license, his car registration, his criminal court records, his cable TV bill, correspondence from the IRS, etc.

meet your straw man illusion

They back this claim by misreading the legal definition of person [8] and a misunderstanding of the distinction between a juridicial person [9] and a natural person. A corporate personhood applies to business, charities, governments and other recognized organisations.

meet your straw man illusion

Courts recognize human beings as 'persons', not as a legal fiction joined to a flesh and blood human being but as one and the same. They also claim that legal proceedings in are taken against strawmen rather than persons and when one appears in court they appear as representing their strawman. The justification for this is the false notion that governments cannot force anybody to do anything.